Walking Away is Sometimes the Best Solution

Walking Away is Sometimes the Best Solution to Fix Everything

Sometimes life gets too stressful and it seems everything is spiraling downward. When bills start piling up and you’re living a life that’s starting to trigger past trauma, it’s not easy to learn to just walk away. Sometimes walking away from a situation is the only solution to learn how to better your physical and […]

That Kick in the Gut Feeling

The thing that keeps me strong is my ability to redirect the mind to something other than any problems going on. While this may sound like a way to avoid the actual problems, it isn’t. I do address any issues that come into play when the time is right. Often we have other responsibilities such […]

When in a Rut – Listen to your Gut Instincts

When things don’t seem quite right, your instincts are screaming that you need to do something. That what is going on isn’t right. You hear your instincts screaming but at the end of the day, you are still stuck in a rut. It doesn’t matter what the scenario is, it doesn’t matter if it’s personal […]