Make Him Feel Special

Image source If you’re looking for things you can do to make your husband feel like he’s the most special guy on the planet, take a look at these tips to make him feel like he’s the most loved man on the planet: Appreciate Him Whenever your husband does something for you, gets a promotion […]

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Just The Two Of Us

Pexels At: Unsplash While there may be no such thing outside of movies and TV as the ‘perfect relationship’ there’s a big difference between a healthy and unhealthy one. We know that life isn’t always kittens and rainbows and once the honeymoon period wears off you’re bound to argue a little but that’s ok. We […]

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Game Of Dates

Wikimedia Image Dating is difficult. It’s like putting yourself on the market and waiting for an offer. In no other situation do we need someone’s approval to that extent. And, if a rejection comes, it can be a real blow to your confidence. You may feel you have to lower your market value to get […]

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5 Quick Ways to Bust out of Winter Funk

With spring slowly arriving in many areas, it’s no wonder many people are having troubles busting out of winter funk. It seems that winter brings about more off days than normal. The great news is that spring is looming in the air and with that comes a new, fresh feeling of happiness. What happens when […]

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How to Manage Multiple Jobs from Home

How to Manage Multiple Jobs at Home

As we work to launch another site I find myself wondering if I should start to have a different focus. When I came back home full time in Feb 2015 the mission was simple: Make this work and be successful! I focused on having ghostwriting clients, chore thread clients and selling thousands of articles directly […]

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