Small Business Tips for the Aspiring Entrepreneur

What’s your dream? Do you have a hobby that you want to turn into a full-time career? Are you tired of punching the clock for someone else? Would you like to work for yourself, be your own boss, and determine your own future? If so, starting your own small business might just be the thing […]

Ghostwriter for Bloggers Prewritten Content

There are many valuable blog posts written about blogging, but the majority of them are targeted to those who are just starting out. There is little or no information that focuses on what people with established blogs need to do in order to stay ahead of their competition. Many veteran bloggers spend countless hours creating […]

How to Clean up Your Blog for Maximum SEO

How to Clean up Your Blog for Maximum SEO

I am an OG blogger and now I plan to show you how to fix your OG blog using SEO tricks that work without spending boat loads of cash on SEO experts who will all say varying things on what you should do. Try these tips and tricks with me, as I work to use my Goal Success Life Coaching expertise to help bloggers reach their goal of more organic traffic thus more revenue.