I recently learned about Maxim Gorin who is the CEO and founder of MGME Consulting. This consulting firm provides marketing help to small businesses, mostly hospitals such as emergency service providers.

His main aim is to help hospitals use their websites to improve online ratings. This helps the hospital in getting new customers and also retaining the current ones.

This particular consulting service has helped quite a large number of emergency service providers boost their online ratings through internet marketing as well as web design services.

Mr. Maxim Gorin, founder of MGME Consulting said that designing a website is not the end of what he does for his clients. He also helps them in getting good rankings on major search engines using internet marketing techniques. This increases the number of visitors to their websites, leading to more business opportunities and better revenue generation.

He came up with this idea after he realized that there are many small businesses that are taking advantage of the internet in order to promote their products and services. However, most of them were not experiencing a great deal of success because they had no clue about the basics behind internet marketing and search engine optimization.

It is precisely for this reason that Maxim Gorin started MGME Consulting – so he could help small businesses succeed online by providing them with internet marketing and web design services.

Why Does a Business Need Website?

It is an easy and inexpensive way to get your business in front of buyers.

People search online for products and services they can’t find locally.

Your website offers a virtual storefront, which complements your physical store so you have multiple ways to reach potential customers. The combined effect leads to word-of-mouth recommendations.

For most small businesses, their website is the key social media channel that enables them to connect with their customers, announce special deals, provide new content, and more. Software designed for campaign tracking can track the effectiveness of these efforts.

It’s also important not only because it helps you grow your business but because it gives you access to Google Places (formerly Google Local), which often ranks at the top of search engine results because it is connected with Google+ Local and Google Maps.

The search engine results page (SERP) for local searches is different from conventional organic listings. Instead of a list of 10 blue links, your site can appear as a map (if you are on the top spot), a Knowledge Panel, or an AdWords ad.

In fact, you can even get your Knowledge Panel for free in some cases.

By just adding a few lines of code your business website will be listed on Google Places.

Businesses throughout the world are slowly waking up to the fact that having a website is not enough if they hope to prosper in this highly competitive economy. They need to do something more. Maxim Gorin provides one such service where he designs websites for small businesses as well as optimizes them so they are able to compete with the big brands.

To date, Maxim Gorin of MGME Consulting has helped more than 100 businesses in Orange County, California boost their online visibility through internet marketing and web design services.

These businesses are now finding it easier to get new clients and keep their old ones.

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