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How to Reduce Vet Bills

If you have a furry friend at home, no matter the breed, you may be dealing with certain issues that you never anticipated, such as an ingrown toenail on your dog. While humans can easily get ingrown toenails that cause irritation and discomfort, dogs can experience something similar to that. If it’s something your dog has, you need to know what to do to take care of it.

You may also wonder if you’re going to pay a large sum of money to a veterinarian to treat the problem. Continue reading to learn more about dealing with ingrown dog nails and how to lower your vet bill.

How Does a Dog Get an Ingrown Toenail?

Ingrown nails often develop when a dog doesn’t get groomed often enough. It doesn’t mean that you’re slacking when it comes to taking care of your four-legged friend. Your dog may be scared to get its nails clips, ultimately leading to whining, growling, and lots of movement that can make it difficult for your pet to get their nails trimmed. The fear of getting their nails trimmed might even be part of their personality since some dogs are naturally more anxious than others.

For example, if you have a pug, your dog might not like visits to the groomer. It’s common for the average pug personality to feel anxious. While it’s common, not all pugs dislike grooming services. It just depends on the personality of your pet. In some cases, ingrown toenails can develop due to a dog’s age. Senior dogs have a greater risk of developing an ingrown toenail than puppies and other younger dogs, even if they get their toenails trimmed regularly. 


What to Do When Your Dog Has an Ingrown Toenail

In grown toenail on dog, it’s best to take it to the veterinarian for treatment. The veterinarian may need to trim the toenails, remove the ingrown toenail, and provide an antibiotic for your pet to take. The antibiotic helps prevent an infection from developing when that ingrown toenail gets removed. Of course, the exact steps taken by the vet will vary and depend primarily on the severity of the ingrown toenail. 

Don’t Wait Until the Problem Gets Worse

Before you get to the vet, you can ease your dog’s pain by applying antiseptic ointment to the area. Try to keep your dog from running around too much because that could lead to more inflammation and irritation. Make sure you’re not waiting too long to reach out for help. The ingrown toenail will only continue to get worse with time when it goes untreated.

How to Lower Vet Bill and Save While Keeping Your Dog Healthy

While you know that the best method of treatment for an ingrown toenail in dogs involves taking the animal to the veterinarian, you’re probably hoping to avoid paying too much for the visit.

The easiest way to lower your vet bill is to take your dog to the groomer on a routine basis. You’ll need to have your dog’s toenails trimmed every few weeks. Even if your dog doesn’t like getting its nails trimmed, it’s the easiest way to avoid costly vet bills while keeping your four-legged friend in good shape.

Pop-up Clinics are an Option

Although making sure your dog gets its nails trimmed is the best way to avoid costly vet bills because you can keep the dog from ending up with an ingrown toenail, there are a few other ways to save money on any treatment at the veterinarian’s office. When you need to take the dog to the vet for an ingrown toenail or any other health issue, visit a pop-up clinic. These clinics often charge much less for services provided to pets. If you live on a fixed income or have a low income, programs are often available in different cities and states to make it affordable for pet owners to afford veterinary treatment.

Call Around

Don’t forget to make comparisons. Some veterinarians will charge more for the same services. If you don’t mind calling around to ask a few questions, you can find out which veterinarians can provide treatment at a decent cost. It pays to look around and see what you can find because you could end up with the ideal veterinarian who can take good care of your pet without charging you a fortune.

Reduce Vet Bills and Get Treatment for Your Dog When Needed

In grown toenail on dog, seek treatment for it as soon as possible. It’s only going to get worse and continue causing your pet a lot of pain. You don’t want that to happen. While you’ll likely need a veterinarian to help your pet, don’t stress over the cost because there are several ways to save money.

You can reduce vet bills by comparing quotes from different veterinarians and even attending a pop-up clinic. You’ll also have a better chance of preventing ingrown toenails from forming when taking your dog to the groomer for a trim every few weeks. Don’t forget to give your favorite doggy the best Dog Treats when their ingrown toenail has been removed and is healing. They will need some extra love and care during the healing stage. 

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RIP Jenny the Pug – Your Memory Lives On

Jenny the Pug You Will Be Missed

On Monday, April 29, 2019, our beloved family dog was laid to rest. Jenny the pug lived a long and happy life. Jenny the pug had just turned 13 years old, we celebrated with doggy cake and lots of birthday hugs.



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Happy 13th birthday to Jenny the pug. She’s getting old. #puglife #puglove #birthdaydog #dogmom

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Old age had started to set in for Jenny. We watched as our strong girl went from being a Diva to a tired, old soul who couldn’t walk up and down stairs and started to lose muscle control among other things. Our hearts ached, but we knew the time was nearing. I prepared my children for this day. I knew that she’d either pass away overnight or we’d have to make a decision to lay her to rest. I didn’t think there was anything else left to do. She was 13 years old, her body started to just be too frail and then on Sunday night, she refused food.

I had been reading signs that your dog is dying for a bit and knew that refusing food could be one of the signs.

I cried.

RIP Jenny the Pug - Your Memory Lives On

I called my kids out and made sure they said love you and goodnight to her, letting them know that I had no idea if she would make it overnight. We woke up on Monday, April 29, 2019, and she was there. Awake. Alive. She still refused to eat. She looked very sad. I knew that she may be hanging on because her family needed her. She kept us happy. She kept us peaceful during our times of stress and chaos. Jenny the pug truly was our savior in so many ways for so many situations.



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Jenny the pug and her long tongue. OMG ? #puglife #pugs #goodnight

A post shared by Brandy Ellen (@brandyellen1) on

When my middle kiddo wasn’t able to sleep well, it was Jenny the pug who would lay down beside him on his bed until she knew he was finally fast asleep. Only when that boy was fast asleep would she get off his bed to come to see her human Mama who was usually working late nights at the computer. Jenny the Pug then started being the comfort for my youngest son as he struggled with anxiety during his public school days. This pug did so much for us, more than I ever thought a little doggy could do. That is until the day we had to lay her to rest.


On Monday, April 29, 2019, we called the vet to get her examined. During the visit we found she had lost about 3lbs, weighing in around 14.5 lbs. The vet looked at her and sort of knew, she didn’t say anything at first, but her face said it all. Our dog was old. Our dog was dying. Then it happened, the vet listened to her heart and heard our stories of how her body seemed to be failing her as it would spasm, she’d lay all weird and pee or poop herself.

The vet said her heart was in failure. Jenny the pug’s heart was failing her. She was old. Her body was saying it is time, but her spirit wasn’t ready.

It sucked.

We cried.

The vet said she could put her to sleep right then and there, but it was only my teen that was with me. I promised my youngest he could be there to say his final goodbye and love you to Jenny the pug if the vet felt that it was Jenny’s time to be laid to rest.

RIP Jenny the Pug - Your Memory Lives On

We ran home and got the younger two boys. We were all in tears. The three kiddos, Jenny the pug and I got into the van for one last car ride to the Claremont Animal Hospital where we knew we would be saying our goodbyes. My youngest cried the whole ride as he pet his beloved dog who laid beside him for this last ride. My older two kids are much like me, we tend to internalize our sadness and so we wiped tears that crept out from our eyes during the drive and did our best to be strong during this sad final drive with our family dog.

We surrounded Jenny the pug and my youngest pet her head saying “I love you, Jenny”, through his own set of nonstop tears, the entire time. The vet explained the process and placed the needled into our pug’s leg. Jenny the pug looked up at us one last time with eyes that simply said, “thank you” and she laid her head down to rest.

I am literally crying writing this. This was a very difficult day and sorrow still haunts all of us.

She was our furry family member who brought us such joy, love and many moments of entertainment.

The Day I Adopted Jenny the Pug

I remember the day I went to meet Jenny the pug. She was four years old and I met her prior owners who’d had her since birth. Jenny the pug immediately took to me, it was as if she knew I was to be her Mama for the rest of her life.

I adopted her that day.

I lived at my Moms at the time, she had a backdoor that you could open up and it was fenced in so Jenny the pug was able to be leash free for the first time in her 4 years of life. I still remember that little pug’s smile as she ran freely. Her prior owners said she had never been off a leash, and she spent about 9 hours of her life in a crate simply because they had to work so much.

Jenny the pug went from living conditions where they loved her, but simply couldn’t give her the joy in life that a little four-year-old pug desired. We gave her that joy. We gave her that freedom. Jenny the pug literally smiled with each new thing she was able to do. From many car rides to having someone home with her all of the time, to being able to sleep in our beds whenever she wanted.

Jenny the pug was loved beyond words and cherished by all.

She never met a human that she didn’t like, she especially loved kids. Jenny the pug’s little tail would wag anytime she saw a little human. This sweet Diva Dog was given a second chance to live in a home with a family who had time for her. A family who would go on to fall in love with her.

RIP Jenny the Pug - Your Memory Lives On

Jenny the pug lived 9 years of her life in peace, love, and happiness with us. Jenny the pug’s ashes are now with us so that she will forever be a part of our life.

We are still crying over this, we are still fragile, but we are also happy that she is now in peace. Jenny the pug’s spirit may not have been ready to quit, but her body was putting her in so much pain & her heart was failing. We had to make that difficult decision to put her to rest and at peace, we gave her the okay to move on to Doggy Heaven.

We expressed our love and gratitude for all she’d given us in those 9 years of time with us. We hugged her, we kissed her, and we said our final goodbyes covered in tears.

I am sad, but I don’t have time to grieve the way I should. I know I need to grieve. I know I need to allow myself a day or two or three to be sad, but the reality of my life is that I can only be sad for brief moments because the cost associated with this process, $237 to be exact, set the finances behind a little bit.  I had to make a choice between paying two important household bills or putting our sweet pug to rest so that she was no longer suffering. Given the chance, I’d make the same choice over again. The money will come and go, but Jenny the pug needed to be at peace so that she was no longer in pain at her old age.



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Looking forward to a 4 day weekend with my trio ❤ #lovemykids #momliferocks

A post shared by Brandy Ellen (@brandyellen1) on

I can honestly say I swear I saw a look of relief pass over her face as she looked up at us and laid her head peacefully to sleep. My kids and I are still so full of sorrow, but we’re doing our best to live a life full of joy by going out in nature and spending time together all the while I’m focused on trying to get rent paid now that the funds are gone. I do have to thank my teenager, who put savings towards this too. We all came together as a family to make financial sacrifices so that our beloved furry relative could be at peace. It’s all a juggling act, but again, if you’re given the choice to end the suffering for a beloved family member, you have no choice. Jenny the pug needed to be laid to rest and I can honestly say watching her face showed me that I made the right decision for my furry child. She is now at peace. She is now at rest. She lived 13 years, and of those years, 9 were with us living the most joyous life possible.

I will be working late nights until the finances are back in order, even though I just want to curl up and cry to feel the sorrow of losing my furry child. I love Jenny the pug so deeply, so much, and it hurts.

RIP Jenny the Pug. We love you forever and always.

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5 Tips to Keep your Doggy Happy

5 Tips to Keep your Doggy Happy

As our pug gets older, I keep noticing various old lady things that she does. For instance, I’ve noticed that she’s awfully demanding these days. When my teenager was enjoying a delicious slice of steak, Jenny the pug decided to bark at my teenager the whole time this kid ate steak. Instead of staring at you or occasionally making noise to beg as she was famous for doing in her younger years, she now barks incessantly hoping that someone will just toss her some food.

As our dogs get older, it’s quite common to worry about their health and how much longer they’ll live. I’ve had this chat with my kids about Jenny the pug nearing the age of 13 and it’s a hard discussion to have. While Jenny the pug may be getting older, a little senile and quite obviously demanding in her old age, she’s still got a bit of puppy left in her. Today I’m going to feature the top 5 tips to keep your doggy happy at any age so that you too can reap the reward of having a doggy that lives for many years to come.

5 Tips to Keep your Doggy Happy

5 Tips to Keep your Doggy Happy

Keep Doggy Protected

It’s always best to keep your dog in a healthy area. This means having access to water whenever placed outdoors for a longer period of time then to just go potty. Be sure your dog is protected from the elements with a dog house if they spend a lot of time outdoors.

Use a Harness

While the debate is still out as to whether you should use a collar or a dog harness when walking your dog, many dog owners prefer to use a harness. A dog harness helps hold your dog back without putting stress on their necks, which is why we opted to use a dog harness with Jenny the pug.

Don’t Forget Grooming

As I shared not that long ago, it’s important that you trim your dog’s nails and keep them bathed. Jenny the pug had an ingrown toenail and we had to figure out how to remove it. This was more difficult for me than it was for Jenny the pug, to be honest. Always keep up with nail trimming and grooming!

Exercise Your Dog

It’s important that your dog gets enough exercise. When Jenny the pug was a bit younger she had a little more energy, but we continue to try to get her to exercise with a little walk around the home whenever she’s feeling up for it. Due to her old age, I don’t think she’ll be doing any long walks like in her youth.

Crate Train

When you get your dog as a puppy or even when you adopt a dog, as we did with Jenny the pug all those years ago, it’s important that you work to ensure they know where to go potty. Jenny was crate trained so that there weren’t any accidents in the house, so we continued that process.

You can find a wide range of crates online that cover a wide range of dog sizes and preferences; I found this review listed by SparkysSpots to be a really helpful resource for dog crate reviews. Whether you choose to crate train, keep your dog outside or practice any of the other tips I shared today, it’s so important to remember that dog’s need love and attention too. I wish you and your doggy a long and happy life together!

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Celebrities With Pugs

Celebrities With Pugs

I love our pug, and so many celebrities are fans of the pug breed of dog. Pugs are very gentle, a perfect lap dog and even a protector for you and your family. If you own a pug and are curious about some celebrities who might love them as well, you will enjoy this list below! The pug breed over the past few years has really picked up. So many actresses, actors, and musicians have really fallen in love with this fun-loving breed.

Celebrities With Pugs

Celebrities With Pugs

Robin Williams

Even though Robin Williams is passed away, he was one popular actor who loved his pug, Lenny (aka Leonard). He actually adopted his pug from a rescue quite a few years back.

Gerard Butler

Another popular actor is Gerard Butler and his pug Lolita. I love that adorable name. He will take his pug wherever he goes and pampers his sweet pug with treats and the first class treatment.

Tori Spelling

Calling all 90210 fans, Tori Spelling owned a pug a few years back. Her pug, Mimi LaRue, sadly has passed away, and it was a huge loss for her family, and Mimi was a huge part of their family.

Paris Hilton

Mugsy is Paris Hilton’s pug. She is a huge dog lover as you can tell from a lot of the photos she is captured in. She generally has a dog or two in her hands. Mugsy was adopted from a rescue shelter.

Denise Richards

Denise Richards who was married to Charlie Sheen has a huge love for dogs and has owned one in the past along with a handful of other pooches.

Nick Carter

If you are a fan of boy bands then you know Nick Carter. He has a pug that he takes running with him and pampers it with love and care. There are quite a few candid photos of Nick and his pug online.

Pauly D

Jersey Shore’s Pauly D is a lover of pugs as well. You can see a few photos online of him and his loving pooch. He keeps his sweet pug at home when he DJ’s in the evenings or parties.

Rob Zombie

This singer has a love for dogs even if he comes off as a strong silent type. You can find a few photos of him holding his sweet pug doggy.

Anna Paquin

You might know Anna from True Bloods her pug was actually her friends, and she fell in love with it and slowly took over ownership.

Billy Joel

Sabrina is Billy Joel’s pug, who he loves dearly. A lot of pampering, fun treats, and grooming to the fullest goes on for this precious pug.

Even More, Celebrities Who Have Pugs

  • Valentino
  • Amber Rose
  • Dennis Quaid
  • Ted Danson
  • Andy Warhol
  • Kelly Osbourne
  • Kelly Brook
  • Paul Smith
  • Adrian Grenier
  • Jodie Marsh
  • Anna Ferris
  • George Clooney

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If you own a pug, what is your pooches name?