When in a Rut – Listen to your Gut Instincts

When things don’t seem quite right, your instincts are screaming that you need to do something. That what is going on isn’t right. You hear your instincts screaming but at the end of the day, you are still stuck in a rut. It doesn’t matter what the scenario is, it doesn’t matter if it’s personal or business. The end result is that we were wired with instincts for survival. The problem is that, as humans, we have been wired to think the best of others, to hope for better days and to ignore instincts because we think that they are crazy.

When in a Rut - Listen to your Gut Instincts

Don’t Listen to Humans

When you live a life where you’re constantly told that your instincts are crazy. That you need to have proof of said instincts, it can create the element of doubt. The funny thing is, that you can survive during these times. The times when others say your instincts are crazy. That you are just being hormonal or emotional. You can survive by simply keeping your eyes open. A long time ago, I learned how to be a detective in my own life. After many bad situations, I adapted the skills necessary to listen to my gut instincts.

Instincts Scream in Subtle Way

While I can’t always follow my instincts right away, they are there and they are screaming whenever they feel the need to give me a hint. Many have lived their life thinking that everything was great, that the person they were with truly loved them and everything seemed awesome. Even during the trying times, these same people could see the light amidst the darkness. Yet, a piece of their internal being was screaming at one point. As humans, we tend to see the hope before we hear our instincts. Our minds are a powerful tool that can hurt or help us.

The Mind is a Powerful Tool

Learning to use your mind as the powerful tool it is, will help you to achieve a successful transition when your instincts scream, “something isn’t right”. While we are wired with instincts, we do still have a life to live, responsibilities to take care of and sometimes children of our own that must come first. There is help out there, for you to find guidance during the times when your instincts are screaming get the heck out of here. You can document what doesn’t seem right, you can redirect my mind so that anxiety doesn’t make you sick to your stomach and you can use your mind to hear what is truly being said. You can use your eyes to see beyond the positive thinking and realize the truth of the situation.

Actions Speak Louder

Remember that you matter and that actions will forever speak louder than words. Never regret making a decision based on your instincts, they won’t steer you wrong. You don’t need proof to inform someone else of your instincts, it’s something deep within us that was wired there for survival. Listen to your instincts and let go of anyone else who wants to question them. Another point to remember is that you can’t try to confide in others who may be creating this instinctual response, they will not reply in a way that satisfies your gut instincts. You will be told that you suck, that you are crazy, that you are emotional. Take the time to hear your gut, listen to what it tells you and forget the need to have “proof” for our bodies were created to allow us to survive anything and those little instincts we neglect to listen to are there for a reason.

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People who truly care about you, will respect your decision to follow your instincts. Perhaps if more people listened to their gut, there were would be less of us in a rut.


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