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Pink Panda Gummy Candy

I’m excited to share a gummy candy that’s created with the health-conscious in mind. These colorful packages of fruit chews don’t stick in my teeth, taste delicious and come in a sour option.

I’m not one to buy gummy candy or candy in general but when Pink Panda opted to send me some of their treats, I decided they were worth a go!

Pink Panda Gummy Candy is made with low-sugar and low-calories so that anyone can sneak in that gummy flavor without the added “junk”. But don’t take my word for it, continue reading to learn more about the Pink Panda brand and their gummy candies.

To quote the founder of Pink Candy, Noah Bernett, “I’ve had a sweet tooth all my life, but as a health-conscious adult who tries to avoid sugar, it’s become a challenge to get my candy fix. I still want to indulge in sweets, but I don’t want the calories and guilt that come with it, so I partnered with a world-class confectionary food scientist to create arguably the tastiest health candy in the world and that’s how Pink Panda was born. After lots of experimenting and taste-testing, we found a way to make perfectly fruity, sweet, chewy, juicy gummies, with very few calories and no aftertaste. It’s candy made healthy and tasty for everyone.”

The total sugar count is 2 grams with a total calorie count of 90 per bag. This means you get to indulge in that gummy flavor and text you enjoyed as a child without the guilt. I know I’m a huge gummy bear and gummy worm fan, but all that sugar doesn’t sit well with me. I’m excited to have a new option to enjoy and share with others!

About Pink Panda

I don’t know about you, but I love a good story behind a brand. I wanted to share a little bit about Pink Panda’s story before diving into the flavor, the options, and what my family thought of these gummy candies.

Apparently the founder has always had a sweet tooth, who can relate there?!

*raises hand*

Throughout his career and even during childhood this man would eat bags of candy and then be filled with regret. He felt candy was bad. I mean, isn’t that what many parents teach their kids?

Well, Noah wanted to change the mindset pertaining to candy. He just knew all candy didn’t have to be “bad” or leave you feeling regret. He wanted to make something that everyone could enjoy without breaking their healthy lifestyle goals.

This set the mission to create a candy that could satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth without the guilt of consuming an entire bag of gummies. Pink Panda works with anonymous industry experts, including one not-so-anonymous person, the original founder of Jelly Belly to develop the best health-conscious gummy candies for everyone.

This is a business funded by ProMontreal Entrepreneurs. So, who wouldn’t want to spend some cash supporting Pink Panda today?!

I found a few deals online where you can buy a 6 pack of Pink Panda Treasure Chews or a 6 pack of Pink Panda Astro Blasters. The Astro Blasters are a little sour. And yes, I gave them to my 15-year-old son without informing him they were sour first.

It was entertaining!

Our Thoughts About Pink Panda Gummy Candy

I mean, what can I say about gummy candy? I guess I can say a whole lot, really. I’m very picky about the texture of gummy candies because I have a few broken teeth and such that need to be fixed so anything that will stick in those teeth drives me bananas.

Pink Panda gummy candy didn’t stick in my teeth as other brands have. It tasted pretty good and while I didn’t try the Astro Blasters, I love the treasure chews!

My middle child, the 15-year-old mentioned above, loved these gummy candies and enjoyed knowing that they were low-sugar and low-calories. He’s the most “health-conscious” person in the house right now.

I’m happy because they don’t stick in my teeth and the price isn’t bad when comparing “other” options, but really; are there any good gummy candy options out there that keep sugar low, calories low, and taste good without sticking to your teeth badly?

I say not.

So, if you’re intrigued and want to give this brand a try to see what you think of Pink Panda gummy candies, then by all means purchase a pack online, or visit Pink Panda’s website to buy directly from them.


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