Running Bear Camping Area – Windsor, Vermont

Looking for a New England travel destination for family camping? We stayed a handful of times at this campground in Vermont that truly felt amazing in between our stays at other campgrounds and hotels this summer season. Running Bear Camping Area made us feel warm and welcome during our stay and today I’ll tell you more about it. 

The stay at Running Bear Camping Area this summer proved to be a really nice experience. We noticed that a lot of the people that stay at this location seem to be longterm residents or campers. We were only 1 of 2 tents most of the time during our tent camping adventures at this particular campground. Located in Windsor, VT there is a quiet hour at night, as there is with most campgrounds. Those who camp at Running Bear Camping Area will be found waving hello or goodbye to you, walking their dogs, and stopping to have a little chat with you.

This hospitality is one of the BIGGEST reasons I love Vermont. 

We stayed at a wide-open camping site, in a tent, so during the hottest days of summer, we really had a hard time getting any work done, relaxing, and staying cool. Running Bear Camping Area does have an outdoor pool, but we have antisocial, introvert kids who refused to go swimming if any other human was around. 

During our stay at Running Bear Campground Area there were a few things that made our stay even more awesome:

  • Free showers.
  • Easy access to the restroom area.
  • Free WiFi for campers. 
  • Campground store with reasonable pricing. 
  • Stores nearby.
  • Easy access to NH.

Running Bear Campground Area doesn’t make you pay for showers, which was a total bonus as we were used to paying for showers such as the 25 cents per 8 minutes at Crows Nest Campground. While we didn’t love being out in the wide-open where everyone could see us, Running Bear Campground Area proved to be a pretty comfortable place to stay while camping in a tent with kids. 

Each campsite has a fire pit where you can cook dinner and roast marshmallows. I know we enjoyed having a little quiet time alone after our sons went to sleep to chit chat or just enjoy the beautiful view of the sky over a fire at our campsite many nights. 

Our middle child enjoyed the many bugs that we found, as you know camping in a tent with kids will involve dealing with insects. I was able to take a picture of a picture as my then 12-year-old son was trying to capture a photo of this large beetle. 

If you’re looking to camp next summer, I highly recommend you check out Running Bear Camping Area. They have showers, laundry room, outdoor swimming pool and host various events throughout the summer season to keep their guests happy! 

Learn more about Running Bear Camping Area, call to schedule a reservation or ask about their prices for camping in New England today at


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  1. My kids and husband love to camp. I’ve always wanted to visit Vermont. I’ve seen some pictures on the internet, looks so beautiful.

  2. It looks like a great way to end up the summer with a great camping trip. I have never been to Vermont but it is not too far from us so we will keep it in mind.

  3. That sounds like an excellent way to enjoy the holiday weekend. I am glad you guys enjoyed yourselves!

  4. What a lovely looking place to go camping. It is nice that each place has a fire pit to cook on that is much safer than using disposable ones. Sounds like you all had a fun time.

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