While studies show that family vacations have a positive long-lasting effect on a child’s happiness, it goes without saying that a vacation or two every so often is a good thing. However, if your family loves an adrenaline rush, you might find that you want to try something new instead of the typical cruise or summer by the pool. Luckily, there are many options when it comes to thrill-seeking families who want to have a memorable and exciting vacation.

Planning a Family Vacation Packed with Thrills


Ziplining as a family

If your family is new to thrill-seeking vacations, then ziplining would make a great introduction – and can prove to be quite the thrill compared to the local amusement park. While there are smaller zip lines are perfect for younger children, and higher, longer distance ones for older children and adults – and anything in between, ziplining makes a great choice for your next family vacation and can easily satisfy anyone’s adrenaline rush. The great thing about ziplining is that it can be done just about anywhere as it’s widely available throughout the world, so there are plenty of options when it comes to scenery. Not to mention that there are plenty of canopy tours fit for adventure seeking families, which give breathtaking views of anything from mountains to treetops.

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A thrilling winter vacation

You may have considered going on a ski trip in the past, but there is a lot more you can do when it comes to turning a thrilling winter sport into a family vacation. Snowboarding is also an option, even if you and your family have no prior experience. In fact, taking snowboarding lessons with your children and learning a new skill together is a great way to bond and spend quality time together. However, one activity less thought of that is equally (if not more) thrilling to try is snowmobiling.

While snowmobiles are often regarded as a useful means of transportation in snowy climates, snowmobiling is also a fun sport enjoyed by many. It makes sense that snowmobiling may not come to mind when you’re planning your next family vacation, but it can easily become the highlight of any trip. With mini kid-friendly snowmobiles available for children as well as family tours, many places that offer these services can introduce snowmobiling to your family in a safe and secure way – which is important, as these vehicles are often used in extreme sports due to how fast they can go.

Geocaching: the modern-day scavenger hunt

If your family loves thrills, but not in an extreme sports kind of way, then geocaching may sound more appealing. Geocaching is essentially a treasure hunt in real life, where participants oftentimes use an app on their smartphone to find a prize using GPS technologies. This fun family activity can easily be incorporated into any family vacation no matter where you go, as the geocaching community is pretty widespread. With the thrill of finding hidden treasures, geocaching can be the perfect family activity as it is great for kids and adults of all ages.

While it’s true that family vacations are great, it may be hard to plan something more suitable when you have an adrenaline or thrill-seeking family. Luckily, there are a plethora of options when it comes to finding the perfect thrilling activities for you and your family to do this summer – leaving you with memories to last a lifetime, and a unique vacation like no other.

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