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Ghostwriter for Bloggers Prewritten Content

There are many valuable blog posts written about blogging, but the majority of them are targeted to those who are just starting out. There is little or no information that focuses on what people with established blogs need to do in order to stay ahead of their competition.

Many veteran bloggers spend countless hours creating fresh ideas for their site’s content only to be disappointed by an underwhelming amount of positive feedback from their readers.

If you are a blogger who is tired of writing posts that do not get the attention they deserve, it might be time to consider purchasing prewritten blog content from a reputable ghostwriter.

By hiring someone with the skills and experience necessary to write well-crafted blogs for your site, you will be able to generate content that results in increased readership, higher search engine rankings, and more website traffic.

How to Qualify a Good Ghostwriter for Bloggers

When hiring someone to write blog posts for your site, there are several things that you should look for in order to ensure that you are dealing with an experienced writer.

The following are some of the traits you should seek out in a ghostwriter for your blog:


The writer’s experience should include both blogging and writing. Many would-be ghostwriters have plenty of experience penning articles for other online publications, but their lack of history with blogging platforms makes it difficult for them to create content that resonates with your readers.

Unique Writing Style

It should be easy to distinguish the voice of your blog once a ghostwriter is done writing for you. The writer’s style should match yours in such a way that it doesn’t take away from the content, but rather adds to the tone and message that you are trying to get across.

Good Grammar

If you are going to have someone create content for your blog, they should know how to write correctly.

Spelling and grammar mishaps make it difficult for people who are reading your content online. You’ll want to have your ghostwriter use the Best Plagiarism Checker & Proofreader.

A good ghostwriter will do more than proofread their work; they’ll make sure that they are writing flawless blog posts for you.

Grammarly Writing Support

Experience Writing about Your Niche

The best ghostwriters to hire are those who have done extensive research on your niche and can effectively communicate to your audience through their writing.

It may be difficult to find someone who is well versed in your blog’s subject matter without having a bit of prior experience with blogging, but a good ghostwriter will be able to research your niche, understand your site’s structure and audience, and be able to write in a style that speaks directly to them.

Hiring a Ghost Writer for Bloggers is Worth It

If you have been looking for ways to increase readership on your blog, working with a ghostwriter who has extensive experience creating valuable content for blogs can help you achieve this goal.

As long as the writer has a history of delivering quality content to their clients, there is nothing wrong with making an investment in blog posts that will generate more traffic for your site.

It is important that you do your research and hire a professional ghostwriter with experience writing about your niche. There’s no reason why you should have to settle for anything less than an experienced writer who has a track record of quality blogging.

If you’re looking to hire a blog ghostwriter, then you can always try out my services by purchasing a custom article order OR purchasing some of my exclusive prewritten articles on the topic of homeschooling, work at home, and more.

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Hiring A Ghostwriter For Your Blog

There are many bloggers out there and brands taking full advantage of having a ghostwriter on their team. A ghostwriter is a perfect addition for any brand or blogger’s site because they can provide you quality, original content on a regular basis for a small fee.

Maintaining a well-trafficked blog can be incredibly hard with how often you need to keep up with your content for the best SEO. It can become quickly overwhelming to have or keep up with a writing schedule, especially for more busy lifestyles.

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What’s the best solution? You may want to consider hiring a ghostwriter. Ghostwriters or freelance writers can help you to have more content with less work for your end, and it can help resolve writer’s block getting in the way of your content schedule.

Here are some tips to hire a ghostwriter for your blog to help you with preparing for or understanding hiring a ghostwriter for your site.

Look For Referrals First

If you know other bloggers or writers that have been in a situation like yours or have hired ghostwriters before, you should try that outlet first. Ask for recommendations or referrals for good writer options if you can, it can save you a lot of time and effort in finding a good quality or reliable writer through other sources.

Prepare Your Request

One of the most important tips to hire a ghostwriter for your blog is to prepare what you want to request ahead of time. Make sure you outline what you will need them to write, what topics will be involved, a sample of your writing for them to be able to mimic your style or voice, and anything else that you want in the job description. This makes both sides understand quicker.

Create Job Postings

When you can’t find referrals through others, you’ll have to begin to reach out through freelance writing sites or other job boards as hiring a ghostwriter. Be sure to include everything you want to convey about the job in the posting such as topics, length of articles, pay rates, and more. You can find many examples online to help you formulate one for yourself.

Narrow Your Options

It can be pretty overwhelming to figure out how to narrow down your candidates, but make sure that they have read your requirements thoroughly. You’ll want to look for someone that is dedicated, has the experience, and any other requirements that fit your specific needs. You can ask for a sample from them to see their writing skill and style, as well as communicate further.

Take Your Time

Another very important one in tips to hire a ghostwriter for your blog is to take your time when figuring all of this out. You want to be prepared before diving into this with all the knowledge that you can have and the ability to handle hiring or finding a good ghostwriter. It also may take time to find the best option for you, so be patient and be sure to think things through thoroughly.

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What does a Ghostwriter Offer?

  • The ability to edit, manipulate, and change the article in any way you deem fit.
  • The ability to take full credit for the content, yes even if it’s a sponsored post!
  • Unique, original content pertaining to your niche without having to take the time to research.
  • A silent team member who works as an independent contractor.

Hiring a ghostwriter is a fantastic business decision because it frees up the time involved in researching content, allows you to provide your editorial calendar with a trusted person who you have hired to ensure the content is delivered to you within the deadlines discussed.  

When hiring a ghostwriter it’s important to ask questions and write up a contract if you so desire to ensure you have a paper trail of what your expectations are and how they will supply you with the content.

What to ask a Ghostwriter:

  • When will content be delivered?
  • Will all content be original, free of plagiarism?
  • Will I get a discount if I purchase in bulk?
  • Can you provide review write-ups for a product or write sponsored content for me if I provide you with the guidelines?
  • Is our contract confidential, meaning you will not tell anyone that you are my ghostwriter?
  • Can we modify terms as the blog/site grows and my needs change?
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How to Hire a Ghostwriter

Not all ghostwriters have a contract that they use, regularly they email you back and forth until you come to an agreement on how services shall be provided.

Once you have established all of the fine details, you then submit payment and the ghostwriter starts working for you as an independent contractor. If you desire to have a ghostwriter sign a contract, then you should create one on your end or ask the ghostwriter to create one as part of your deal.

It’s important to have these tips in mind if you consider going through with hiring a ghostwriter for your blog so that you can have the best outcome for you, your budget, and your future. Ghostwriters are an important and useful tool for bloggers that are often overlooked.


Article written by Jax. Jax is a 2020 high school graduate who enjoys being outdoors, exploring, and many niche topics. Jax is Brandy Ellen’s firstborn child & a part-time virtual assistant and content writer. You can find Jax on Instagram and YouTube.

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Reasons You Should Turn Down That Freelance Gig

I’ve been a freelance writer for quite a number of years now. I’ve had mostly positive experiences with clients. I believe there’s just one exception to this statement and that’s when I attempted to work for someone who very clearly had been wronged by freelancers many times.

I ultimately realized that she wouldn’t be happy with anything I said to convince her that I was an upstanding freelance writer who wanted nothing but to try to work for her and regain her trust in freelancers.

She eventually blocked me after I refunded her payment, and it sucked to have the situation end in that manner but I firmly believe everyone has to do what they feel is right in a situation.

Colloidal Silver Healer

I’m still not sure what I ever did to get blocked, but I can say that this woman certainly had some bad experiences with previously hired freelancers which left me feeling the brunt of those negative emotions from her.

It quite honestly left me sad and confused for a bit of time.

Over the years, I’ve learned a few things about saying no, placing limits on how many freelance gigs I’ll take, using contracts for certain freelance gigs and what type of clients I can handle working for.

As an example, I used to write for a variety of recipe bloggers. I enjoyed writing SEO content for food bloggers for months until I just got burnt out. No longer was this writing of high-quality because I started to feel that dread of having to write SEO recipe content.

I slowly removed all recipe content from my freelance writing workload and starting to feel better logging into work each day.

Now that I’ve shared a little bit of my freelance writing history, I want to help other freelancers learn more about when and why they should turn down their next freelance gig. I completely understand that when you’re working as a freelancer, every gig can be precious for your income.

However, some freelance gigs are truly not worth your time and can hinder your overall productivity or income.

This is something not many people realize when they’re working on their own, and it can be really helpful for beginners and experienced freelancers to be able to have in mind.

Reasons You Should Turn Down That Freelance Gig

Here are some important signs and reasons you should turn down that freelance gig.

Past Hiring History

If you’re offered a gig, look at the history of the freelancers they’ve hired before going forward. If they’re a website hiring writers, see if you can tell what writers they’ve hired previously through their website and if those freelancers have stuck around for multiple gigs or not.

If the company isn’t able to keep their freelancers, there’s probably not so great of a reason behind that and you should be wary or do more looking into it.

Consider Your Reputation

You probably don’t want to do certain topics that may sully your reputation, so think about that when offered a gig. Regardless of the pay, ask yourself if you would want that work to show up as written by you on Google or be a part of your reputation.

Some topics may be things you aren’t comfortable associating with, and that’s important. Your reputation has a lot to do with your values and your future work, so take it seriously.

Attitude And Energy

The vibe that you get from your client is pretty important for how successful the gig may be and how draining working with them could be for you. You don’t want to drain your energy or be surrounded by negativity in life, so why do it in your career?

If someone or a company is giving you a bad vibe or seems to disrespect you, be really pushy, have unreasonable expectations, give a bad attitude, or anything else; you’re better off without the gig.

Talking You Down

Don’t ever let someone talk you down on your rates or pricing. No matter the excuse, or story, it’s not worth it unless you’re really willing to work for that lower rate. You may have your own package rates for bigger projects or something that you could offer, but someone that’s going to hassle you over your rates isn’t going to be worth it.

You should be paid your worth for your job and time, and nobody except you can determine that.

These signs can help you to recognize a freelance gig that won’t be worth it for you, which can help reduce your stress and improve your income. It’s totally okay and normal to have to turn down gigs you get, and it’s actually something that helps you a lot when done in the right instances.

These reasons to turn down your freelance gig can help you to know which jobs to pass over and which ones to actually consider more.

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The Pros And Cons Of Hiring a Freelancer

Outsourcing your workload or business task to a freelancer or multiple freelancers can be a tempting idea when you need some extra time or can’t do the work yourself, and it can be good to help support freelancers in their work too.

However, there’s a lot to consider when thinking about doing this for your business or website. To make that thought process easier, it’s nice to have a list of pros and cons to see when you’re brainstorming. Here are some of the pros and cons of hiring a freelancer.

The Pros And Cons Of Hiring a Freelancer

Pros of Hiring a Freelancer

Cost Effective

Freelance work can be more cost-effective than hiring full-time employees or an assistant. It can also be more on a when needed basis, rather than making a commitment to a more long term worker that you wouldn’t be able to only pay when you need them. For businesses, freelancers are more helpful cost wise due to not having to pay for their benefits like other employees.

Easy To Find

There are so many platforms and options out there to find freelancers, with the job base being increasingly popular for people to try. So it’s becoming a lot easier to find a freelancer for whatever you need or to even compare different ones against each other to find the best option. Some of these platforms include Upwork and Fiverr, as well as

Fast Work

Most freelancers are very good at what they do, which means you’re getting someone that is able to complete the job you need in the most efficient way without sacrificing quality. Freelance workers often don’t get paid until after the job is done, so you also take less risk because you can see the final product and make sure you won’t be dissatisfied or need alterations to it.

Support Others

Hiring a freelance worker can mean a lot to the person you hire. Most freelancers are working from home or trying to make their living on their own terms, such as stay at home parents or entrepreneurs. Supporting these people can be positive, and it feels nice to know you’re supporting someone that needs it rather than sourcing the work from a big corporation or something that has no meaning to it.

Cons of Hiring a Freelancer


Hiring freelance workers can become a little risky when you’re not careful. Just like anywhere online, you have the chances of finding someone that is just scamming people or isn’t great at their job. You can avoid this in a lot of cases, but sometimes you don’t know the risk until it’s too late.

They’re In Control

Ultimately, the freelancer is the one in control of the situation as a whole or their workload. They have the right to refuse work with little notice or decide to change to a different project or find other options. Unlike employees, they have multiple sources of income and opportunities and can choose to pursue those if your work isn’t worth the while.


If your business or website requires a very specific routine or training to do the job you want done, freelance work may not be the best option for that. Unless you know you can speak to them about the specifics and get a product that’s just right, if your product needs to be incredibly specific it may be better to find another work source.

Freelancers are a helpful option for many businesses and websites, and if these pros and cons lead you to that same conclusion for your project hiring one could help you. It’s nice to be able to have an option that lets you get things done that you can’t do yourself or don’t have the time for, and when you work with freelancers you can often return back in the future when you need some work done again.

Article written by Jax. Jax is a 2020 high school graduate who enjoys being outdoors, exploring, and many niche topics. Jax is Brandy Ellen’s firstborn child & a part-time virtual assistant and content writer. You can find Jax on Instagram and YouTube.