8 Industries That Can Benefit from Mobile Storage Systems

Using Your Space to the Best Effect: 8 Industries That Can Benefit from Mobile Storage Systems

As more and more businesses are going paperless, storage is becoming less of an issue for some. Conversely, many businesses still rely on a variety of inventory and products to do business. The truth is, that space costs money, so the more space you need for storage, the more overhead your business incurs. In addition, when businesses need to pay for a larger space, they generally want the majority of their space to be used for a larger showroom or to accommodate more customers or clients, not for more storage. The better you organize and manage your storage space, the less of it you need. No matter what kids of inventory or supplies you need to store, mobile storage solutions can help. Mobile storage solutions can be configured for your specific needs and quickly and easily reconfigured as your needs change. Here are 8 industries that can benefit from mobile storage systems.

8 Industries That Can Benefit from Mobile Storage Systems


No matter how many industries may be able to make the switch to paperless, the legal world has long operated on the basis of hard copy documents, contracts and paperwork and is dragging its heels into the world of digital copies. Even when paperwork can be digitized, digitizing older documents is a time-consuming process. In many cases, firms prefer to simply store older documents rather than engaging in the expense of digitizing them. This is where mobile storage solutions can help. Unlike having rooms filled with giant file boxes, mobile storage solutions can make individual files and documents easier to find and access, while minimizing the space needed to store them.

2. Healthcare

From patient files to medical and dental supplies, medical offices and facilities are prime candidates for mobile storage solutions. Much like the legal world, many records are now being digitized, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t millions of paper files still floating around that have to be stored in an accessible manner. In addition, health care practices of all kinds rely on a wide range of supplies and equipment to provide their services. Mobile storage systems can help you maximize your space while keeping everything right in reach and readily accessible.

3. Hospitality

Hospitality is another supply heavy industry, with very specific needs. From linen supplies to mobile cleaning supply carts to serving carts, mobile storage solutions are the perfect remedy for all of the needs of the hospitable industry. Mobile storage solutions are also perfect for properties that regularly need to be upgraded, reconfigured or have a heavy seasonal influx. For instance, pool chairs and tables can be stored in a mobile storage unit in the pool area when the pool is not in use, then the chairs replaced and the storage unit removed when the pool area is opened again in the spring or summer.

4. Automotive

From tire dealers to quick lube garages to full service mechanics, the auto repair and maintenance industry has significant storage needs. Just like all industries, even the automotive industry has peak and lull seasons. Mobile storage solutions are perfect for any industry that has high and low demand needs, as well as for industries with a wide range of needs. Tire inventory has significantly different storage needs from small parts like spark plugs or fuel filters. Mobile storage solutions, however, can accommodate them all and can be quickly reconfigured from one type of storage to a different one.

5. Athletic facilities

From high school gyms to professional sports teams, athletic training requires a great variety of equipment that generally needs to be stored. From uniforms to balls, bats, racquets, nets, hoops and other training equipment, mobile storage can keep it all organized and in tip-top condition. Athletic equipment is expensive, so proper storage will help improve the life of your valuable resources.

6. Libraries

From law firms to pharmaceutical companies, public libraries are not the only libraries that need to store books, magazines, literature and other printed materials. Mobile storage solutions are an excellent tool for storing all types of publications. Not only do they collapse to save space, but they also make labeling, categorizing and finding the right material quickly a breeze.

7. Gardening or horticulture centers

One of the biggest benefits of mobile storage systems is that you can put what you need where you need it for as long as you need it. Mobile storage systems offer the convenience and flexibility to meet all of your year-round needs. Whether you need to create storage for fertilizer, weed killer or other implements in a greenhouse or out in an orchard, mobile storage solutions are portable, durable and can be configured for seasonal use as well.

8. Retail

Portable mobile storage systems offer a wide range of retail storage solutions. From completely customizable units for back room storage to mobile carts for steaming, pricing and folding, there is a wide range of solutions that are tailored specifically for the unique needs of retailers. Whether you sell clothing, jewelry, furniture or other speciality items, mobile storage solutions can keep your inventory in check while keeping your showroom immaculate. Good inventory management is critical to your bottom line and when items go missing, it costs you. Items don’t have to be stolen to go missing, sometimes they are just misplaced and by the time you find them they may have significantly decreased in value. Mobile storage solutions can help ensure that all your inventory stays right where it is supposed to be and you can find it quickly and easily.

Your inventory and equipment represents a significant chunk of your business assets. How well you manage your inventory and equipment will have a significant impact on your bottom line. From the largest warehouses to the smallest boutique operations, mobile storage solutions can help you get the most value for your business by managing your assets appropriately. Good organization is one of the biggest keys to business success in any industry, so let mobile storage solutions help you unlock your potential and achieve outstanding business success this year.


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  1. I can only speak about the hospitality industry and yes, it’s so helpful especially during the high season.

  2. Mobile storage (or pedestals as we call them) are indellible parts of every office. However, I would still prefer to have actual copies digitized in case physical copies get damaged.

  3. Actually, even for personal use storage facilities are very helpful! Especially if you have seasonal stuffs that can’t fit to your home, storage facilities are heaven-sent.

  4. I am definitely curious as to the mobile storage systems for information as I am a librarian and always concerned with it. I can imagine how any collapsible system would be very helpful.

  5. Mobile storage is of great use, indeed. But personally, when it comes to reading materials, I still prefer hard copies.

  6. this is really a great information. very beneficial post! mobile storage is really very effective for my daily life

  7. This is great information! It makes you think about mobile storage in a completely different way. I also agree that organization in general makes you a better business person all around. Great read!

  8. Yes to this! Although I love hard copies of books, I also love how easy it is to store hundreds of ebooks on my phone. Just a small part of mobile storage really but very effective for my daily life where I am not without a book!

  9. While mobile storage cannot be completely phased out, it would help to have records digitized bit by bit. There’s risk to everything but imagine a fire or weather event or unintentional accident like a pipe break in the basement (where storage usually is). Exactly.

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