Reed’s Real Ginger Ale

Today I’m featuring a product that I received for free. All opinions are my own or based on my kids’ own opinions. If you want to skip right to the end, you’ll see my video chatting about America’s # 1 Ginger Brand, Reed’s.

Many ginger ale options contain nearly no ginger in them, this is a fact I already knew. That’s why Reed’s, the number one ginger brand in America wanted to provide consumers with a truly real ginger ale.

Now, we received both their regular option and their Zero Real Ginger Ale options. Each came in a four-pack and my 13-year-old pretty much consumed them within 24 hours.

  • OriginalNon-GMO, and packed with organic pressed ginger, with no artificial flavors, colors, preservatives or high fructose corn syrup
  • Zero Sugar Original: A certified ketogenic, better-for-you option that uses an all-natural proprietary sweetener blend

I swear nothing is sacrad when you have a tween and two teens in the house.

About Reed’s Real Ginger Ale

Reed’s real ginger ale contains 2,000 mg of ginger in every can. This means you’ll get to enjoy fresh ginger in each can of this delicously refreshing beverage.

Reed’s Real Ginger Ale is all-natural, made with nothing artificial.

As you can see in my video below, I tasted this for the first time and my face lit up! It has a similar flavor to my “normal” ginger ale option that I purchase each week at my grocery store. The thing is, I’m always looking for a ginger ale that has a lot of real ginger in it, and it’s not always easy!

Why Opt for More Real Ginger?

Ginger is known to help with nausea and let me just say, growing up that’s the drink I was given (ginger ale) whenever I had a tummy ache. It’s something I still practice to this day in my 38 years of life and have passed down to my children.

Ginger has been known to help some people with muscle pain and soreness. Real ginger helps reduce the pain associated with minor muscle strains and ailments for many people.

Some studies have stated that real ginger can help lower blood sugar levels, and reduce your heart risk factors. For a person with hypertension (me) I am all about adding anything into my diet that helps reduce heart health risks.

In all honestly, when it comes to putting drinks or food into your mouth, it’s important to opt for something that contains real ingredients. You will see in the video below that I flopped on pronouncing the ingredients, but that’s only because my other half walked in as I was filming and startled me.

And now, watch my YouTube video below to hear my thoughts, explanation of Reed’s Real Ginger Ale, and my real-life reaction to my first sip of Reed’s Real Ginger Ale.

There are so many ginger beverage options available over on Reed’s website. I suggest you take a peek at Reed’s for more details on how you can get your hands on this flavorful real ginger ale today! Oh, and don’t forget you can purchase the original and Zero option online too.


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