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Stunningly Simple Green Hacks For Your Household

Sometimes the internet can make being a more eco-friendly household seem like a huge and overwhelming task! Indeed, you can so easily get lost in all the advice and suggestions out there, that it’s easy to just throw your hands up in the air and walk away. Of course, this approach doesn’t do our homes or the planet much good, and that is why it’s best to start with small and simple changes instead. Luckily, you can find some of the easier of these below.

Save energy

One way to save energy is to insulate your home, something that can help it to keep a more stable temperature. This means you will use less energy when heating and cooling it.

Although, for your insulation to be effective you will need to make sure that nothing compromises its integrity. What that means is making sure you have no leaks in your roof, and that you keep your gutters nice and clean. The reason being that leaks from roof holes and flooded gutters will change your insulation and stop it from being efficient.

The good news is you don’t have to climb a ladder and complete these tasks yourself. Instead, it is worth putting some time into finding the best gutter cleaning expert in your area, and a roofer that you trust. Then you can be sure any cleaning or repairs are done to the highest standards and you don’t have to risk working at height yourself either.

Minimize your use of chemicals

Many of us use chemicals when keeping our home. Some have come to believe that products must be strong and chemical-packed to do a good job. The problem here is that powerful chemicals always leave a residue, and this is often washed away and enters the water system.

Unfortunately, this means these potent chemicals end up in the surrounding ecosystem where they can wreak havoc on both flora and fauna.

With that in mind, replacing your traditional cleaning products with eco-friendly ones is a smart idea. You may even like to have a go at making some yourself from everyday household items such as lemon juice, white vinegar, and baking powder. All of which are incredibly effective against dirt grease and tough stains.


Food waste is a massive issue right now. It is particularly problematic because food takes so many resources to grow, wash, transport, and prepare. You may even argue that throwing away food is like casting your money, and the Earth’s resources directly into the garbage.

Fortunately, there are some smart actions you can take to reduce your food waste. The first of these is to compost any scrap or unwanted food. The great thing about compost is that all the nutrients in the leftover food break down, and can then be used to nourish new plants for food, completing the cycle and making sure very little goes to waste.

Additionally, meal planning or using a meal box service where only the specific amount of food you need is supplied can help.


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