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Simple Ways to Celebrate Small Wins Every Day

The only constant I know is that life is unpredictable. You could be doing everything right, or doing all the things, and see that little glimmer of light when BAM all of a sudden a curveball comes at you out of nowhere. You’re forced to take a different path than you originally planned.

This can overwhelm the best of us! I used to get overwhelmed by those changes. My anxiety just totally controlled me for a large part of my life. Just when I felt I had it under control I’d be faced with some new challenge that brought the anxiety all back to the surface. 

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When those moments arrived I would be crippled if something didn’t go as plan. It wasn’t until I was closer to my mid-20s that I realized this isn’t the way to live. I didn’t want to take prescription medication for the rest of my life, for I knew if only 5mg of something “helped” take the edge off, then surely my particular anxiety must be small enough that I can control it.

I didn’t want anxiety controlling me.

I didn’t want to spiral into an emotional fit whenever my plan got thrown off course.

I wanted to have more control over how I handled things and how I felt about things.

I learned early on that things do not go the way you’d hoped or planned. You can’t control the world, other people, or outside influences. This means, there will be a time or two or three when you have to face the facts that life is unpredictable

It’s taken me years of going to various counselors throughout my adult life. Raising three kids and learning from them. Being married, then divorced, and back with that same man. Some unhealthy relationships in between as well as some good relationships in between. To get here at this moment where I finally realized exactly what I needed to know:

Celebrating the small wins is a significant part of being able to handle an unpredictable life!

I needed to continuously face some challenges that helped me grow and learn more about how to handle life’s chaos in a way that works for me. It wasn’t until now, in my nearly 40 years in life that I’ve found what works for ME.

I’ve learned that when I celebrate small wins I feel confident, happy, and peaceful! I’m able to continue on without my brain going into overload, allowing emotions to take over, or worse, I end up not motivated to do anything. 

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How to Celebrate Small Wins

Learning how to celebrate small wins has truly changed my outlook on myself, my family, life, and business. Since this one tiny change has helped me significantly, I want to share how it can help you too! 

Recognize Them

In order to celebrate small wins, you’re going to need to recognize them. The cool thing about this is the small wins will vary from person to person. I legit celebrated one week of not having any alcohol on April 1, 2021. That may sound like nothing to someone else, but it’s a huge win for me!

Another time I celebrated getting all my tasks done in a day. I celebrate every morning when I put less sugar in my coffee.

I mean, it doesn’t have to be some crazy “win”.

A small win for you may be celebrating the fact that you grew a plant of some sort. Maybe today you called that friend or family member you’ve been meaning to call, but haven’t. Everyone will have different ‘wins’ so just keep your eyes out for something to celebrate every day! 

Have a Child-Like Excitement 

Once you recognize which small wins to celebrate, you’ll want to celebrate with a child-like excitement! I’m famous for jumping for joy over the silliest of small wins. I’ll be all excited, telling my kids that I achieved this or that one day. The next day I’ll be jumping for joy about some other small win. 

While my teens and adult kids give me the weirdest looks when I do this, I’m hoping it’s teaching them to celebrate small wins.

I believe adults stopped getting excited like children because we’re “forced” to conform to the societal stance that when we’re adults we must act like adults. I say fooey to that! I’m not ashamed of myself for jumping for joy about something I achieved.

I’m not too embarrassed to get excited about things like a child does. My personal motto is, “never grow old”. You see, we will forever age, but that doesn’t mean we have to let go of that excitement we felt for the small wins as a child. 

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Share Your Small Wins

As I said in the above text, my teen and adult kids may look at me weird when I exclaim my excitement while celebrating the small wins, but I don’t care. We’re social creatures. Human beings thrive on communication, some of us more than others.

So when you have a small win that you’re super proud of, exclaim it to the world! There’s nothing wrong with having self-pride!

Remember that sharing your small wins doesn’t mean you’re rubbing your success in other people’s faces. Rather, you’re trying to gain a connection with people who can relate to this amazing feeling. 

Never allow another human being to degrade your child-like excitement for learning how to celebrate small wins. Those who are proud of you will stay, those that have deep-rooted issues that cause jealousy will leave.

There’s no room for naysayers during this process, they’ll confuse your subconscious mind and steer you towards a different path.

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Adjust Your Routine

Now that you know a few ways to celebrate small wins, it’s time to make adjustments to your daily routine so you’re more apt to have small wins every day. Train yourself to practice new habits such as using Asana for daily tasks, installing Chrome’s Kill Newsfeed extension to block the FB newsfeed, and setting healthy boundaries with people so you don’t get sidetracked.

I’ve found establishing a daily routine for my weekdays, has significantly improved my small wins. Just last week I finished all of my client work by Wednesday, typically I don’t finish until Thursday night!

This only happened because I’m constantly adjusting my routine to reflect a lifestyle that encourages small wins. 

Every small routine adjustment you make will help you put forth the effort to have these small wins to celebrate. You can start with the little wins that come naturally, such as me with my not putting as much sugar in my coffee, and then branch out to other small wins.

It’s best that you keep your mind focused on this new routine, after a couple of weeks it will become natural for you.

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Why Celebrate Small Wins

Celebrating small wins helps you live in the present moment.  As you start to develop this happen to celebrate the small wins you’ll see that you’re more conscious about the current moment. You’ll recognize the little things to be grateful for that you weren’t focused on previously.

You’ll start to feel more confident, self-accomplished, and you’ll notice that others around you start to feel happier too. I’ve long since known that the stronger you are, the stronger your circle of friends and family are.

Be the shining light example to those around you by starting to celebrate small wins today. 

I’m confident this choice will change your life for the better. After practicing my tips to celebrate the small wins every day, you’ll see that you wake up ready to get things done because you’ll know after they’re accomplished that you get to jump for joy like a child again!

Celebrate Small Win Quotes

I’ll leave you some celebrate small win quotes to inspire you to get started on this new journey!

Oh, and if you see me posting on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook about my small wins, why not leave me a happy comment?

We can all celebrate each other’s small wins together.

A positive community makes for a better world!

“Celebrating the small wins is a great way to build confidence and start feeling better about yourself.” – Abhishek Ratna

“Happiness is all about celebrating small wins” – Abdul Jawad Khattak

“Small wins are exactly what they sound like, and are part of how keystone habits create widespread changes.” – Charles Duhigg, The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do, and How to Change

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Why you should celebrate small wins?

When you celebrate small wins you'll feel more confident, focused, and motivated to achieve new goals every single day.

What are some small wins?

Some examples of small wins could be growing a plant when you were otherwise not good at growing plants. You may notice the small wins of being positive all day. You may celebrate that day of the week that leads into a couple of days off. Small wins will look different to each person.


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    1. Yes, bring back the dance parties! It’s so much fun to celebrate every little thing. It leads to a much happier lifestyle and mindset.

  2. These are such great tips. Thank you for sharing them. I need to stop with my crazy fast-forward life and start enjoying the moments.

    1. It takes time, but if you truly want to slow down – you can! Just take a baby step each day towards that goal.

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