How Social Media Can Help Your Relationship With Your Customers

There are lots of us across the world who are using social media more now than ever before. And with so many people online on a daily basis, businesses can really benefit from what social media can provide for their success. Whether it’s live streaming on Tiktok or creating an IGTV on Instagram, there’s plenty […]

5 Tips to Protect your Mental Health While Working on Social Media

For many of us freelancers and bloggers it can be difficult to protect our mental health from the negativity and arguments on social media. You see, we have to work on social media as part of our job! This means that we’re constantly thrown into Facebook where the newsfeed pops up there for you to see what everyone’s arguing about today.

Facebook Tips: How to Improve Business Communication

While business communication is important to yourself and the team you work with or for, business communication goes beyond just human interaction in the office. Today I want to share a few Facebook tips on how to improve business communication on this social media platform. I work for a few people completing what’s called chore […]