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Road Trip Snacks Old Trapper Kippered Steak 

Hey friends! Today I’m sharing a fun road trip snack from Old Trapper. They have a fabulous selection of steak jerky that tastes flavorful, light, and not as tough to chew on as other brands.

I was recently sent a sample package, including their sugar-free option, to share my thoughts on their selection. So, without further ado, here are your deets on this brand as a new fun way to curb hunger on those long spring and summer road trips.

About Old Trapper

Made expressly with the steak lover in mind, Old Trapper kippered beef sticks begin with thick strips of lean beef that are seasoned with Old Trapper’s blend of spices and fresh ground pepper. As the finishing touch, the steak strips are smoked with real wood, resulting in the perfect on-the-go snack essential. Old Trapper’s Jumbo Kippered Beef Steak snacks come in three flavors: Old Fashioned, Peppered, and Teriyaki.

First off, let’s chat about my FAVORITE option, the beef steak shown above in my hand. The brand only sent two of these and I had to share the other one with my 17 year old. Sad!

I will be buying more of those bad boys. Those beef steaks in my hand above have a soft-ish texture and are full of flavor. Along with that, they have quite a bit of protein so when my protein levels were low (I track nutrients and calories), I was able to grab this after my workouts for a quick bite of fuel and protein.

The above package is all of the goodies the brand sent me to try out. I love them all. I really don’t have anything on the cons list of these, other than maybe they’re not super budget-friendly for those looking for a cheap snack.

Don’t Skimp on Quality

The thing is, if you want a high quality meat snack? Well, Old Trapper steak sticks are the way to go. While you may not save a lot of cash and the price may intimidate some? I’ve learned that higher quality road trip snacks like these from Old Trapper, are worth the investment.

High quality foods will help you feel full longer, thus curbing those angry feelings one may get when out on the road with their family or beloved because their belly needs sustenance.

That’s all my friends, I highly recommend you grab yourself a bulk package of your favorite flavor over on this brand’s website. Please remember, the serving size makes for like 10 servings per bag in most instances.

Check these steak sticks & steak jerky out, try them, and you’ll soon see the difference between lower quality meat sticks and high quality meat sticks.

Learn more about Old Trapper and grab yourself a bulk order of these tasty meat sticks on their website.

P.S. Old Trapper? Please send me more steak sticks that can be all mine!


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