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Supercharge Your Etsy Store by Using These Tips to Get Repeat Customers

Selling on Etsy can be such good money that many sellers do it full time. Some have even gotten rich thanks to their business savvy when using the online retailer platform. One of the keys to their success is that they get a lot of repeat business. Not only are they doing as much as they can to attract customers, but they have also cracked the code on enticing them to keep coming back to buy.

If you are on a plateau with your Etsy business and want to get to the next level, then the key is getting those repeat customers. In this article, we will go over several tips that will help you get them and take your business further as a result.

Focus on packaging 

When people buy a homemade item from Etsy they have certain expectations. They expect to be delighted by the purchase. You can add to their delight by making the entire experience part of what makes the product special. For instance, putting some personal touches on the packaging will make it special as soon as they receive it.

Think about all of the unboxing videos on YouTube that have millions of views. It’s because people really enjoy getting a package in the mail and opening it up. When the box itself is part of the product then it goes a long way to make it feel like an event when it arrives.

The packaging is also an opportunity to create a level of trust. When you pack the items with honeycomb cardboard to protect them, then this will give people peace of mind when making another purchase that it will be protected. They would hesitate to order again if the packaging were flimsy.

You should also make sure that your branding is on point. To get them to purchase from you repeatedly they have to be able to recognize and remember your brand. Have a nice logo and the right colors throughout your branding and have it prominently on the package.

Always follow up 

The relationship with a customer shouldn’t end as soon as the sale process is over. Make sure to check in with the customer after a certain period of time after they’ve received the product. Ask them if they are happy with their purchase. If they have some complaint then this is a good time to address it and see if there is a way to fix it.

If they are happy with their purchase, they will appreciate that you’ve reached out to them as it shows that you care. When you let them know that you do earnestly want them to be happy with their product then it shows that you are not just looking to make a quick buck.

Whether they enjoy the product or feel like it could be better, you are creating some loyalty with them due to your follow-up. Even if they decide to not purchase from you again, they may still refer your store to a friend who they feel would like the product more than they had.

Have an engaged mailing list 

An email list is essential for any business, but especially one that makes handmade goods. There is more of a connection between you and your customers than a store like Target would ever have, for instance. With this connection, people are happy to be on your email list.

This is a golden opportunity to stay in contact with your customers so you can then market to them over time. The trick is to send out helpful emails on occasion that aren’t trying to drum up business. An informational email is something that could help them and gives them more reason to trust you.

Then, you can let them know about any sales, deals, or new products hitting your store so they can come back and buy something else. There is nothing nearly as powerful as having a list that has people that are looking forward to your messages.

Grow your selection 

If you don’t have many items that somebody could want to buy over and over then you need to expand your offerings. Make sure that everything is relevant to what you are doing so people still understand what your store specializes in. Yet, at the same time, they should have a lot of options to choose from. Have something for them to get excited about when they have already bought some items from you in the past.


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