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7 Ways to Unwind with Your Family

Unwinding with the family is beneficial for everyone. You don’t always have to go out and spend money to have a good time while making memories with your partner and children. Instead, find fun, engaging, and free things to do with your family that will help everyone relax, unwind, and bond.

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The Indoor Container Garden for Family

As I get older, I realize the horrible things that are being put in our food. The GMOs, the gluten, and not to mention how bad corn syrup is for the body in the quantities that it’s placed in our foods and drinks. It’s scary and me being aware means I’m just getting older aka wiser in my ways. Today I’m sharing my solutions to the scary food industry, at least part of my solution for the family anyways.

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Why is Life So Unpredictable? And How to Cope with It

The unpredictability of life is the fact that we are all aware of. As human beings, we try to plan and schedule our lives the best way we can, but there’s no certainty if it would turn out to be exactly how we want. No one knows what the next hour is going to bring us, and while the lack of control gets frustrating at times, it is beautiful in itself.

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Tips to Enjoy Craft Beer

With summer nearing I’m in the mood for a good campfire in our fire pit, and some lovely time together with the family. While I don’t drink beer often, I most certainly enjoy a nice cold beer while sitting at the campfire on a family weekend event. That’s why I wanted to share some tips to help you enjoy your craft beer because summer is nearing and a beer or two is an excellent treat after a hectic week.

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