Pros and Cons of End of Year Service Bundles

As I venture into a somewhat different avenue of making money online, I notice that others are starting out on a similar path I was on about five or so years ago. They’re getting into the freelance writing business. They’re selling service bundles in Quarter 4 to make some quick cash bundles. They’re trying to find bloggers to work for within the virtual assistant groups on Facebook.

I admire how they’re taking the time to adjust the sails and do what I did about five years ago, learning to make money online beyond blogging. The issue is that the market of ghostwriters for bloggers has become saturated. There is much competition out there now, and one bad apple can ruin it for others.

With all that being said, I truly love that we have the freedom to make money online in whatever way we choose as long as we’re abiding by local laws and regulations.

It’s a beautiful thing freedom, isn’t it?!

Now, let me get back on topic.

Today I wanted to share some thoughts about the pros and cons of end of year service bundles. I attempted to do this one year and ultimately it created a loss of revenue. I had so many people who purchased service bundles that I couldn’t take on regular work in the next year, which caused a real negative impact on the household budget.

I no longer feel the end of year service bundles are a good idea, for they will only hold up time in the New Year that you need for making money to pay the current bills. Far too often I see freelancers diving into the same path that I attempted and falling flat on their faces.

Their reputation goes downhill. They can’t take on new work for the end of year service bundles take all of their time. They stress. Their mental health goes downhill, they need to buy CBD Pillow – Add to Cart and thus the decline of their business starts.

It’s not something I would wish upon anyone.

Now, I’m all for living and learning. This means that I’ve already had my experience with end of year service bundles, and I understand others need to experience this on their own to learn the pros and cons of offering such a discount.

I offered a significant discount on my freelance writing services to a certain number of people and boy they sold up fast!

I made a decent amount of money to catch up on bills, but never really seemed to get ahead which was the plan with this end of year service bundle. The idea made sense, and it felt good helping others, but I ended up in a situation where I had an unhealthy relationship fall down with it ending in court and me having a no-contact order on the person.

I ended up living with my father and my stepmother while my kids lived with their dads. Then, I got into a place and ended up homeless with my then ex-husband and our sons while my oldest lived with her Dad. Two summers in a row were rather unpredictable for me, all this happened after I had offered end of year service bundles to people.

As you can see, life happens. Life is unpredictable so when you opt to offer end of year service bundles you simply put yourself into a situation where you may have the best of intentions, but when life gets chaotic, you aren’t able to stick with this obligation in a timely fashion.

I’m blessed in that many people who bought service bundles from me have known me since I started in this industry back in 2008, so they were familiar with the chaos that occurred in my personal life, but that still doesn’t reflect well upon business and could potentially cause a decline in people wanting to hire you again.

I just remained honest and kept working to complete the bundles until I finally cleared out the backlog, or in some cases, people just disappeared and never responded to me. Therefore, the bundles were cleared because it seems some purchased a bundle only to disappear, which was rather odd.

So, my personal experience has been that end of year service bundles don’t in fact get you caught up on bills or ahead financially, they do quite the opposite and will create more stress for you as you try to build your freelance business.

What is an End of Year Service Bundle?

What I mean by end of year service bundle is when a freelancer, such as a freelance writer, offers a bulk content order that the person can claim in the New Year. These bundles are typically offered in Quarter 4 of a year.

The service bundles may offer bulk content such as 100 plus or 30 plus articles at a hefty discount. The service bundle may include chore thread assistance at a lower rate than normal for the freelancer. Another service bundle I’ve seen in recent times is offering social media management, updating their social media channels, at a hefty discount.

I believe one of my end of year service bundles offered a large package of articles at a price around $10 or even lower in some instances that truly caused me to spend a year, or two, playing catch up and never “getting ahead” financially.

The bundle is prepaid, and services are typically rendered in the upcoming New Year.

So what are the pros and cons of offering end of year service bundles?

As with most business decisions, you must weigh the pros and cons. I shared a little about my experience offering service bundles, and it helped shed light on the fact that life is unpredictable so you never know for sure if you can commit to such a large bundle discount.

You may hear a negative tone in my writing about this topic, and well, that’s because I feel end of year service bundles are a horrible idea. I think that offering a discount package is a great idea when done throughout the year.

For example, I offer discounts on article packages as a ghostwriter for businesses when they opt to auto-pay, commit to a specific number of articles per month or week, and so forth. The discount may only be $3, $5, or $10, but it’s a consistent discount offered to people who commit to hiring me for regular work.

While you can tell that I don’t particularly think end of year service bundles are a great idea, I figured I’d be fair and lay out why I feel this idea has some pros and cons. This list will help you determine if end of year service bundles are going to help or hurt you financially.

Pros of End of Year Service Bundles

  • Fast cash when you need it during the holiday season.
  • Consistent work with people who might hire you again.
  • Gets your business brand out there to new future clients.
  • Helps build your business faster when work completed as agreed.

Cons of End of Year Service Bundles

  • The cash disappears quickly, regardless of how “caught up” you are with bills.
  • People are less apt to hire you in the future at your higher/normal rates.
  • Builds your brand on “cheap” services, versus “quality” services.
  • The commitment can deter you from the New Year’s goals of making more money.

Should I Offer a Service Bundle in Quarter 4?

If someone came to me asking for my advice on Quarter 4 end of year service bundles, I would advise them against it. I feel working as a freelancer, this is your only income and it’s difficult to live off a sporadic income as it is.

End of year service bundles will only create more financial hardship as you try to complete the bundles while building and maintaining new clients in the New Year. End of year service bundles may build you up with some references, and clients, but these people will be less likely to hire you again at your normal rates.

One big lesson I learned from offering end of year service bundles is that people will pay you less even if the quality of work sucks than paying more for quality work. This is partially due to trying to save money for their business, which I respect, but also because many bloggers simply can’t afford a high-quality SEO freelance writers.

Whatever the reason is for you thinking about offering end of year service bundles, please take into consideration the commitment you’re making. Tread lightly and offer the bundle to an extremely limited number of people so that you’ll still have free time to grow your business in the New Year with higher-paying clients.


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