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Practical Suggestions for Your Business Name

The statement “first impressions last longer” has never been so true than when explaining the importance of having a catchy business name. This is because your business name is often the first point of call for prospective clients.

For the record, research has shown how clicks on certain web pages are triggered by an attractive domain name. In the same vein, despite successful attempts to have a good ranking on online search engines, some web pages are turned down because they do not have a catchy name.

All of these prove the importance of the process of naming your business and why it should not be taken for granted.

Against this backdrop, we will share some tips on how to go about properly naming your business, brand, product, blog, or website. But first, let us talk some more about the importance of handling this aspect of your corporate imaging appropriately.

Why Your Business Needs an Attractive/Catchy Name

The importance of this aspect of corporate imaging cannot be overemphasized. Having said that, listed and explained below are some of the reasons why you are to take it seriously:

Identity Creation

Running a corporate venture is a lot more than offering goods and/or services. It is also about creating a brand identity especially given the competitive market that you may be operating in.

You need the right corporate identity to stay on top of the corporate league despite the competitiveness of the market. The naming process is an integral and vital part of how you achieve this.

You cannot create a positive identity through your vision and mission statements while your brand name is contradictory. It is an important part of creating a positive identity in the market.

Help Client Memorability

Frankly, there are many sides to getting your potential clients to patronize you. The thing is while offering quality services is important, it is not enough to get the job done. You need more than this to convert potential clients.

The corporate naming process is one of the ways to go about this. Doing this appropriately means that your potential and prospective clients will have something that can be remembered easily.

This is why we strongly advise that you keep things as simple as possible even though creativity is very important. For more on this subject, you can check here.

The point is that your target audience should not have a hard time remembering your identity. This is crucial if you will stay top of the game despite the competition.

It Is a Motivating Factor

Here’s a simple scenario that helps explain this point. Two competing web pages were ranking very high on a search engine. This is because they had observed how the AI algorithm decides to rank pages and met the requirements.

However, one was getting substantial clicks and ultimately conversions. On the other hand, the second competing page was not doing so well.

After an experienced SEO optimization agency was hired, it was discovered that the domain identity was the problem.

The domain name for the web page that was doing so well was “real-deal.com”. On the other hand, the domain for the web page doing badly was “therejectedstone.com”.

It was discovered that people subconsciously avoided “therejectedstone.com” because it felt like a brand that was not going to get the job done. Conversely, the domain “realdeal.com” felt like they were up to the task at any point in time.

This is just a scenario that proves the importance of having a name that motivates the potential client to patronize you.

Suggestions on Choosing a Good Business Name

Frankly, there is no one size fits all approach to making the right choice. However, you are likely to end up with a good option if you adhere to some principles. Some of these principles are listed and explained below:

It Should Stir Up Curiosity

You should consider something that stirs up the curiosity of your potential clients if you want to win them over. This is because the mere thought of what your business name is about can get them to patronize you.

This is why a business name generator will come up with a unique company names list that would stir up the curiosity of your potential customers. You might want to consider using this option as many people patronize brands in a bid to satisfy their curiosity and this is in the best interest of the brand.

A Name that can be Easily Searched

Going for something that can be easily searched will do more good than you can imagine. This is because many prospective clients try to run background checks and ensure that the brand is worth it.

You are to go for a name that can be easily searched to make sure the process is easy for your prospective customers.

To do this, we advise that you stay away from options that are hard to pronounce. Avoiding a cluster of consonant sounds is a helpful tip.

Also, you do not need so many syllables. You can figure this out by observing brand names like Facebook, Amazon, Sony, Twitter, Instagram, Samsung, Toyota, Honda, Ford, TikTok, Tesla, and several others. Apparently, the simpler, the better.

A Descriptive Option

Although well-established brands do not go down this route all the time, it could be a game-changer in terms of brand imaging.

You could decide to use a name that aptly describes what clients are to expect. At the very least, stay away from names that contradict your motto, vision, and mission statements. This will erase the point that can win the prospective clients over.


Your business name speaks good or bad about your corporate operations even before you get the chance to communicate with your prospective clients. This is why you cannot afford to take the naming process for granted.

We have shared some helpful tips to ensure that you choose the right name for your company, brand, product, website, or blog. We are certain that the information shared here will be helpful when the need arises.

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