How to Sell your Blog

Brandy Ellen Writes Time Heals All Wounds

The last part of my mini three part series on selling your blog is coming to an end with how to sell your blog. I am assuming that you took the time to read the last two blog post in this series, but if not click here to go catch up. While I sold my […]

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Why Should you Sell your Blog?

Thinking About Selling your Blog Brandy Ellen

Yesterday I discussed a few questions to ask yourself if you are thinking about selling your blog. Hopefully you had some time to think about what will work best for you and if selling your blog is truly a good choice. Today I wanted to touch base on a few reasons why you should sell […]

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Thinking About Selling Your Blog?

Thinking About Selling Your Blog

In October 2106 I sold my “baby”, the blog that started me off on this work from home adventure was going to be sold. No more would I be known as Happily Blended online, the brand was going buh-bye. When approached about selling my blog I wasn’t quite sure if I wanted to sell it […]

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Love Your Dog and They’ll Love You Back

It’s sad to see, but many people still treat their dogs like toys or lifeless animals that are just there for entertainment purposes. It’s the parents that cave into demands from their kids to get a pet, the owners who inherited dogs that they don’t care about, and the people that take stranded dogs into […]

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