I was peeking at my Google Webmaster Tools account for this blog because I was concerned about some glitch in my traffic stats and other details recently.

I had started using Rank Math as a free option for my SEO and Search Console stuff.

I loved some things about Rank Math, but what I was not impressed to find out was that the sitemap that Rank Math created and used to report to Google was missing a lot of links.

My Sitemap Issue with Rank Math

I peeked at my Webmaster Tools by logging into my Google Webmasters account. I noticed that there were only about 85 URL’s indexed for this blog.


Okay so I have over 700 blog posts on this site alone, nevermind my downloadable products, my pages, and so forth. Why was the sitemap from Rank Math only showing 85 URLs detected by Google?

That’s not right.

Uninstall Rank Math

So as a test to figure this out, at least the sitemap part, I uninstalled Rank Math on this blog and the other blog I had installed it on. I installed my previous favorite sitemap plugin, XML-Sitemap. This was a plugin I have used for years on any WordPress blog I create.

XML-Sitemap has been the best for me in the past, but I had removed this plugin when I installed Rank Math so they wouldn’t mess each other up.

So far?

I’ve noticed that Google Webmaster Tools has detected 830 URLs using my XML-Sitemap plugin.

A huge difference from the 85 URL’s that were detected when Rank Math was “in charge” of my sitemap.

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My Overall Thoughts About Rank Math

I loved that Rank Math could handle my redirects and such with ease, although I’ve previously used a plugin for this redirect as well.

I liked that Rank Math has a writing assistant type of option that works similarly to SEMrush writing assistant tool.

To be honest, that’s the biggest reason I was testing out the free version of Rank Math.

I wanted to see how it compared to SEMrush writing assistant.

I use SEM Rush on client’s blogs and have loved it, albeit difficult to learn quickly, it’s very helpful. I don’t, however, like the cost associated with having a SEMrush account.

I am on a business spending freeze for a bit, and only spending when I have to for business and personal purposes.

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Ease of Writing for SEO

I naturally write for SEO without much help, however, Rank Math was cool in that it helped guide me whenever I got “off track”. You could easily see the score on the side while writing and Rank Math would give you tips to adjust the blog post length and words to ensure that your focus keyword was indeed being used properly for maximum SEO.

Ease of Access to Search Console

I loved being able to access the keyword data right inside of my blog dashboard using Rank Math. I have this blog attached to an old email account, along with my Adsense stuff so it’s a pain for me to open a new browser and log into the Google Account.

Having access to my keyword list via Search Console in Rank Math was an absolute plus.

It was helpful to have my keyword data right there in front of me while I planned out my weekly blog content.

In conclusion, Rank Math is pretty cool.

I would not recommend using them for your blog’s sitemap though.

I couldn’t quite find out if that is something I could disable within the plugin so I just removed Rank Math completely.

I can deal with having to open a new browser to access my Google Search Console to analyze keywords for my site. If I have to.

Finally, I may not have been 100% impressed with Rank Math but that’s because I’ve written for years and with my most recent experiences of using SEMrush for clients, my brain automatically goes to an SEO format.

For those of you out there who may need that guidance, then Rank Math may be of great assistance to you.

It’s a free plugin with premium options but I highly recommend you find out if you can disable the sitemap function with Rank Math before attempting to use it.

I also know that some shared hosting accounts do not like you installing Rank Math plugin so be sure to check with your Best WordPress Hosting before installing this free SEO plugin.

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