For some now is the time to look into new ways to make some extra cash. That’s why many are starting to look into real estate investing. If you’re into real estate investing or having a child who’s interested in a career in real estate they can try to get a scholarship with David Ebrahimzadeh.

This real estate scholarship will put your high school graduate on the right path to start making money in the real estate industry. As most parents are aware, the cost of college is getting ridiculously expensive so if you can save any money on the career path for your children, then it’s best to do so!

David Ebrahimzadeh Scholarship Details

This is for one $1,000 scholarship with a deadline of March 31, 2022, for entries. This will require all applicants to be enrolled in either a graduate or undergraduate program currently, OR is a current high school senior that’s been accepted into a college or university.

The current 500-word essay requirement is listed on the David Ebrahimzadeh scholarship website.

Real Estate Investing Tips

Now, before we get off topic I wanted to share some real estate investing tips for those out there searching for realistic ways to earn extra money. With the post-pandemic life, many people are financially hurting and so with that comes the need for creative outlets to make cash.

Find Rental Properties in Right Neighborhoods

You’ll want to find rental properties to invest in that are in emerging neighborhoods. These properties in emerging neighborhoods will carry the best tax benefits and maximum profit opportunities.

Diversify Your Real Estate

I know this to hold true for regular stock investments, I am trying to make sure I keep a diversified portfolio. the same holds true for someone getting into real estate, you want to have multiple options to make cash from real estate.

Do your Homework

Before listening to any advisors who charge a fee to assist you, please do your homework! You’ll want to make sure that you’re paying someone that’s valuable and worth that investment. There are many places to find information about paid advisors on the internet.

Just search the person or firm’s name with “reviews” after it and you’ll see a variety of reviews about the firm or person to help you better justify which advisor to bring on for your real estate investing advice.

Take Care of Real Estate

If you’re planning on doing some real estate investing for rental properties then be sure to take care of any maintenance issues right away. The various leaks or water heater malfunctions that will occur throughout the time you own a property or multiple properties will be tremendous but if you nip them in the bud right away it will cost you less.

Always treat your properties like they’re your home and do your best to maintain the properties so that the renters stay and you never go without a real estate income. This will also allow you to maintain the value of this asset should you ever wish to sell the real estate off.

The internet has opened the world up for new ways to make cash from home. With the internet being accessible nearly everywhere, and in some places for free, there’s no excuse to not start pushing yourself to do something new and take part in the making money online industry today with real estate investing or some other industry!

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