Learn how to use the power of positive thinking through hard times.

The Power of Thinking Positive Through Tough Times

It’s extremely easy to use the power of thinking positive when times are going well. You just landed that awesome job or your children made high honor roll. There are times when the power of thinking positive simply comes naturally and you reap the rewards of positive thinking. Then there are times like today, where you feel let down, deeply saddened and there is no way you could ever muster up the positive thinking skills necessary to get through tough times. It’s easier to think you can’t do something than it is to push forward and climb above the hardships. Today I am going to discuss the power of positive thinking through tough times. This is for you and for me so that we all can learn to be a little happier regardless of the troubles we face.

Learn how to use the power of positive thinking through hard times.

Allow a Short Time for Negative Thinking

In order to truly grab ahold of the power of thinking positive, you must allow a short period of time for thinking negative. It’s okay to indulge in a little self-pity for a moment, to feel saddened by your tough times and it’s perfectly acceptable to allow yourself a little negative thinking at times. Today I want you to take a brief moment and get all of that negative thinking out of your mind.

  • Sit down and sulk, but only for a moment.
  • Cry out loud, but only for a moment.
  • Scream at the top of your lungs, but only for a moment.

Now, do you feel a little better? Surely you must feel a little relief after allowing the negative thinking to release and tears to flow. If not, then you didn’t allow yourself to fully release all that is weighing you down. Don’t look to the external objects or people, look within and truly release all of the negative thoughts that come to mind about your tough times. Only then can you move onto the next phase … using the power of positive thinking to get through tough times.

Learn how to use the power of positive thinking through hard times.

The Power of Positive Thinking

Now that you have released all negative thoughts, it’s time to ask yourself a question; did hanging onto all of those negative thoughts help you in anyway? Were these thoughts productive? Did your negative thinking help solve any problems? One could argue that the negative thoughts help keep you level headed, aware of the reality you face. While others would argue that negative thinking actually holds you back from a place of positivity. It’s time to grab ahold of the power of positive thinking and move forward. Today I want you to push thoughts into your mind, do the same as you did to release the negative thinking except opposite. I want you to tell yourself these words and inject them into the deepest portion of your brain so that you can hang onto this power of positive thinking thoughts:

  • Tell yourself this too shall pass and believe it.
  • Think of a time when things were going right, were you happy?
  • Remember a time when you were at your happiest point, remember that you can get there again.
  • Ask yourself if these hard times are temporary and if so, focus on the time when this scenario will pass.

There are many ways to use the power of positive thinking to get through hard times. This concept is easier for some while difficult for others. I really hope today is the day you grab ahold of the power of positive thinking and push through these hard times.

Learn how to use the power of positive thinking through hard times.

How to Use the Power of Positive Thinking

The process of using the power of positive thinking requires you to think realistically while manifesting the thoughts that these hard times will pass. You must start to focus on success, growth and train your brain to redirect on a regular basis. The power of positive thinking doesn’t mean that you live in some fairy tale land while you are sitting there with a blank smile upon your face while everyone around you sinks into these trying times. The power of positive thinking allows you to hone in on a skill we all hold inside. You must use the power of positive thinking to be stronger than the situation that stares you in the face.

Taking time each morning to write down positive thoughts, creating a checklist of agenda items that focus only on a solution rather than the problem and ensuring that you constantly use your energy to focus back towards positive thinking is the best way to use this skill. Today I want you to start focusing on the power of positive thinking. I request that you take time in the moment when you start to feel the hard time consume you and breath. Walk away from whatever is troubling you, be it physically walking away or mentally walking away and just pause.

Once you have taken a moment to pause during this scenario you will be better equipped to have the energy required to focus on the power of positive thinking. Have a few key words you say to yourself that push your brain back towards focus on growth, success and positive change. Perhaps the focus can be on the end of these hard times or a mediocre place where things aren’t as bad as they seem. Find that focus point that will help trigger your thoughts back to a place of a positive.

I wish you much luck and success with the power of thinking positive through hard times, I am confident that you can make this mind shift if only you remain focused on the end result … that you will be happier, healthier and times will get easier when you learn to think positive.

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  1. I’ve always believed in the power of positive thinking and though it may be difficult during tough times, I also try to do it as much as I can.

  2. thinking positive makes for a happier life… with positive comes positive! I do agree with you to allow yourself briefly to think negative and own your feelings then move on and grasp and hold on to the positivity : )

  3. Such great tips. It’s so important to be positive whenever possible! It always helps in all situations. Great post!

  4. This is great advice for positive thinking through rough times. It is so true that releasing the negative energy for a moment can indeed make you feel better and than after that moment start thinking about this to shall pass. I always tell myself that thinks get worse before they get better when I am feeling down. Thanks for sharing the tips.

  5. It is true that positive thinking can open a lot of nice things, better opportunities and a happier disposition in life. However, with all these pressing issues going on in the world, it makes positive thinking take a backseat in our life. We need to be strong, especially now, stay positive and hope for the best.

  6. Positive thinking is how I get through many hard times with my health issues. I do allow time for sulking but not a lot of time.

  7. I agree people need to think they can survive and make it. I’m worried about this young generation they aren’t being modeled the best behavior.

  8. I thought this article was fascinating. People really underestimate the power of positive thinking. You can really pus through some tough times by simply remaining positive.

  9. I think this is something I’d like to keep working on my whole life! It takes practice to be able to push through tough times and look forward.

  10. I am all about positive thinking. Sometimes it can be easier to dwell on the negative but I always make a conscience decision to try and always look on the bright side of things.

  11. It is crazy how much can change when you look on the bright side of things. I am able to find the good in everything and I am very grateful for that.

  12. This is really powerful, I’ve never thought that releasing negative in these ways could help too. And mostly I like in a positive ways, this is really helpful, I’d like to say Thank you.

  13. I try to always speak positive things. Sometimes I fail, of course, but I have my little pity party and move on. This too shall pass is one of my favorite sayings.

  14. It’s truly amazing what some positive thinking can do for one’s overall mood and attitude. I always try to keep my head up and look for the silver lining. Sometimes it’s hard to do, but it’s always worth the effort.

  15. I can be extremely pessimistic when things aren’t going my way. I need to work on my positive thinking.

  16. I allow myself a few times through out the week to get my negative thoughts. It does feel like a big release. But, for the most part, I try to remain as positive a I can.

  17. Positive thinking really can make such a difference, it is amazing what just thinking the right thoughts can do.

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