Get More High End Clients PLR Blog Posts


5 PLR blog posts that focus on the topic of how to get more high end clients for the business blogger niche. Best used for private email lists, or can be rewritten to pass Copyscape to publish on a public website.


This PLR package is perfect for your newsletter or other email marketing tools. Since this content is not unique, you’ll want to rewrite your PLR package to pass Copyscape. I have a tutorial to rewrite PRL content here.

Upon purchase, you will own this package. You can use it as-is, rewrite it, or what you wish with it. Just note it is NOT unique content, therefore it shouldn’t be published on a blog or public website unless you’ve adjusted the content to pass a Copyscape Premium scan. 

Due to the nature of this product, an instant download product, there are no refunds or exchanges for this.

Get More High End Clients PLR Blog Posts

This package includes the following articles:

  1. Lessons Learned: What a Lost Client Really Tells You (378 words)
  2. Need More Clients? Think Like a Farmer (422 words)
  3. Sales Tips for Reluctant Sales People (471 words)
  4. Fear-Based Decisions Are Bad for Business (369 words)
  5. How Well Do You Really Know Your Ideal Client? (417 words)

You’ll receive these 5 PLR articles in a zip file. You’ll need to extract the files from the zip file in order to use them. This download package includes both Word (.docx) and PDF versions. As with all of our downloadable products, there are no refunds. If you have an issue with the download, please contact us directly and we’ll do our best to assist.