Do you have a good intuition? Do you feel like you listen to your intuition well enough? Sometimes, trusting that gut instinct is the best way to avoid negative situations while staying in a positive mindset.

If you’re not sure whether you’re listening to your intuition or not, these are a few signs that you are doing just that.

Pay attention to the signs and consider making some changes if you’re not trusting in yourself and your intuition. Let’s talk about how to get around the kicked in the gut feeling!

You Can Feel the Emotions of Others Around You

Intuitive people tend to feel the emotions of others around them. While listening to your intuition and getting in touch with that side of yourself, you may notice that it’s becoming easier for you to sense the emotions of others. You may find it easy to tell when someone feels angry, frustrated, stressed, or sad.

Understanding the emotions of others is important. It helps you relate more to the people around you while acting accordingly. Your intuition is likely to allow you to pick up on the emotions around you from people of all walks of life, including strangers that you’ve never met before.

You Tend to Experience That Kicked in the Gut Feeling

If you experience that kicked in the gut feeling more often than not, there is a good chance that you’re listening to your intuition and paying attention to the way your body feels about doing different things. You may feel like you’re being kicked in the gut over something that is going on.

The feeling occurs for several reasons. It may happen because you’re feeling anxious about something that you’re going to do. You might experience this feeling because you’re afraid of someone or something.

No matter the cause of such a feeling, it’s your intuition sending those signals to you. It’s up to you to interpret what your intuition is trying to tell you based on the situation.

You Have a Good Feeling When Doing Something Positive in Your Life

People who listen to their intuition often feel a sense of excitement and pure joy when they’re doing something positive. It’s like their body knows that they’re making progress when doing something or taking the proper steps to achieve their goals. It gives them a sense of euphoria and pure pleasure.

If you often have a good feeling after accomplishing something, your intuition makes you feel that way. This really helps me get rid of that kicked in the gut feeling.

You May Experience a Bad Feeling About Certain People, Places, or Things

Listening to your intuition is important when you’re around the wrong people or when you find yourself in bad places. If you suddenly get a bad feeling when you’re dealing with certain people, traveling to specific areas, or even going through certain things, there is a reason for it.

Your intuition is trying to tell you something.

As a result, your heart may start beating fast, you might begin to feel dizzy, and you can even end up feeling like you’re going to vomit. Some people experience the shakes and feelings of pure nervousness over a bad feeling that they’re having.

If this sounds like what you go through most of the time, even when nothing appears to be going wrong, it’s likely your intuition giving you a warning.

You’re Taking Your Time to Make Important Decisions Instead of Acting on Impulse

If you’re listening to your intuition, you’re not going to act impulsively. You’ll take your time to make careful decisions that will benefit you instead of rushing into anything. Those who don’t use their intuition are more compulsive and often get themselves into situations without thinking about what could go wrong or what types of consequences they could face.

If you know that you spend plenty of time considering the pros and cons of different situations before making any decisions, you’re definitely listening to your intuition. You’re willing to go with what you feel on the inside. When you get that feeling to wait to do something or suddenly feel like you need to do more research beforehand, it’s because of your intuition.

Why You Should Listen to Your Intuition

Listening to your intuition is vital for your overall well-being. If you learn to trust in yourself, you won’t have to stress over situations nearly as much as you did before.

You can become more self-aware and mindful while doing different things and making decisions based on situations you’ll come across in life. Listening to your intuition will help you get rid of that kicked in the gut feeling.

Now that you’re aware of the signs of listening to your intuition, would you say that you’re trusting yourself? If not, it’s something you should work on by taking small steps. It’s never too late to start connecting with your intuition.

If you’re struggling to make that connection, try writing in a journal, meditating, and going for long walks by yourself to clear your mind and build that connection.

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