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Shine On, my Friends

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It’s something I don’t do often, but it was a huge part of my life when I was a preteen and teenager, heck, even in my earlier adult years … POETRY writing!!

I even wrote a poem on the day my daughter was born for them to have always.

I have written poems over and over, usually when I’m super sad or super happy, rarely do I write a poem from a place of balanced joy.

That’s today.

Today is the day I write and present this poem that came to me, sort of, in my dreams.

Yes, I’ve been dreaming again, going through trials and tests as I call them from God Source in my dreams. I know in my entire being that these tests are meant to see if I’m ready to level up in an indescribable way.

It’s not about money, it’s not about materialistic things, it’s about this leveling up in my soul … because I’ve been healing and watching and trying to spread joy and love again as I once did ever so naturally before that 2.5 years that upset my entire world and my kids’ world. It left a crack in my family with the trio, more so with my firstborn and yes, I still hold onto that situation to remind me to never, ever, ever let something like that happen again.

Not because it changed me so much, but the way it changed the dynamic I had built within my home as a safe space for my Trio. It all cracked during those 2.5 years, and I’ve spent the past five-plus years or six years, whatever it has been …. using therapy and coaching and books and videos to learn how to recognize patterns in humans, how to recognize patterns in myself, how to know when to say NO and when to say MY BEST YES.

With that being said, the big emotions from that season, are lifted. Thank, God.

I wish to be healed and learn from that situation. Period. All chapters in life involve learning seasons, and that was mine for that season. It’s on me to determine the lesson learned so I can inspire others to live better and be better through sharing of my trials & tribulations in this human realm.

I’m still a work in progress, but about 2 or 3 weeks ago, maybe less, I learned details of the history of a person that I think God Source knew I needed to hear as a means to finally close the remaining part of that “door” & step forward into a new season in this life.

I won’t get into the details on the public forum, as it’s not for me to share, but I can say that after that discussion …

I felt this inner peaceful calm of “it’s final” and “you’re ready” like I’ve never felt before since that season of 2015 to 2018-ish occurred. This was after I processed what was shared, although, it didn’t shock me since I firmly believe my soul already knew the truth.

While the history reminded me to listen to my gut, here’s a video on that:

It made me sad that there are souls out there lost in this human body who didn’t get the love they should have had, who don’t know what true love is therefore they cannot gift it to the right people.

It saddens me but this particular scenario awakened me to the fact that there are broken souls out there, and while the ones that harmed kids don’t belong in my world, I can still pray with the world to heal all of the broken souls among us.

I believe anyone can change if given the right environment, tools, and chance to see & feel what real love is all about …

So today, my poem is a quick little one about reminding you (and me) that we’re all capable of change and we can shine with radiance … not to be confused with “welcome them back into your life, because everyone can change”

No! Do not let them back. Just set a boundary up. Let go of the emotions. Remember the lesson. Practice what you learned. Then Grow.

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Shine On, my Friends

I see you over there yonder
Talking smack about another soul
You say they’ll never change, but I wonder
If what you say is in your control.

You believe that you can change?
Say it to be true.
Then why do you think that they won’t change?
If they’re just like me and you.

I see you over there yonder
Talking smack about another soul
You say they’ll never change, but I wonder
If what you say is in your control.

There’s only judgment from Source
The rest of us are in a human experience
Trying our best to fight the g-force
So that we can shine with radiance.


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