Are you looking for a low-cost way to reduce stress? Well here's a free way to reduce stress by using positive thinking.

How To Use Positive Thinking To Reduce Stress

Do you find most days you are feeling like you are consumed by stress? If you are unaware positive thinking can help reduce your stress levels. I am going to share some effective ways on how to use positive thinking to reduce stress levels. Instead of thinking the glass is half empty, you will begin looking at the glass like it is half full.

By living a less stressed lifestyle you might find you have a longer lifespan, less chance of depression, can bounce back easier for hardships, and even have lower blood pressure. Having an optimistic outlook on life can be a huge way to live a peaceful and enjoyable life and not walk around feeling like you are going to blow up at any second.

Are you looking for a low-cost way to reduce stress? Well here's a free way to reduce stress by using positive thinking.

Using Postive Thinking To Reduce Stress In Your Life

When you follow these steps below you will find that you live a happier and more joyful life. When you walk around happy you will find those small things that used to overwhelm you no longer matter. You are able to work through and tackle all situations in peace. If you do get worked up, you can easily talk yourself down.


The things we say have value, and you need to be aware of what comes out of your mouth. If you are always talking negatively about yourself or others, of course, negativity will come and find you. You need to speak positive words to yourself, and kind thoughts about others. Self-talk can influence your emotions, and if you wake up thinking your gonna have a horrible day, you will walk around with an attitude and you bet your day will be bad. Wake up and speak positive things about yourself and your day and watch things transform.

Optimistic Outlook

When you are faced with a hardship try looking at it in an optimistic light. For example, if you get laid off from your job, see it as an opportunity for something better to come along. If someone is sick, do all you can to help them through it and walk with the understanding that no matter what happens God is in control, and you will get through it. Everything happens for a reason, and we will never know it all, but we have to remember each hardship happens for a season. Things may be hard now but if you walk in the optimistic light that tomorrow might be better, it gives you that hope that we need to survive.

Words of Affirmation

Each day start out by speaking positive things about yourself. Maybe that you are kind, unique, helpful to others, and see how that goes. Try to name 5-10 things each day about yourself that are positive. This can help boost your self-esteem and really help you have a better love for yourself. When we learn to love and treat ourselves good, you will find stress doesn’t come around near as much.

Positive People

Surround yourself with others who are good for you. If you are around someone and leave feeling bad about yourself than they aren’t the best person to be around. Surrounding yourself with people who care for you and encourage you will help eliminate unwanted stress and worry.

At the end of the day, when you walk in a more relaxed and peaceful lifestyle you will find stress doesn’t come knocking near as much.


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  1. I look at my sister and how the world just doesn’t seem to hand her lemons. I think her lemonade personality makes it just seem like it’s not a big deal.

  2. These ae great thinking ideas. I know several that would definitely help with relieving stress. Thanks for this!

  3. Words of Affirmation have really impacted my life just saying one a day. I can’t believe how much of a difference they have made.

  4. Reducing stress is the best advice and so important anymore. It is well demonstrated to cause SO many health problems – great tips!

  5. Fantastic post and one of the things I find that helps me is just taking Layla to the dog park, finding a corner and sitting back – no electronics no nothing just my coffee and her and of course doggy treats LOL. It helps me balance out

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