Removing That Daily Time Waster

I’ve discussed the topic of removing time wasters in the past, but today I’m going to revisit this subject in more detail. We’ll chat more about removing that time waster in personal and business life for the maximum achievement of goals. You see, I’m taking a goal setting course among other courses, plus I’m soaking up all the knowledge regarding poverty mindset versus rich mindset to help reprogram my mind while learning some new concepts.

This knowledge I’ve soaked in has to escape my brain somewhere.

While I do share this knowledge with my partner, who is also learning more about a rich mindset, investments, and such, my children are sick of listening to me ramble about wealth mindset and goal setting. That doesn’t mean I’m going to stop sharing the knowledge, it just means I need another outlet.

I figured what better place to share my newfound knowledge and practices but on the blog!

So here I am sharing some of the ways I remove that daily time waster so that I can be a fabulous parent, business owner, and partner in this thing called life.

Removing time wasters is all about making a note of anything that drains your emotions, distracts your focus, and/or holds you back from achieving your goals. A goal is something that you have established to accomplish within a specific timeframe.

I have short and long term goals for my business, such as turning it into an LLC this year (short term) and moving the structure of the business towards a new direction (short and long term). I also have some financial goals to achieve specific levels of revenue within short and long term timeframes.

Take a good look at your goals before removing a daily time waster. You won’t know what’s wasting your time until you have a direction and purpose in life and/or business.


Sit down and evaluate what your long and short term goals are. This will take a bit of time if you’ve never thought about where you want to be in 1, 3, 5, and 10 years! I have a simple article you can start with for goal setting. Just click to read tips on goal setting to get started today with goal setting, then come back to start this time waster removal process.

Recognizing Time Wasters

I spent the last few years working on getting back in touch with my gut instincts. I started practicing various habits such as exercise, mindset training, and so forth to get back aligned with my true purpose in life. You need to be in tune with how your body reacts when something isn’t right. If you feel emotionally drained, tired, or something just doesn’t feel right then chances are this is a bad decision for your life.

  • Does this activity bring you any joy?
  • Do you feel weighed down when surfing the newsfeeds of social media?
  • Do you feel emotionally drained when a certain someone(s) visit and it’s always like this with this person/people?
  • Does a daily habit make you feel unhealthy, sad, tired, or uneasy?
  • Does this habit or task bring you closer to your ultimate goal(s)?

These are just a few of the questions to ask when you start the process of recognizing time wasters. I’m trying to keep this as simple as possible for everyone to work with.

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Make a List of Your Daily Time Waster

I didn’t make a physical list, but rather made mental notes whenever something wasn’t helping me pursue my end goals. For example, I started using Kill Newsfeed plugin in Chrome on my computer. This is a Chrome extension that allows me to manage FB pages, see notifications, and my profile/update FB but not have to see the newsfeed. This means the only way I can see my Facebook newsfeed is if I’m on Firefox or on my mobile browser, thus removing a daily time waster.

It’s not that the newsfeed would suck me into random stuff, it’s that Facebook has become rather horrid and I simply don’t want that energy fueling my day.

Another area to look at when discovering your time wasters is friends and family. You’ll also want to revisit your online connections. I’m growing in a new direction so being a part of the community I once was (and still am) connected with on a personal level may not be suitable. I am slowly adjusting who is connected on the personal level with me online, and it’s not personal or against them.  I’m just removing daily time wasters to achieve my goals in the personal and business life here.

The less you engage with social media or people that drain your energy, the more focused you become on goals and engagement that helps you grow and achieve goals.

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The biggest tip I have for this step is to not look at this as a personal jab at someone else or something else. Right now you need to make decisions that help you grow, expand knowledge, and keep your mind in the right place. One friend online said something like, “I’m not connected with anyone I wouldn’t see myself sitting down to lunch with”, and that inspired me to make changes with my close-personal connections online.

Be Confident with Your Choices

It’s one thing to sit down and create a list of what you consider to be a time waster in life and be confident that removing it will help you in the bigger picture. It’s another thing to remove time wasters because you recognize it’s a time waster but you’re not fully committed to not doing that task, being connected with that person, or whatnot. This process is about making your life better, and easier, not making it difficult!

Only remove the daily time waster tasks, platforms, habits, etc that you’re ready to remove. Try to commit to removing one daily time waster per week, this isn’t a race! You must be ready to stop this time waster in order for this to help you achieve your short and long term goals.

I understand the term time waster sounds so negative, especially if you’re associating it with a friend, family member, or personal connection. The key here is to not make this personal about the other person or people. This is personal in that it’s about YOU and what YOUR needs are right now.

If you’re going to achieve your success, change your life, and live a life you desire then there will be some sacrifices along the way that might mean hurting someone’s feelings unintentionally.

We cannot control how someone else feels or perceives our actions, we can only make sure that we’re making choices that aren’t meant to harm others but rather, improve our quality of life.

Now that I’ve shared some tips, it’s time to use this information and apply it to your life. You can start small with just one tiny daily time waster removed and continue until you’ve finally removed or reduced time spent on anything that doesn’t bring you joy. Time wasters hold us back from becoming everything we dream to be! Make notes, commit to this change, and watch everything you hope to acheive start to fall into place.

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