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We recently received a sample of two packs of Simple Starters® baby food by FoodieKid. Now, we don’t have babies in the family but the package we received works as an excellent option for young kids to eat diced up veggies. My picky eater, as an example, might be 12-years-old, but these bite-size pieces of veggies would work well to help get him to quickly eat down a serving or two of veggies without much hassle.

Rather than attempt to take photos of children eating Simple Starters® because my teen and tween kids aren’t interested in photos, I went ahead and used these organic vegetable options for toddlersfor my baby rats. Yes! I said it. My baby rats. Polar and Dobby are much like human toddlers. They behave the same way and they can eat almost anything a baby or toddler can eat, as long as it’s organic/natural.

We received two veggie blends pack options that included some greens and root veggie options. Dobby and Polar can eat cooked sweet potatoes and pretty much any of the other veggies we received, well, except beets. I’m not sure that they can eat beets but that’s fine because I eat beets as part of my mission to reduce my high blood pressure (yes, it works!).

The little girls don’t stay still long enough for us to capture a photo, so enjoy the videos sprinkled throughout this blog post with our baby rats enjoying their veggies from Simple Starters® by FoodieKid.

Dobby and Polar Gobbling up Simple Starters® Veggies

Below you’ll see Polar and Dobby coming up to my middle son’s arm to eat their butternut squash. They really enjoyed eating their diced butternut squash and eventually got so hyper that they wouldn’t stop running up to get out of that cage door, onto my son’s arm to get their “treat”.

When serving these organic veggies, they must be cool enough to not burn your baby, toddler, or pet rats’ mouth. We heated them up in the microwave and served our babies their end-of-night veggie treat with ease. They enjoyed not only eating the butternut squash but later on, we were able to get them to eat some of the other veggie options from Simple Starters® organic baby meals.

How to Serve Simple Starters® by FoodieKid

You’ll receive your Simple Starts organic baby meals in a package like these:

Please note that these packages must be kept frozen. Each bag has four packages of 4 ounces of each vegetable listed on the front. The root veggie & squash pack and then the veggie blends pack are two fabulous options for anyone looking to get their toddler that’s old enough to eat diced size veggies something simple, yet healthy, to eat.

Once you open the main big blue bag, you’ll see a microwave safe white bag with a label on it. The small package features suggested spicies to add to the veggie pack and suggested meal pairing. This makes it super easy for parents to feed their little ones something healthy and delicious. Since we used these for our pet rats, we couldn’t add any seasoning. Pet rats aren’t allowed to have seasonings.

The above photo is a sample of how we feed our baby rats. They get a small bowl of regular food such as french fries, peas, carrots, and squash using the Simple Starters® organic baby meals as a special addition to our small sampling of human food the babies eat every evening.

You’ll need to heat the baby food up in the microwave or on the stovetop using a bowl full of boiling water. The vegetables in these Simple Starters® organic baby meals must be heated before serving. Please allow ample time for the veggies to cool down before serving your human or pet babies these healthy veggies.

While yes, we have pet rats, we’re fully aware that other pet parents may want to use these delicious veggies as part of their other furry baby food intake of veggies.

Why Parents Must Try Organic Baby Meals from FoodieKid

I know that these packages have made feeding Dobby and Polar veggies MUCH easier, but on that note, here are some reasons why you should grab some Simple Starters® organic baby meals from their website (for your human baby/toddler) today:

Super simple to heat up and serve.

I remember having two boys in diapers! OMG let me tell you what, mealtime was a nightmare as they got to the age of eating something beyond breastmilk or formula bottles. These simple organic veggie packs would have been a timesaver in the kitchen with two wild boys running crazy. I could just heat them up, add the pairings suggested on each package, and feed the boys a healthy meal in record time!

Provides a variety of veggies to expand toddlers’ palate.

As the mother to one extremely picky eater, these organic baby meals would have made it easier to sneak some veggies into my son’s meals. I haven’t given up hope yet and will be using some of the veggie packs in my youngest boy’s meals somehow in the near future. 😉

Easy for toddlers to pick up and eat.

Young children are always on the run and don’t much care to stop for anything these days. Well, that’s where Simple Starters® by FoodieKid helps! Your toddler can sit to eat some veggies as a snack, rather than mealtime to sneak in much-needed nutrients during their fast-paced day of being a toddler.

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Overall, I can say that these options to provide your young child with ample nutrient options in their daily meals helps save time, money, and headaches for busy parents. I had two boys in diapers for gosh, a long time, so I know that had I been able to use organic baby meals like these that I would have been able to better balance motherhood and working from home while changing diapers of two boys and getting my oldest child to and from public school back in those days.

While I only featured some of the organic baby food veggie options, FoodieKid does offer the following product options:

  • root veggie & squash pack
  • oatmeal blends pack
  • veggie blends pack
  • lentil & veggie blend pack
  • You may donate a package of Simple Starters® to a family in need, as well, just select “donate a bag of Simple Starters®” from their products page.


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