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Are you new to the food blogger world? Perhaps you’ve been developing recipes for years and posting them with great success but you just want a little boost in text content beyond recipes to help set your recipes apart from the clutter on the internet today.

Whatever your reasons are, I am here to help you out with text content for food bloggers! Yes, that’s correct! This is a service for food websites or food bloggers who just want a little extra oomph on their recipes for search engines to notice them more. I have more details below, just have a little scroll.

This price is per recipe, and it doesn’t include a specific word count. The average word count for clients is 1,000 words but can go slightly higher or lower depending on the research for SEO I do (included with the fee).

You will see in my tutorial for SEO text content for food bloggers that I use a tool that helps me know which words, phrases, and word count to focus on while developing specific content for your unique recipes.

I advise you to hire me for one (1) SEO text content post before choosing to hire me for a bulk order. This helps both of us know if we’re a good fit and if I can match your vision/voice for your site. This service is meant to make your blogging life easier, not harder. I understand that there must be a positive ebb and flow between client and contractor for the overall process to be a positive experience.

I am an independent contractor with an LLC and EIN, for those who need to have proof of business when hiring an independent contractor. I am more than happy to sign a W-9 for long-term contracts/clients. 

**FYI *** We cannot guarantee results with this service, but we can guarantee we will use our tools & skillset to develop the best possible SEO content for your food blog and recipes.

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If you own a food blog or website, chances are you’ve come to realize that having recipes alone may not work well for getting seen in search engines. That’s not to say that some of you haven’t ranked well with some of your recipes sans SEO content. I am simply saying, that having SEO content within each recipe post or on your food blog in general, will help you rank a bit more in search engines.

I developed this service after spending 2 years writing quality content for SEO purposes for food bloggers. They needed quality content from someone in their community, who understood blogging, and SEO techniques. That person ended up being me. I am lucky and truly blessed to help food bloggers get the content they need uploaded to their recipes on their blog within hours so that they can spend their time doing what they love … crafting up more recipes for us! 

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, refers to the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to a website through organic search engine results. SEO aims to improve a website’s visibility in search engines like Google, Bing, and others.

The rate listed above is for one (1) recipe. This means you will pay a fee of $55 per recipe to have high-quality SEO content created for your food blog. If you have more recipes that you want SEO content for, just select a new quantity.

I limit the inventory aka availability for this service so that I won’t ever be overbooked.

This means you will always get high-quality content, developed by me using this method explained on my site. If you’d like to learn more about SEO content for food blogs or food websites, click here to read my SEO content creation tutorial for food bloggers

Learn More about SEO Content (text) for Food Bloggers Service

This payment provides you with the option to have me upload the text content into your WP Dashboard where the recipe is featured, if not, I will send the content over as a Word Document. For bulk clients, those who hire me long-term for more content, I will create a Google Folder where I place all content unless you have me upload it directly to your recipe blog post. I do not create the recipe cards.

Who needs this service?

  • Food bloggers who want to rank in search engines, but would rather spend time crafting up new recipes than handling the SEO text content.
  • Food blog brands who are trying to sell products, services, or other things about the food industry, but need a little oomph of SEO to help get their food-related site ranking higher.
  • New food bloggers or older food bloggers who have found their ways of SEO content aren’t working & they’re ready to try hiring this step out with a new person.

Honestly, anyone who wants some help with SEO content for their recipes is more than welcome to hire me. This service may even entice you to craft a unique way to use my service to benefit your overall time and money. I’m here to assist you, and I cannot wait to see how much your site grows when we contract to work together.

**FYI *** We cannot guarantee results with this service, but we can guarantee we will use our tools & skillset to develop the best possible SEO content for your food blog and recipes. 


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