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How to Bring the Beach Home (no matter where you live)

You see I am sitting here freezing in the cold New Hampshire winter dreaming of a day at the Atlantic Ocean again. Do you see that photo above? It’s a photo from our York, Maine vacation we had not that long ago in November. It may have been off-season, but boy was it so refreshing to get a little “salt water therapy” with my family.

Since I can’t really venture to the ocean again until warmer temperatures arrive, I wanted to bring some ocean home with me. That’s why I decided to share this article with a variety of ideas, such as the Riverside Designs steel decoration pieces that you can not only save some cash on (see promo at the end of this blog post), but give you a sense of calm that comes with a beach day — without leaving your house!

Whether you’re into the beach or not, I’m confident that these tips will help you make your home or special room feel cozy. I’m telling you, whatever I can do to make my home feel cozy during the winter months is so worth it to me!

Here are some suggestions on how to make any room feel like you’re at the beach with things that most people already have around their homes or can find easily enough.

Bring the ocean indoors with colorful accessories. 

Add some indoor/outdoor coastal pillows to your sofa or love seat for comfort and style.  Try to stick to colors that you already have in your room such as blues, greens, and light gray/beige.  This makes the room more cohesive and easier on the eyes.

You can also try pillow covers with coastal-themed prints such as anchors, seagulls, or sailboats.  And of course, there are always surfboards!

Other accessories you may consider adding to your room include:

  • Anchors for the nautical feel
  • Seagulls for a coastal-breeze effect
  • Seashells to fit with the beach vibe
  • Fishbowls instead of just fish
  • Word Wall Decor

Whether you opt to decorate your entire home or beach home with a nautical theme or you just want to redesign one room in your home, such as a bathroom, I’m confident these ideas will surely get you started on the right path.

Now, before you click off the page, remember I said I had a promo for you?! Well, it’s right there below this text – go ahead and use it to save some cash while you make plans to bring the beach home no matter where you live …

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Why is Life So Unpredictable? And How to Cope with It

The unpredictability of life is the fact that we are all aware of. As human beings, we try to plan and schedule our lives the best way we can, but there’s no certainty if it would turn out to be exactly how we want. No one knows what the next hour is going to bring us, and while the lack of control gets frustrating at times, it is beautiful in itself.

Controlling everything all the time makes us responsible for all our actions every second, which can take a huge toll. On the other hand, if life was predictable, we’d know exactly what was going to happen; therefore, all of our actions would be preplanned under the occurrence.

But then, would our lives be exciting, thrilling, or interesting in any way at all?

Would you be able to feel the adrenaline rush after your team won the nail-biting finale of your favorite match?

Would you jump in the air because you are unable to control the happiness of a job promotion?

The answer would be no.

We would have been unaware of these feelings because no element of uncertainty would exist.

It is because life is too unpredictable that we are able to enjoy it to the maximum ability. It allows us to take risks, to take a turn not knowing where the destination would be. Yes, we do hold the ability to plan our future, but we can’t determine whether our plans would succeed or fail.

In case of success, you get to ascend a step allowing life to help us grow. But if it becomes a failure, you get the chance to learn, acknowledge your flaws, and improve yourself to achieve success. The unpredictability of life opens doors of opportunities that you couldn’t have imagined and let them take you wherever destined. We can steer our lives but to a certain limit, and that’s what makes it exciting.

While we are fully aware of the unpredictability, most of us are unable to cope with it. Have a look at how you can better deal with the uncertainties:

Show kindness to yourself

Life is really unpredictable, so most of the things that happen aren’t your fault because they aren’t in your control. Unfortunately, we at times start holding ourselves responsible for a failure that we couldn’t have seen coming. For that, we end up mocking ourselves, which isn’t the right thing to do.

Instead of beating yourself up, accept that whatever happened was uncertain and stop holding yourself accountable. Give yourself a fair margin and be kind to yourself. You should give your best in all situations but realize that that’s the most you could have done.

Give yourself credit

There must have been moments where you survived a stressful event or dodged a failure successfully. Give yourself full credit for what happened. While most things are not in our control, some are, and you were only able to succeed because you were mindful of your actions, speech, and decisions. Reflect on all of those moments and analyze every time that you did right. Make sure to make them a permanent part of your life and learn from all your wrong actions. It’s only when you recognize the errors that you are able to improve them and make better decisions in the future. Evaluation is a major key to dealing with life’s unpredictability.

Develop new skills

Just because life is too unpredictable doesn’t mean it’s always coarse. There are many points where it’s calm and monotonous. Instead of giving in to the monotony, do something different. This might include trying a new sport, taking up a challenging project, learning a new language, etc.

Developing new skills allow you to establish better qualities or traits in your personality that can help you deal with hurdles and stumbling blocks that life throws at you. Every skill has something better to add up to your profile, and each one of those is beneficial to deal with the uncertainties. For example, it might increase your patience level, ability to focus or strengthen your cognitive abilities. All of these are important to cater to the severities in life. 

Don’t dwell on uncontrollable things

At times, when life strikes us with uncertainty, we immediately start ruminating on negative scenarios or consequences that can adversely affect our lives. Instead of dwelling on something that’s not in our control, try to harness your emotions and negative thought patterns to cultivate optimism.

It’s only when you are fully aware of the circumstances and rational in your thoughts that you are fully capable of making good decisions. So, don’t let negativity grow on you; it’s only going to make things worse.

Engage in positive self-talk

Whenever life throws challenges on you, take your advice first instead of anyone else. Only you know your capabilities, and only you can channelize them. Engage in self-talk; ask yourself if any of your close friends were facing the difficulty, what advice would you give them?

You’ll be better able to recommend yourself the best possible option to tend to. Giving yourself an external perspective or looking at the situation from new eyes can give you fresh ideas and better viewpoints on dealing with a situation. After all, life is really unpredictable, and only you can aid yourself.

Take control of what you can

The key to coping with unpredictabilities is taking control of what you can. It doesn’t have to mean going out of your way to do that. It can include planning your meals, laying out your clothes, sleeping on time, meditation for ten minutes a day, or anything that gives your life a structure.

Being relaxed and in a comfortable position in life makes you better capacitated to deal with problems.

Pro Tip: I know a Calming Weighted Blanket has helped everyone in my household during times of high stress or unpredictable moments. A weighted blanket lets us get a good night’s sleep so our brain can handle the next day’s stressors.

Ask for support

Many of us choose to isolate ourselves in times of stress, which is very wrong. However, there’s nothing wrong with asking for support from the people you trust. Their moral support can uplift your spirits and might even present you with better ideas to deal with a situation.

Therefore, you should talk to people, discuss your problems, and ask for support whenever necessary.

In Conclusion

Life is really unpredictable, and that’s the exact facet of it that makes it worth living. First, however, you must take all the necessary steps to cope with it in the best way. Instead of giving in to the challenges, strengthen yourself to give your best and come out of them stronger.

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Tips to Enjoy Craft Beer

With summer nearing I’m in the mood for a good campfire in our fire pit, and some lovely time together with the family. While I don’t drink beer often, I most certainly enjoy a nice cold beer while sitting at the campfire on a family weekend event. That’s why I wanted to share some tips to help you enjoy your craft beer because summer is nearing and a beer or two is an excellent treat after a hectic week.

I’ve always been more of a beer drinker than a wine person. There were those years in which I indulged in the alcoholic teas, but alas my stomach no longer cares for such options. Having a nice cold beer after a long week is an excellent way to relax if you’re a beer drinker.

Today I wanted to share some tips on how to enjoy your craft beer because the key to the success of having a nice cold beer at the end of a busy week is to enjoy this delicious beverage. Below you’ll find some tips to enjoy your beer so that you can savor all there is to savor in freshly brewed beer from Melvin Brewing.

pin image for best craft beer drinking tips

Tips to Enjoy Craft Beer

Don’t Let the Aroma Get You

Since the aftertaste can often get you, you mustn’t take just one sip and say this beer isn’t for you. The key to enjoying this beer is to take a couple of sips, enjoy the flavor, and let the aroma become an enjoyable scent that assists in making this beer taste lovely.

Use the Right Glass

When it comes to enjoying a delicious glass of beer, you must use the right glass. I highly suggest you pour your beer into a tulip glass, a flute, or a pint glass for the most pleasurable experience in tasting your freshly brewed beer.

Watch the Craft Beer Alcohol Percentage

Since this type of beer can be more potent than your average old school beer, it’s important to know what alcohol percentage the beer has. This type of beer can wipe you out for the weekend if you don’t watch your sips and know your limit of alcohol consumption.

When Sampling Craft Beer Do This

If you’re doing a beer tasting event, be sure to start with the craft beer that has the least amount of alcohol in it and work your way up to the higher alcohol content beer. This will ensure you’re able to taste each of the freshly brewed beers without reaching your limit partially through the event.

Be Safe About Consumption

As always, when consuming alcohol you must use your smarts and practice good safety habits. It’s never good to drink and drive, so if you’re out at a beer tasting event have someone designated to not drink and drive you all home. If you’re enjoying the beer at home, then make sure you’re in for the night so you can completely relax and be safe.

craft beer in a flute glass

Remember that craft beer is made for those of the proper alcohol drinking age. Do follow local rules and regulations of alcohol consumption. If you’re of the legal age for beer consumption, then you can use these tips to enjoy an adult occasion with the flavorful craft beer of your choice.

When you opt to enjoy a craft beer during your weekend of relaxation, just be sure to follow my tips shared today so that you can enjoy the flavorful taste and not be knocked out for the weekend. Sit back, relax, and enjoy a lovely campfire with your love as you both sip on a freshly brewed craft beer option to give thanks for a week well-lived.

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How to Create a Morning Routine You’ll Stick To

Hiking Vermont Thundering Falls Waterfall

You’ve probably heard it before, having a morning routine can be the difference between a good day or a bad day. Since most of us are stuck at home right now, I wanted to share some tips to help you create a morning routine that you’ll stick to.

Let my tips guide you forward in developing a ritual that works to get you moving in the morning for a productive day. Whether you’re stuck at home, an essential worker, or simply need to get your mornings back under control, these tips will ensure you’re able to create a morning routine that works.

How to Create a Morning Routine You’ll Stick To

Evaluate Your Current Routine

Before you can create a morning routine you’ll stick to, you must evaluate how you’re currently starting your day. Make notes of different rituals that may disrupt your efficiency. Develop new habits that will assist in making your current routine less challenging for you to follow.

Start the Night Before

There are some steps you can take the night before to help you with your morning routine. Try to set your clothes out at night, write your task list for the next day before bed, and prepare your coffee maker to automatically start brewing at a specific time to ensure it’s ready to drink when you wake up.

Set Only One Alarm

I’m talking to all you more than one alarm people out there! When one alarm goes off, you shut it off or hit snooze to wait for the next alarm. This method has proven to make human beings less productive. Set only one alarm and sit up as soon as it goes off to ensure you don’t hit snooze or doze back off.

Eat Something

Stop skimping out on breakfast! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and while some of you may not be hungry in the mornings, you must eat something. Try to switch to a morning smoothie instead of or in addition to your coffee for a quick grab and go type of breakfast option.


There’s a good chance that you’ll be more productive and balanced when you start your day before the rest of the household. Consider setting your alarm to get up before everyone else so that you can write in a journal to self-reflect. Write down how you’re feeling, what’s stressing you, and such to get it all out before you begin your day.

These are just some of the best tips I have to help you create a morning routine that you’ll stick to. These tips can be used to formulate a new morning routine that will encourage happiness, balance, and productivity during your busy day.