One thing that I see time and time again is people not believing in their blogs the way they should. They compare what someone else is making or how their post when viral and yours didn’t kind of thing. It is so important to have a positive outlook on life and that even includes in your work. I will share some simple tips on how to use positive thinking when blogging to help keep you on track and focused.

How to Use Positive Thinking When Blogging

Don’t allow self-doubt and comparison hinder you from exceeding greatly in the world of blogging. Take time to work and put out your best content and then be proud of it once you hit that publish button. Don’t stress if you only have five comments and not 500, blogging is way more than that. When you are confident your readers will see that and keep coming back to read more. Living a happy and positive lifestyle will allow you to adapt and tackle anything that is put in your path, and bounce back if you are struggling.

Jogging? No, Id Rather Be Blogging.


Power of Positive Thinking

The power of positive thinking is so strong, it can truly change the outlook of your whole life. It allows you to see lessons in struggles you face, overcome them with grace, rather than getting upset, feeling less than, or giving up before you begin. It also allows you to work through issues in a healthy way and see a positive ending. If you fail at something you know it doesn’t ruin you, it just teaches you a lesson or makes you work harder for success the next time you attempt the task.

How To Make Money Blogging: How I Replaced My Day Job With My BlogHow To Make Money Blogging: How I Replaced My Day Job With My Blog


Put Focus On Work

Instead of scrolling through or reading income reports of other bloggers and getting depressed, put that time and effort to you and your blog. Take the time to really plan out articles that you feel you would enjoy writing, put effort into your social media, or wherever you see your time is needed. When you walk in confidence in the work you are doing, you won’t have time to sit and think about the negatives. Make each article the best it can be, and just walk in faith for success.

Don’t Compare

Don’t sit and compare yourself to a blog that has been around for 10 years longer than you. Instead, you can look to them for inspiration for what might work for them could work for you. The one thing I think most bloggers don’t realize is there is no formula for success. Your readers come to read your content, they might not go and read the content on the blog that you’re comparing yourself too. Or you can look at that bigger blog and give a hand clap and work towards reaching those same milestones. We live in a very large world, there are enough blogs to make the world happy, and there is room for each of us to have equal success.

You Can Do It

Sit down and really remind yourself daily that you can do it, you can be whatever you want. If you want to succeed know it takes hard work, lots of time and dedication, but in time you will have the success you want. If your goal is for traffic, find ways to boost traffic, hire out help, do whatever you can to make it happen. Just repeat often that you can do it, and walk in an optimistic attitude. You will be amazed in a short time how much happier and easier your goals will be attainable.

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