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Setting a Daily Intention – Practice

Today I set the intention to feel gratitude in every moment I breathe and to forgive myself for mistakes made. To remember that I am worthy of a beautiful life of travel, love, and happiness.

I’ve been so focused on trying to resolve how I went from Point A to Point B to Point C, that I forgot how much living in the present as a dreamer who believes in thoughts becoming reality makes my entire life better. I forgot how to be me.

I have said many times that I’m naturally wired to lean optimistic and that I firmly have always believed in the law of attraction before I knew it was an actual ‘thing’. Right? So, why was I such a strong creator both in good and not-so-great ways?

Why was I much better at creating my reality before?

You see today I woke up with the practice of listening to something about The Law of Assumption, and I fell back asleep listening to this audio on YouTube.

I realized that I was much better at this concept from a young age into my younger adult years because I didn’t spend much time on the computer or social media. This computer stuff wasn’t a huge part of my world up until about 2006 when I started working from home.

This is another way to say, I would look inward more than outward.

So much of our world is computers or smartphones or tablets these days. I recently saw family and they had their tablet or phones out, and it’s just so different now. Before, you’d go visit a grandparent or something and there would maybe be a magazine or newspaper on the table. Perhaps they had one of the few TV channels on in the background, but for the most part you had to connect.

You had to be present.

You didn’t have a way to escape the reality of where you are right here right now with a smartphone or some other technological device. You had to be living in the present or dreaming about what you wanted to create.

So, my friends, I decided to set an intention each morning. This intention is to not have social media on my cell phone. I don’t really need it, right? But also, have another intention to set my feelings and mission for each day.

I mean yes I do make a living and revenue from social media but I don’t make revenue from LIVING in that world. I make revenue by sharing my thoughts, my experiences, my ghostwriting skills, and my gratitude with others … but I cannot bring forth the best of me in those areas if I am constantly living in this brainwashing device world.

Recently I found myself slipping back into old habits, it sucks that I keep doing this. And some will say, “Oh it’s a sign that you needed that person, that thing, or that lifestyle choice. That life is just what you’re naturally inclined to be or need or be driven to. Some would even say that’s a soulful direction or something like that” but I say no.

That isn’t who I am. I know this because it never feels “right” after the fact or even in the moment (but sometimes I am not as aware of inward during the moment of whatever this old habit is). It’s just an unconscious program.

Who I am when I slip backward is more about dipping into the alcohol and sliding backward and then feeling as if I have to punish myself by staying there.


You do not have to punish yourself for making mistakes. You do not have to punish yourself for consuming alcohol when you worked hard to not have a lot of it in your life.

You do not ever have to punish yourself for being human!

What if you just accepted that something happened, and you should have known better, and that you can start today as it’s a new day?! It is that simple, my friends.

I have what is called a guilty conscious. If I do something that I know in my entire being does not align with my intentions to live life a certain way? I will beat myself up about it. Not literally, just the negative self-talk and then punishing myself by not letting myself feel gratitude or love for today.

You see if I made that mistake or that choice that doesn’t align with where I intend to go, then maybe I do not deserve where I intend to go.

Do you ever think those thoughts?

Man, we can be pretty hard on ourselves!

I am setting an intention today, an intention that will help you and me be better, dream better and live better. This intention series will last for 7 days and each day I will have a new intention written on this blog to live by, breathe by, and hopefully inspire you to create new intentions which will create new feelings, and new habits in your life, too!

May you keep living and dreaming … you’re valuable!

Today I set the intention to feel gratitude in every moment I breathe and to forgive myself for mistakes made. To remember that I am worthy of a beautiful life of travel, love, and happiness.


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