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Signs your dog is stressed – Help before it’s too late!

Do you often see your dog sitting on the floor and doing nothing literally? How many times have you thrown your pet’s favorite toy, and it doesn’t play fetch or chase it? Well, it’s high time to scan your pooch for stress levels. Unlike humans, they can’t communicate their problems. They act unusual whenever they get anxious or depressed (Yes, they too get depressed).

  In fact, the Veterinarians confirm that dogs can acquire and face anxiety issues (especially when separated from their human parents), fears, and phobias. You will be surprised to know that those furry friends of yours might have PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder). And none of this is good and healthy for your pet.

 Although vets are medically equipped and trained to deal with these conditions, you also need to keep a close check on the mental health of your cutest friend. And Here are some symptoms that your pet is having a hard time dealing with mental issues, along with some tried and tested remedies for you to try.

Let’s get started!

Symptoms to look for rooting depression or anxiety in your pet and solutions to cope with the situation.

Believe it or not, but there are plenty of external elements that can be a bummer for your little bundle of joy. And no one wants to have an unhappy pet in their home. Right?

That’s why you need to prioritize your doggo’s mental health over everything.

Abnormal aggression or behavior against other pets or humans.

Dogs are considered man’s best friends. Domestic pets are seldom rude to humans or other pets. They are trained to behave at their best. But if your furry little friend is behaving rudely, maybe it’s trying to cope with some anxiety or other issues but failing.

 The experts at wholisticmatters.com suggest that introducing your pets to hemp can help treat anxiety attacks, epilepsy, and inflammation of osteoarthritis. This is one way of calming down the nerves of your pet.

Excessive Diarrhea and Constipation isn’t normal.

These are some of the prime symptoms of stress in dogs. In fact, if it gets sick and there is blood all over, you definitely know something wrong is going on in the immune system. For this, you need to immediately consult your nearest veterinarian and go for the treatment ASAP.

Drooling, excessive chewing, or excessive licking.

According to the vets, this is a sign of submission. It means that your pet is uncomfortable or nervous in certain situations. And drooling during breakfast might not be alarming for you, but finding puddles all over the floors and carpet will. So, try to keep your pet occupied with some games or create a safe zone for it to feel warm and comfortable.


 Obviously, you love to play with your furry friend. And even if you hit rock bottom in life, it will always come through to bring a smile to your face.

Now, it’s your time to return the favor. Look for the signs and help you do before the situation gets worse. After all, your pooch might not be your whole life, but it can make your life whole!


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