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Rage Against the Coffee Machine

Coffee is an integral part of the lives of millions of people. Each day, the world consumes well over 2 billion cups of coffee. But not all of these cups are of the same quality. There are many factors that go into determining how good coffee tastes. The beans, the water, and the preparation will all play a role in the flavors found in your cup.

If you’re brewing at home, it’s possible that you’re using some form of coffee machine. For years, this has been the norm. However, people are now starting to realize some of the drawbacks of coffee machines. These are some of the reasons why you should dump your coffee machine for a better alternative.

They Take Up Counter Space

Counter space is a valuable resource in your home. Your kitchen surfaces should be for preparing food—not housing a bunch of clunky machines. This is especially true for people who don’t have the benefit of a large kitchen. If you live in an apartment, you can’t afford to dedicate any of your limited room to a coffee machine. People who like to brew their own coffee should consider a different option—such as a French press or pour over. These are small, lightweight, and can be put away when not in use.

They’re Expensive

The price of a cup of coffee can vary wildly depending on where you are in the world. Across most of the United States, you’ll pay between two and three dollars for a regular cup of coffee. But in some places, such as Copenhagen, the average cup costs over six dollars! This is the motivation for many people to get a coffee machine: It lowers the cost per cup.

However, you’ll often have to pay a lot of money upfront for a decent machine—usually hundreds of dollars. And you’ll have to pay even more if you want some form of specialty machine. Don’t forget: You have to cover the costs if something breaks on your coffee machine.

There are a few options for ditching your coffee maker. The best is arguably coffee pods that don’t require a machine. Caffè di Artisan, for one, makes luxury coffee pods that make some of the smoothest, most delicious coffee on the planet. And they require absolutely no coffee machines. This is a fantastic way to keep your coffee costs down while also enjoying premium java.

They’re Full of Germs

Did you know that your coffee machine is probably one of the dirtiest places in your home? A lot of people assume that the hot water in coffee does the trick in killing any bacteria present. This, unfortunately, isn’t the case. Coffee machines are typically swarming with bacteria—even dangerous varieties like E. coli. If nothing else is going to turn you off from coffee makers, this should. You can certainly get sick from the germs found in coffee makers.

You can consistently clean out your machine—flushing with soap and vinegar. A better idea would be to just ditch the machine for a different option.

They’re Bad for the Environment

People are increasingly citing environmental protection as a priority. If you’re going to talk the talk, you have to walk the walk as well. Many coffee pod machines aren’t friendly for the environment because the refuse can’t be recycled. Even though they can be convenient for individuals trying to only make one cup of coffee, they’re undeniably wasteful. A much better option is to use coffee pods which are packaged with sustainable materials; or a French press or pour over, since they require no electricity and leave virtually no waste. You’re not losing out on any convenience, and you’re doing your part to take care of the planet.

Coffee machines are like a ball and chain around the ankles of java drinkers everywhere. It’s time to liberate ourselves from this inferior brewing method. Hopefully you know understand why you should be angry at your coffee machine, and ditch it for something better.


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8 thoughts on “Rage Against the Coffee Machine”

  1. I couldn’t relate more. I got my Tassimo way before I got my percolator and coffee press which I regret because I haven’t used my machine since I got those two. Such a waste of money and to be honest, it tastes better than the Tassimo machine.

  2. you said the G word, my fear! Actually, we have lots of counter space and I have 2 machines lined up next to each other. Definitely would not give them up!

  3. I love my coffee maker. It has an auto clean cycle that won’t let you brew until it’s been thoroughly cleaned. I have had pods in the past, I don’t mind them either

  4. My hubbys coffee machine isn’t much of a bother to me. Luckily we have some good counter space, otherwise I’d be sending it downstairs! i dont drink coffee or have anything to do with it, thats all him.

  5. I do not even like coffee, yet I’m the one cleaning the machine sitting on our counter. I am grossed out by the bacteria living inside it.

  6. I read an article recently where it said people were going back to the old percolators. I remember waking up to my Dad making coffee when I was a child back in the 60s and loved the sound of the coffee percolating. And the smell.

  7. I keep no appliances on my counter because I am OCD about clutter – the one exception my Coffee machine

  8. Our coffee machine has a clean cycle that is needed when it lights up. Hopefully that keeps the bacteria at bay. If not, pods may be the answer for us.

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