Protect Your Skin from Remote Work Stress

Working from home can drain you! This option to make a living adds more responsibility and stress to your shoulders. With the current climate of our world, many have started to venture back home to work remotely or find new ways to make money via the internet. While working from home is a blessing, in my opinion, it’s not everything that the world makes it out to be.

With the added stress your skin and beauty take a toll. You start to see wrinkles, saggy skin, added weight, and days where you simply are too exhausted to get dressed.

Wait, am I alone in this?

I think not!

Many people say working from home causes a lot more stress than going out and working your 9-5 job just to check out when works over and come home to be with family. Then there are others who love working from home, but the reality is working from home does cause more stress on some of us who’ve been working from home for years!

That’s why I wanted to share something. A beauty serum! This Guru Nanda Beauty serum can help ease your visible signs of aging and stress! We tried this beauty serum a while back and loved having it. With all of the extra stress that working from home causes, I hope you’ll consider the reasons why I suggest you add this beauty regiment to your daily life.

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The Guru Nanda beauty serum is a carefully crafted blend of essential oils that can be used to target specific problem areas or struggles with your appearance. This can be a really simple and great way to help improve your skin or fight different struggles like acne or dryness.

But why should you use the Guru Nanda beauty serum when there are so many others like it?

There are so many reasons, for instance …

Natural Formula

The ingredients in these beauty serums are more natural than a lot of other options that target the same areas of your face. Guru Nanda’s beauty serums are made with essential oils and a carrier oil such as Jojoba oil, and all the ingredients are clearly listed with each serum.

Easy To Understand

With Guru Nanda beauty serum, there’s no guesswork on how to apply or what serum works for your problem areas. Each serum is specifically labeled for what it helps such as Lip Plumper, Clear Skin, and Moisturizing. They also come with instructions for where and how to apply each one.

Less Expensive

Compared to other beauty products or serums, Guru Nanda beauty serums are a much better price point. Through Guru Nanda’s website, where you can earn rewards points for purchases, a trial set with 6 serums that all target different things is $24.99. You could pay that much just for a single product anywhere else.

Essential Oils

Essential oils in themselves are a benefit of the Guru Nanda beauty serum. Those that love essential oils and use them probably agree that there are many benefits and uses for different oils, and having them already blended can make your life a lot easier when using them for serums.


Guru Nanda makes your life much easier when it comes to their beauty serums by providing links to tutorial videos, as well as including all you need to know about each serum on the packaging. The package the set comes in outlines ingredients, each serum and its uses, and the instructions for each serum’s use.

Other Options

Once you start trying a Guru Nanda beauty serum, you can also find many other essential oil based products for your use through their website. They market single oils as well as blends of oils for different uses. And when you buy the beauty serum set, you get so many options that it’s pretty likely at least one will be of interest.

A Guru Nanda beauty serum (or a few) can make a great addition to your self care routine to help with any problems or just improve your skin. These essential oil blends are well crafted and include easy to follow instructions as well as many different uses on your skin. If you’re looking for a well priced addition to your day that can make a difference in your skin, Guru Nanda has just that.

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