Repetition is The Key

Lately, I’ve been listening to motivational speakers on YouTube. I’ve always been drawn to these types of speakers because they make me feel empowered. They speak in such a way that makes me realize my mind is my tool to use. I can use this tool to succeed or fail, it’s entirely up to me. When it comes to the decisions I make, the feelings I feel, and everything in this world I live – my mind is what makes or breaks it.

When I hear these motivational speakers say this, I’m blown away, every time!

Perhaps it’s because I believe this to be true. I believe we can control our minds and turn our life around for the better (or the worse). Therefore the motivational speakers I listen to every night while cooking dinner inspire me to be a stronger, more compassionate, confident person every single day!

Les Brown is by far my favorite right now! 

I’d say Les Brown is one of my main mentors right now as I work towards being more in tune with my life’s purpose and stay committed to living a repetitive lifestyle that encourages me to always live on purpose.

What are 5 examples of repetition?

Repetition is something that I get sick of after a while. I’ll find something that helps inspire me or helps me achieve goals and then … I get bored. I get distracted. I think, “I can listen to these videos for a couple of weeks, start to feel great, get a hold of my mind, and stop!”

But, it’s not true!

In order to continue with your personal growth and to continue being strong, you must be repetitive with whatever it is that works.

If motivational speakers inspire me to be stronger, confident, and push forward in living my life’s purpose, then they must be a part of my life EVERY SINGLE DAY. I can’t let them go after a month, simply because I’m feeling great and confident. No! I must have them a part of my daily routine to maintain this strength and keep my mind focused on the prize – living my life’s purpose.

Here are five examples of repetition:

  • Practicing swimming every day because you want to be the best or fastest swimmer in the world.
  • Listening to motivational speeches every day because you want to be the best version of yourself possible.
  • Practicing the piano every day because you want to be the best pianist in the world.
  • Working out every morning because you want to be the strongest person possible.
  • Writing “x” number of words every day because you want to write a best-selling novel.
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We cannot get better at something without repetition, therefore we cannot become the greatest at something without repetition. You can apply this rule of repetition being the key to nearly every area in life.

Repetition is the key to success.

Repetition is the key to growing.

Repetition is the key to confidence.

Repetition is the key to strength.

Do you get what I’m telling you about repetition being the key?

If you’re like me then the idea of being repetitive every single day sounds lame-o. I don’t like doing the same thing every day. I mean, I joke about some of my more personal getting bored habits with my hubby, but here are a few to share with you:

I get bored with a car after one year.

I get bored with how our living room is set up.

I get bored when our bedroom hasn’t been arranged in the last few months.

I get bored if my work desk looks the same for too long.

You get the hint, I tend to get bored when things are too repetitive.

Here’s the thing, I can recognize this about myself. This is why I listen to different motivational speakers or compilations of speeches – to make my repetitive habit not-so-boring. I don’t need someone to tell me what my habits or weaknesses are. I’m very aware of who I am and what I need. I’ve learned communicating these needs confidently is much easier in a healthy relationship, too.

So that brings me to my next tip … 

Surround Yourself with the Right People

Next up is a very important point that will help you maintain the repetition to success or confidence or whatever your dreams and goals are right now; surround yourself with the right people. This is a key component to whether you’ll be motivated to wake up and start over again or you’ll want to sulk away the day sitting in bed, eating junk food, and watching junk television.

Those who you let into your mind will control how you live. No matter how much you think people around you don’t influence you, they do!

Take social media, for example, I have to be on social media for my job. I have to schedule Facebook posts for clients (and myself), I have to post on Instagram to engage my audience, and I network on Twitter to build my business. The problem is that social media has become really negative as of the past few years and it can play a huge role in how I think that day. Just one social media post can put my mind in the wrong direction and I have to spend extra time climbing out of that headspace.

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Not only do you need to take a look around your current in-real-life friend’s circle, but you must take a look at what you’re allowing yourself to read on social media. Don’t feel bad removing friends on the internet. Don’t feel bad unfriending someone or blocking them simply because you can’t let them get into your headspace.

It’s necessary that you learn to make confident decisions that help protect yourself so that you can do the things you were born to do!

If a person you unfriended reaches out and wants to come after you for unfriending them or ask questions and expect a why for the decision, then they only prove your point as to why you disconnected from them in the first place.

You do not owe anyone a reason for your decisions, except maybe your spouse/partner in life and/or children.

If you want to be the next successful entrepreneur, if you want to build a money-making business, if you want to be the next best-selling novelist, or if you want to live your life’s purpose then you must repeat the steps that help propel you forward!

For me, it’s listening to motivational speakers every night while I cook dinner and reading at least one chapter in The Best Yes (or my next book when this one is complete).

These are two things that propel me forward and make me realize that I am worth the repetition because when I admit that repetition is the key to success, only then, am I open to receiving the greatness that will allow me to live my life’s purpose.

It’s All About Creating a Repetitive Environment

Surrounding yourself with the right people who have a similar mindset will be helpful in keeping you on track with creating a repetitive environment. I don’t mean that you only surround yourself with people who think and feel the same about everything, rather surround yourself with people who are inspired to grow. Surround yourself with people who know they’re imperfect human beings that are willing to learn, grow, and create their own repetitive schedule to achieve success.

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Here’s an example of my repetitive tasks that have helped me feel inspired, stronger, and boost my business revenue streams:

Personal Growth:

Business Growth:

  • 10-15 Pinterest pins completed every morning, after my 1-mile walk.
  • Check email 3 times per day – morning, mid-day, night.
  • Write one blog post or some content for my upcoming ebook after client work is complete each day.
  • Say no to anything that doesn’t align with my business goals or doesn’t feel like a good fit.

These are just some of the repetitive actionable steps I take daily to achieve personal and business goals.

How to Decide on your Repetitive Tasks

The way I learn what my repetitive tasks should be are based on what I’m seeing results from. For example, my 1-mile walk isn’t easy to do yet it’s only 15 minutes every day. I mentally talk to myself about how great I feel once that 15-minute walk is complete. I focus on the results of my walk rather than the current sleepyhead mood I’m in when I wake up.

For my business growth stuff, I focus on what’s giving me results by reviewing analytics and revenue streams. It’s important to look at an increase in engagement and exposure rather than just looking at the dollar signs. Increased exposure will result in a future increase in revenue, remember that to plan what repetitive steps you’ll take to increase exposure for future financial growth.

I invite you to take a look at your life and your habits and realize that now is your time to grow! It’s your day to start living your life’s purpose. You don’t have to wait until the New Year. You don’t have to wait for someone’s approval. Find it within yourself to learn what you need to do every day to achieve all that you desire. A word of the year has helped me move in this direction consistently, perhaps it will help you too.

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