Persian Clothing: The Latest Head Turner in the Fashion World

From the lands of old battles, ancient civilizations and cultures, exotic nut produces, and delectable food options, Iran is gradually making its presence felt in the world of fashion as well. Slowly emerging as one of the leading style inspirations in the Middle East and Southeast Asia, this fashion sees abundant usage of expensive silks, wools, and some other high-quality textiles which feel super fine and luxe.

Since it is predominantly an Islamic country, there are certain guidelines that are to be maintained at all times to protect one’s modesty and figurine outlines. However, despite that, the modern age is shaping up a super contemporary and uber-stylish sense of fashion in the Iranian style game. And that makes it super important to stock up on some of the wardrobe essentials which can make your closet look way more different and elegant. The pieces which have been talked about here are good to go with your present style statement and can add just the slightest bit of uniqueness.

1. Long Dresses
For this one, we have all various games to thank for. Long flowy silhouettes have been definitely played well as they are amazingly well-tailored and crafted to perfection. The options range from mid-calf to midi length and can go as long till the ankles or even with a widened flare near the hemlines. These give a very old world charm and the gown styled garments are a perfect fit for an evening out with your friends or even for a home soiree.

2. Kaftans
It is very difficult to find things to wear comfortably in the hot sun. When there is so much sweat to handle around, wearing too tight clothes can become really irritating and itchy. Thus, the answer is loosey empire line kaftans. These are extremely soothing on the skin and since they are very airy, you do need to worry about UV exposure or sunburns. Also, they make a good after swim throw on option, perfect for a beach day vacay packer.

3. Mantos
It is a loose-fitting robe that you can put on anything that you are wearing beneath, like a tank top or a tee shirt. This one comes especially handy when you are wearing short clothes and want an immediate cover-up to save yourself from having a cold amidst a sudden drop in the air temperature while traveling. There are many other persian clothing options as well. For example, capes and kimonos are a fantastic way to add in some light layers on top of your outfit of the day.

4. Scarves
Scarves are an ever-popular way to jazz up anything that you are wearing. Their versatility not only remains restricted to the color or shapes, but these come in all kinds of lengths and fabrics, which make them a multi-seasonal accessory to have around. These are available in all shades of colors imaginable and if you like glitter and bling, there are some options to help you experiment with that aspect as well.

The BottomLine
The time for age-old fashion staples has paved the way for their newer and global counterparts. We hope that these super chic garment items help you to redefine your personal style with a touch of the Mid East.


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