Looking for a small gift to give or add to a Mother’s Day gift? There are great options out there. But why not get her something you know she can use and enjoy? EcoLips is a great brand that makes loads of different lip care products with fair trade and organic ingredients.

If your mom goes through a lot of chapsticks or likes to try new beauty products, EcoLips’ products are the place to look.

Here are some of EcoLips’ products that you can consider purchasing for Mother’s Day, to give a gift that helps with self-care and can add a new part to her routine.

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Brazilian Lip Tints

The lip tints from EcoLips are vegan made and have five different lovely shades. The ingredients work together to create a smooth satin finish tint that nourishes your lips while giving tint. The colors come from minerals.

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Hemp Balm

EcoLips has a lip balm line made with hemp seed oil and unique flavors/scents such as cherry and vanilla mint. These also have coconut oil and cocoa butter for nutrient richness.

Lip Scrub Sticks

Lip scrubs are really useful in keeping up with lip health and smoothing your lips. EcoLips makes lip scrubs in a form similar to chapstick for easy use and they have flavors like brown sugar and vanilla bean.

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Shimmer Lip Balms

Mongo Kiss Shimmer Lip Balms are a fun switch to add to lip care. They have fun flavors like cotton candy or sherbert, are made to moisturize lips well, and change colors! They also have an iridescent shine.

Bonus Item: Hemp Skin Care Oil

To add to your list for Mother’s Day, EcoLips is now also making skincare oil with hemp and Vitamin E that works to moisturize skin deeply. This oil also works great with aromatherapy as a base for those working with essential oils.

As I said, these are a good variety of lip care options through EcoLips that could suit any taste. These could be a little gift to help your mother care for herself a little or a simple way to add on to any gift you’ve already gotten.

They’re especially nice for those that are environmentally conscious due to fair trade and organic ingredients. Mother’s Day is a great occasion to treat your mom to a nice present that can help with self-care.

Hopefully, these gave you some good ideas and maybe you’ll even consider purchasing some or one of these products for your mom this Mother’s Day.

Is hemp good for lips?

Yes, hemp is good for lips. The EcoLilps Hemp lip balm helps improve the moisture in your lips. This reducing the appearance of dry, chapped lips.

What's the best lip balm for your lips?

We’re featuring EcoLips Hemp as one of the best options for your lips. This Mother’s Day you can gift mom with these moisturizing lip balm varieties.

Which date is International Mother Day?

Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday every year during the month of May.

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