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Pros And Cons Of Green Geek Webhosting

Green Geek is a Webhosting platform that has been around since 2008, their emphasis on running being the eco-friendly aspect of their operations. There’s a lot of information out there about this hosting option as well as other competitors that can make it hard to determine what makes Green Geek a good choice.

So, the best way to figure this out is to think about the benefits and drawbacks of choosing this Webhosting option. Here are the pros and cons of Green Geek Webhosting.  

The Basics of Green Geek

Green Geek is a space for Webhosting, which means it includes various options and plans for your usage. You can choose a plan that works best for you and use this platform to host your web domain or to resell or buy established domains as well.  

 Pros of Green Geek Webhosting

Eco-Friendly Aspect

 To be able to talk about being eco-friendly, Green Geek has a system of renewable energy replacement use that reduces the impact their energy usage has on the environment.

The company purchases wind energy credits that replace up to 600 thousand kilowatt-hours or more of energy usage per year. This means their energy sources are more renewable than not.  


 Customer support through Green Geeks has been proven to be useful and well-functioning by many customers, with 24/7 access to assistance through online chats.

There’s also a database with many answers to common questions so that you don’t always have to turn to customer support for your question.  

 Page Load Time

Green Geek hosting has proven to have a very high standard for page load time through testers that have tried their Webhosting services. On average, their page load time is 445ms which is faster than a great deal of the competition’s load times. This can help with your website’s standing through SEO.  


There are free nightly backups provided for your website through Green Geek as well as many other helpful security measures that can help you make sure your data is safe and backed up in case of an emergency situation.

You can feel a lot safer knowing that your website is secure and backed up, especially if you’ve handled being compromised before.

Cons of Green Geek Webhosting

 Pay And Refund Issues

Moneywise, there are a few issues that have been mentioned from users or careful readers. Their refund policy is slightly questionable and has some strings attached so that you don’t get a full refund for some items.

It’s also noted that the $2.95 a month offer for the lowest plan is only if you sign up for a specific length of time, so it’s not technically $2.95 always.  

Not For Everyone

As with many other hosting options, Green Geek can be a suitable option for some but not for everyone. The web builder can be difficult for some people to navigate, and many people have reported struggles with billing.

It has some hiccups to the system that can be a deal-breaker for some people but not that important to others.  

Bulletproof your Domain for $4.88 a year

This list can help you to weigh out the uses that Green Geek Webhosting can bring to you and if it would be the best for your needs and budget. Being able to see both sides of the information on a topic can be incredibly helpful to make the process much easier, so this information can help you with that decision.

Consider what items are most important to you for your Webhosting source, and see how that adds up to Green Geek. If you’re interested in trying Green Geek for yourself, you can sign up today.


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    I’ve heard of Green Geek Webhosting before but never really had a hands on. I will check this one out.

  3. Webhosting is so actual. We are always looking for better and more economic options that it works for us! Thanks for the review!

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