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Pet and Kid Friendly Cleaning Tips

When you’re using household cleaners or items such as dryer sheets and laundry detergent, you may not realize how much they could be harming you or your family. Many materials used every day have unsafe chemicals you may not notice.

This is especially pertinent for those of you that have children or pets in the house because harmful chemicals can impact them even greater. Today I’m going to give you a little education on non-toxic cleaning and some great safer alternatives.

Pet and Kid Friendly Cleaning Tips

Unsafe Ingredients

So many ingredients approved for use in cleaners in the U.S. can harm those with sensitivities or issues like allergies or asthma. You would be surprised how long the list is.

Some notable mentions include bleach, which has been linked to neurological issues, and fragrance, which is actually a general term for a variety of harmful substances that can cause irritation. Some cleaning products still contain formaldehyde, which is a very known carcinogen-contributor to cancer.

“Natural” Product Issues

Even if you’re choosing all-natural products or ingredients, you could still be putting your kids or pets in danger. For example, some essential oils can hurt pets and can cause irritation in people (especially children).

There are other ingredients that count as natural, but don’t actually have the greatest effects on your family. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have natural products, it just means you should look for natural and non-toxic products to ensure the safety of you and your household.


Cleancult is a really great brand that creates environmentally friendly options for cleaning that are natural, non-toxic, and often biodegradable. This means you’re going to be safer, using great ingredients, and also helping the environment!

They make dishwasher tablets, liquid dish soap, liquid hand soap, wool dryer balls (to replace dryer sheets which often have irritants), laundry detergent, bar soap, and more. These all come in packaging that is good for the environment such as glass refillable holders or paper-based recyclable packaging.

Their pricing is super affordable and comparable to everyday brands. And the best part is: the products won’t harm you, children, or pets with toxic ingredients.

Surprising, isn’t it?

Check your products for harmful ingredients, it could be important. It’s definitely nice to at least have a good start in knowledge on this topic. And if you need good alternatives, Cleancult is certainly a great option.

It’s also a great brand for those environmentally conscious or just looking to improve their impact on the environment and their bodies. I hope that this information helps you to make more informed decisions in the future and to keep your family safer.

This content was inspired by Durisan, but written by Jax a contributor to Brandy Ellen Writes and my recent high school graduate.


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