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Random Things I Don’t Need

As I work towards finding more zen in my life, I’ve noticed a slow down in my writing business. I have about four major clients each carrying different levels of work and creativity needs. One client has slowed down dramatically with their requests for work, and I can assume it’s due to the AI writers taking over due to the industry that particular client works in.

AI writers haven’t truly replaced the quality that human writers can lend, but I will stay here waiting for the ah-ha moment to arrive from those who have started to use 100% AI writers to replace their higher cost writing team to realize that from experiences.

To be honest with you; from a business owner’s perspective, I get the concept of using tech to save cash on the overhead costs, but from a long term solution perspective? I don’t get it. These businesses may have just lost some high quality writers who hold grudges and won’t return when the business learns AI isn’t what they’d thought it would be.

I’m not a grudge-holder.

I just enjoy analyzing life, and human habits.

Oh, and before I dive deeper into my blog post today, here’s my grammar and professional writer disclosure: 😁

The random thoughts of what people don’t need or shouldn’t be using, such as AI writing bots for full-time writers, is what brought me to write about the random things I don’t need today, yet everyone online will tell me that I need them. Okay, so not “everyone” but the majority of humans active on social media has said I must have these items to save me ‘time’…

Instant Pot

So this is one of those things that I have seen so many of my foodie blogger friends have, and my Mom friends quite honestly. I’ve heard it’s a huge time saver, but when this first came out? I saw the pitches being that you could cook frozen chicken to fresh in a short time.

That honestly freaked me out. For those who don’t know, I like my chicken really cooked, like I don’t grill chicken for a reason – it would have to be black burnt for me to “trust” it. Meaning I would think it be undercooked if not brown or black on the grill.

I am that anal or nervous about chicken and cooking it. So, with that being my first “pitch” for this Instant Pot, I haven’t been able to be sold on it yet. With a price tag of just shy of $170? I can find other things that I need more to spend cash on, like the crazy electric bill or food bill for this family.

But if you think this will be a savior in your home? By all means, go check out whatever deal they have on it today.

Meat Cutter

Next up on the list of random things on saw on Food Prep Videos is this meat cutter. With a name like that linked in someone’s YouTube description, you know I had to click over to Amazon to see what it was. I thought with a name like “meat cutter” that it was going to be some cool gadget that cuts through meat.

It was not that. I was confused. Like what in the heck is this? How do you use it?

That’s when I watched a couple of the review videos on Amazon and realized that this gadget? This “meat cutter” does the same thing that cooking ground beef slowly using a metal or wooden spatula to cut it up does.

So I am going to call OLD SCHOOL on this and continue using my method of dealing with frozen meat, and not buy this meat cutter.

Again, if you want to buy it, by all means, go check Amazon for it. I am not a judge. I won’t be judging you.

Grounding Bed Mat

Another random item I don’t need but I saw on Amazon recently is this grounding bed mat. I mean, it’s cool, and I may buy it in the future. I was jokingly telling my household that EVERYONE IS GETTING A GROUNDING BED MAT for Christmas this year.

So I won’t totally knock this random item I don’t need too much. For now, I tend to find natural grounding is doing its job pretty well. I even have my other half going barefoot more often, which is a huge change for him. HUGE!

So if you want to start grounding your body so it can do some inner healing on its own? Grab this mat on Amazon. I have no idea if it works or not.

$13 6 Quart Plastic Container with Lid

Last on the list of things that I swear I have to question humanity about is this plastic container for $13. Dude! If you want to use plastic for your storage containers with a lid? Head on over to Dollar Tree, where you can find multi-packs of PLASTIC storage containers for like $1.25 or maybe more

Dollar Tree is forever changing their “dollar” prices, so who knows how much they are at the time you read this blog post. Either way, don’t spend $13 on plastic, please.

Grab these glass storage containers instead.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and perhaps you find that you do need these random items to simplify your life or make your life tasks a bit easier, then consider using my affiliate links for each item to buy them. At least I can earn a few pennies on your purchase. I thank you for that.

This was fun to write and I don’t mean to tease anyone who uses the above products. Who the heck knows, I may find by next year that I am using some of the above items. I’m always learning, growing, and changing. I do know I am eyeing that bedtime grounding mat, but right now? I will stick with my barefoot adventures.


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