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Perspectives are Different … and That’s OK

You know that person who did you wrong? That evil person who clearly had it out for you? That broke your heart or hurt your feelings or did something even more awful? Well, that same person is beloved to someone else. Someone other than you out there in this world had a positive experience with this same person.

They see this person as the light in their day, not the darkness. They see this person as a human soul that is worthy of love and they provide love to them. I could go on and on because I’ve had enough experiences with a variety of humans to know two things:

  1. Every human out there sees me based on the individual experiences they’ve had with me over the years.
  2. Every human out there that I see is perceived, by me, to be the individual that I experienced them to be during my time over the years of living or having lived alongside them.

This holds true for friends, family, and lovers of the past and present. I firmly believe that we all make mistakes, and must make these mistakes at varying times in our lives in order to learn and grow. This is why when something occurred in life a handful of years ago now, gosh, was it 2018? Anyways, the time flies by and I’m not good with dates to begin with. But the point I’m trying to make is that I have my opinion about someone based on my 2.5 years of experience with said person, and they have theirs about me during that time period.

Neither of us are wrong and neither of us are right, but we do bring about our unique experiences, perspectives, and life lessons along to bind us to what we feel that person is. The key to being human and living a fulfilling life, in my opinon, is the ability to have an open mind.

One must realize that much like you dislike that person who ‘did you wrong’, they may dislike you or some other random person you hurt in the past may dislike you. It’s all about perspective.

Okay, hear me out, if you can think something of someone based on your experiences and this is a negative something, but someone else out there can think positively of that person based on their experiences; does this concept not flow to other areas in life like business, and politics or religion?

I mean seriously, and no I am not getting into those topics. I am merely mentioning the concept of perception because we all have a biased opinion and perceived reality in front of us that is based on our values, our region of the world, our culture, our upbringing, and other experiences. We’re all born into this human body with a unique set of skills and, to be honest, I think we’re all born of joy.

Yet, somewhere along the way the people around us, the various forms of media shoved in our faces (you can’t even pump gas without some screen talking to you about news or the latest thing to buy), and other factors that have played out in our lives make us perceive other humans as either all good or all bad. Most humans don’t pause to realize that life and people are not that simple.

We have a wide range of emotions, even in one 24 hour period I can feel elated, sad, crying, laughing, and all of the varying emotions … but we rarely pause to realize that’s how much our emotions fluctuate throughout just one 24 hour period. So why … why my friends, do you make a life long choice based on this fleeting emotion that changes hour by hour, or day by day?

Why do we not spend more time evaluating why we perceive a person as 1 thing whereas another person perceives that same person as a different thing? Why do we not pause more to sit in silence and learn more about where these emotions are coming from? Why do we not learn more about perspectives, compassion, and kindness to one another?

I have my inklings as to why we forget our to be kind as part of our humankind, see what I did there?! But I am curious, why do you think we forget to remain united as HUMAN over time of being hurt and loved and hurt and loved?  

Remember, my friends, that person who hurt you so deeply … may just be hurting too! While this does not condone their actions, it can be a helpful tool to encourage you to use this experience to learn more about what you want, who you want, and how you will obtain such things in this life moving forward.  


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