Personal Growth Makes You Stronger

I am addicted to psychology and how the individual works and thinks. I spend a lot of my time analyzing my response and behavior to and in certain circumstances. I do review other people too, but honestly?

I can only control myself, not others. That’s why I highly suggest we all work on personal growth … place a focus back on yourself rather than others and become stronger!

For example, I remember when I was in an emotionally abusive relationship, I was more verbally aggressive, I was anxious, and I was crying quite frequently. I would hear that I was just a weak single mom. I would hear that was I crazy and that I needed to get my crazy under control. I was told that I was an emotional mess, that I had to control my emotions.

Eventually, I believed all of those lies. A narrative told to me to weaken my strong mind and all that I had built to be a strong, independent single mom.

Those character traits were not typical of me. I hadn’t been that type of emotional wreck since high school. During the teen years, we all are more emotional, angry and aggressive in different ways. Through experiences and maturity, we adapt and change based on the experiences we’ve had and usually have some personal growth.

I got stuck.

At some point, I was stuck with certain areas in personal growth. I had developed certain habits or expectations surrounding what to do when I feel hurt or betrayed. This part of personal growth hadn’t been handled or grown yet, because I simply avoided letting anyone get too close to me emotionally.

Then, I let someone in and a lesson was taught. I learned that while yes, someone else inflicted this pain and is a bad person, I had some personal growth to focus on. I needed to get myself to a place where no one could ever harm me like that again, because if I didn’t learn, life was going to toss me a few more people like that just to make sure I got the memo.

And life did. Life threw me a friend that was much like my abusive ex but in a more subtle way. Soon enough, I saw through that person and practiced my personal growth. I stood up for what I knew was best for my mental health, safety, and kids.

It hurt, of course. Personal growth always hurts at first.

What I learned is that I took the first round of living without a residence for granted. I was doing the same repetitive behaviors that got me into that situation in the first place.

I stood firm and eventually got away from that so that it was only a few months of chaos, that ultimately helped me realize that I had grown.

Even though I got myself into a mess with someone who was supposed to be a great friend, it didn’t ruin anything nearly as bad as that abusive 2.5-year relationship had.

You see there’s always a silver lining to anything that happens to you or that you bring into your life that is bad.

How Coronavirus Can Help with Personal Growth

With personal growth, you always come out stronger and more grateful.

You Become More Grateful

When this virus is gone and we’re on the other side of it, you’ll see that you feel more grateful for the freedom we do have in America. You’ll feel a sense of gratitude for family, friends, and life.

I hope that when we all get to the other side, as I did in many difficult circumstances, that you’ll now see that America is not bad. America is still the home of the free, and that you’ve been brainwashed into thinking our country is horrible for far too many years.

This will give you a deeper sense of gratitude and perhaps you’ll start focusing on yourself so that you can gain what comes with personal growth; strength and gratitude.

Stop Focusing on Others

I get that it’s nice to think about others, but we’ve grown too brainwashed into this message. The best way to make anything better starts with the individual. Personal growth helps you become a better person and in turn, you can make better changes.

I firmly believe that a change in any larger scale starts first with personal growth. American schools and colleges have started teaching our youth that it’s not about THEM but rather, about EVERYONE ELSE. This concept is dangerous, it’s now grown a society that doesn’t value their own self, but values “society” and their “well-being”.

It’s taught us to blame someone or something else, rather than look in the mirror and build a stronger self.

It’s taught us to stop working on being a better person today than you were yesterday, this my friends, is what personal growth is all about.

You should thrive to always be better today and stronger today than you were yesterday because you can only change and control YOUR OWN SELF.

Listen, I care about society, obviously my fellow Americans matter. What I’m saying is that you must start with personal growth before you can even begin to change the world. We have to be better about looking in the mirror and handling our own flaws and strengthening our weaknesses rather than avoiding that uncomfortable feeling by trying to “change everyone else”.

Personal Growth Leads to Stronger Americans

I firmly believe that the individual needs to be built stronger in order for America to be what it can be. We are not oppressed here. We are not living in a third-world country. We do have freedom, believe it or not.

The problem is that you’ve been too focused on hearing one side of a story. You’ve been reading one story while others are reading another story. Our media and social media are extremely left or right-leaning.

This means whatever you watch for news is spewing one-side, whether left or right. The social media outlets use biased services to “fact check”, making sure you only see the narrative they want you to see.

It’s all corrupt.

Your mind has been infiltrated.

I know that you don’t want to believe that.

It’s a hard thing to admit, but just like me in my emotionally abusive relationship with a manipulative man, my mind was infiltrated.

I had become brainwashed in just a very short amount of time.

Due to my experiences, I know how easy it is to get brainwashed.

I know how easy it is to trick someone into thinking their life sucks, that they suck and that the other person or people’s lives matter more.

The concept of mind manipulation isn’t old, we’ve dealt with it in many areas of life, but it’s like society just can’t imagine the idea that they’ve been brainwashed from childhood and beyond.

The reality is that each of us has been brainwashed.

If you just take what media and others say as face value, and don’t do your own research … You’re being brainwashed into being ignorant. You’re not doing your duty as an individual to question everything and think as a free mind is supposed to.

With this simple concept – Personal growth ends and they win.

It’s important to remember that the elite knows how to take over a world. It’s not a hard concept to comprehend unless you simply don’t want to open your eyes to reality.

It’s hard to realize.

This will hurt, at first.

Personal growth is hard but it makes you stronger and wiser when you place a focus on yourself!

Society is stronger and good things start to happen when the individual works on personal growth, because then, only then are you more open to seeing that divide and conquer is actually a thing and it’s been happening for years now.

Please, I’m begging you. The next time you see some news coverage, do your own research.

Pause for a second. Don’t let their narrative fuel your thoughts, feelings and actions. Start working on personal growth so that you can be a free-thinking human. This is the best thing you can do right now to truly help society as a whole.

I end this with a question, “How would you feel if every media source was saying that you’re evil and that you should be hated?”

Would you not want someone somewhere to question that and do their own research, to come to their own conclusion and feeling about you based on reality, not a narrative someone else fed to them?

It’s a rhetorical question, meant to get you to think for yourself.

There is no right or wrong answer.

And for those who may be ‘triggered’ by something I said here? Good! I hope it helps you to be upset and angry so that you can then put all of those feelings back on yourself and start working on personal growth.

If you want to know what ‘side’ I am on, then I give you this answer, “I am on the people’s side”. Period. This isn’t about politics, this is about every single one of us as an individual free person. That, my friends, is all that should matter in this life.


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