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How to Reduce Vet Bills

If you have a furry friend at home, no matter the breed, you may be dealing with certain issues that you never anticipated, such as an ingrown toenail on your dog. While humans can easily get ingrown toenails that cause irritation and discomfort, dogs can experience something similar to that. If it’s something your dog has, you need to know what to do to take care of it.

You may also wonder if you’re going to pay a large sum of money to a veterinarian to treat the problem. Continue reading to learn more about dealing with ingrown dog nails and how to lower your vet bill.

How Does a Dog Get an Ingrown Toenail?

Ingrown nails often develop when a dog doesn’t get groomed often enough. It doesn’t mean that you’re slacking when it comes to taking care of your four-legged friend. Your dog may be scared to get its nails clips, ultimately leading to whining, growling, and lots of movement that can make it difficult for your pet to get their nails trimmed. The fear of getting their nails trimmed might even be part of their personality since some dogs are naturally more anxious than others.

For example, if you have a pug, your dog might not like visits to the groomer. It’s common for the average pug personality to feel anxious. While it’s common, not all pugs dislike grooming services. It just depends on the personality of your pet. In some cases, ingrown toenails can develop due to a dog’s age. Senior dogs have a greater risk of developing an ingrown toenail than puppies and other younger dogs, even if they get their toenails trimmed regularly. 


What to Do When Your Dog Has an Ingrown Toenail

In grown toenail on dog, it’s best to take it to the veterinarian for treatment. The veterinarian may need to trim the toenails, remove the ingrown toenail, and provide an antibiotic for your pet to take. The antibiotic helps prevent an infection from developing when that ingrown toenail gets removed. Of course, the exact steps taken by the vet will vary and depend primarily on the severity of the ingrown toenail. 

Don’t Wait Until the Problem Gets Worse

Before you get to the vet, you can ease your dog’s pain by applying antiseptic ointment to the area. Try to keep your dog from running around too much because that could lead to more inflammation and irritation. Make sure you’re not waiting too long to reach out for help. The ingrown toenail will only continue to get worse with time when it goes untreated.

How to Lower Vet Bill and Save While Keeping Your Dog Healthy

While you know that the best method of treatment for an ingrown toenail in dogs involves taking the animal to the veterinarian, you’re probably hoping to avoid paying too much for the visit.

The easiest way to lower your vet bill is to take your dog to the groomer on a routine basis. You’ll need to have your dog’s toenails trimmed every few weeks. Even if your dog doesn’t like getting its nails trimmed, it’s the easiest way to avoid costly vet bills while keeping your four-legged friend in good shape.

Pop-up Clinics are an Option

Although making sure your dog gets its nails trimmed is the best way to avoid costly vet bills because you can keep the dog from ending up with an ingrown toenail, there are a few other ways to save money on any treatment at the veterinarian’s office. When you need to take the dog to the vet for an ingrown toenail or any other health issue, visit a pop-up clinic. These clinics often charge much less for services provided to pets. If you live on a fixed income or have a low income, programs are often available in different cities and states to make it affordable for pet owners to afford veterinary treatment.

Call Around

Don’t forget to make comparisons. Some veterinarians will charge more for the same services. If you don’t mind calling around to ask a few questions, you can find out which veterinarians can provide treatment at a decent cost. It pays to look around and see what you can find because you could end up with the ideal veterinarian who can take good care of your pet without charging you a fortune.

Reduce Vet Bills and Get Treatment for Your Dog When Needed

In grown toenail on dog, seek treatment for it as soon as possible. It’s only going to get worse and continue causing your pet a lot of pain. You don’t want that to happen. While you’ll likely need a veterinarian to help your pet, don’t stress over the cost because there are several ways to save money.

You can reduce vet bills by comparing quotes from different veterinarians and even attending a pop-up clinic. You’ll also have a better chance of preventing ingrown toenails from forming when taking your dog to the groomer for a trim every few weeks. Don’t forget to give your favorite doggy the best Dog Treats when their ingrown toenail has been removed and is healing. They will need some extra love and care during the healing stage. 

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The Importance of Dental Care for Dogs

This post is sponsored by TruDog Dental Care Gift Pack

I had a senior pug named Jenny who came to us with some dental issues, but that didn’t stop us from trying to get her the best vet care possible for the duration we had her as a family dog.

Interesting Facts About Pugs

I used to use products like the Clean Me Dental Chews to make sure she could recoup a bit from the lack of dental care in the five years before we adopted her.

Today I’m sharing some tips that will help reduce the expense involved with dental care for dogs. I want you to see what type of products and tips will work for at home care for your dog’s dental care so that you don’t get stick shock (like I did) when you visit the vet to have them peek at your dog’s mouth.

How to Clean Dog Teeth Without Brushing

  • Canned dog food and Clean Me Dental Chews were two of the best options I had found for Jenny the pug as a senior.
  • I know that many may feel it’s easier just to brush their dog’s teeth regularly, but not all canines take to having their mouths messed with.
  • While some will be able to tolerate it every day, others need to have their teeth cleaned at least once a week.
  • I found that using the canned food option is best for dogs who are more sensitive around the mouth area.
  • Give your doggy something extra they can chew on, like some doggy toys that have a harder exterior to chew on.
  • You could also get some dental spray that works wonders to clean dog teeth without brushing.

In all honesty, cleaning your dog teeth without brushing is all about getting creative with the products your pet store or places like TruDog have on hand to help you out with your dog’s dental care needs.

I hope that this article has helped you understand more about the world of dogs, and how you can clean your dog teeth without brushing.

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Benefits of Feeding Your Dog a Raw Diet

As August approaches, it’s an excellent time to celebrate Rawgust, a movement that encourages dog owners to switch from traditional grocery/pet store dog food to a dog raw food diet. If you’re a dog owner, you may wonder if it’s even safe for your four-legged friend to consume raw meat instead of the food you’ve been buying for years. 

However, before making the switch, it’s essential to understand what dogs ate before they were domesticated and turned into pets for humans. Not too long ago, dogs had to make do with what they could get in the wild, and that typically consisted of different animals.

Is It Good for a Dog to Consume a Dog Raw Food Diet?

When some pet owners think about the idea of freeze dried raw dog food, they may think it’s dangerous for their dogs to consume, but that isn’t true. I’d love to have you reconsider this idea with some of the New Products at TruDog that offer a chance to feed your dog a raw food diet safely.

Before domestication, dogs roamed the world and hunted for their food, much like other non-domesticated animals. As a result, they’d eat any meat they could find that would come from animals, such as rabbits, possums, and even raccoons. Then, dogs would prey upon these smaller animals to feed themselves and their young.

Once dogs became pets instead of wild animals, things changed, and companies started producing their versions of commercial dog food. While some of these products are better for dogs than others, you may notice that most companies producing dog food are putting a lot of preservatives and fillers into the food. When you’re feeding your dog, you want to provide it with food that will help the animal stay healthy, even into its senior years. But, on the other hand, you don’t want to give your pet food that could potentially contribute to numerous health problems over the years.

What Are the Benefits of a Raw Food Diet for Dogs?

Before you make such an important decision for your precious pup, it’s best to know the many benefits of the raw food diet for dogs. Making such a drastic dietary change can have a positive impact on your pet.

Shiny Coat

The nutrition that your dog gets shows in its fur. If you’ve ever walked past a dog with gleaming, clean-looking hair, there’s a good chance that animal consumes a raw food diet. Healthy, fresh raw food is good for the dog’s coat because it contains omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, and protein. So who says you need to go out and buy the most expensive shampoo for your pet? With the right raw food, you can see such a significant improvement.

Healthier Teeth

Let’s face the truth; a dog can have bad teeth just like a human can. Unfortunately, dental disease can develop in dogs, ultimately leading to pain and discomfort for the animal. In some cases, the dog needs to get its teeth pulled because of infection. If you want to make sure your dog has healthy, strong teeth, a raw food diet is ideal. 

Because the meat your dog consumes is abrasive, it works wonders to clean the teeth. As a result, you won’t have to spend nearly as much time trying to convince your pet to let you brush its teeth. In addition, raw meat contains vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that strengthen the teeth over time, leaving them in better condition for years to come.

Fewer Messy Bowel Movements

When your dog consumes junk food, you can expect the animal to have messy bowel movements. Whether it’s large stools all over the place or even diarrhea, it’s a hassle to deal with at times. It’s not the kind of thing you look forward to seeing as soon as you get home from a day of work. The good news is that a raw diet can change that. While your dog will naturally still have bowel movements, they’re no longer going to be as messy. 

It’s easier for your pet to digest the raw food and naturally pass it as a whole, smaller stool. If you’re tired of messy poop in your backyard and possibly even inside the home at times, a raw food diet could be the change your dog needs.

Keep Your Dog Healthier With a Raw Food Diet

When you love your dog just as much as you love your family, you want to keep the animal healthy and in good shape for years to come. Instead of providing your dog with food full of preservatives, corn, and filler ingredients, offer a raw food diet that can strengthen the dog’s teeth, improve the appearance of its coat, and even improve digestion. 

Your dog can enjoy the fresh taste of raw meat with companies like TruDog that offer an incredible selection of raw food options for pets.

Don’t forget to save 10% sitewide until July 31, with the code JULMAS10AP over at TruDog + Halo Meal Solution.

Be sure to consider any health ailments that your dog may already have before you get started. It’s also a good idea to introduce a bit of raw food little by little until your dog gets used to eating this type of food.

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Make Them Feel Like Royalty: Keeping Your Cat Healthy With Minimal Vet Care

 Pexels – CC0 License

As much as we love our pets, sometimes, finances can get in the way of giving our pets the love and care they need. When we are faced with mounting vet bills, a lot of it is down to simple routines. If you want your cat to live their best life, it’s about starting on the right foot. Let’s show you some very simple things so they are healthy and happy.

Do Not Feed Your Cat Too Much Dry Food

Cats cannot be vegetarians, and they rely on meat as the foundation of their diet. The main meal should always be meat, but you should also be aware of the impact of too much dry food. The best approach is to limit their carbohydrates, and focus on an anti-inflammatory diet. An anti-inflammatory diet is one of the best cat asthma remedies, but it is going to make a significant difference to their overall health. Dry food is okay on occasion, but if you have a dog in the house, they are far better at dealing with kibble- cats are going to thrive with a piece of meat rather than cheap dry food.

Brush Your Cat

Combing and brushing your cat on a daily basis will reduce the hairballs that build in the digestive tract. Cats spend a lot of time grooming themselves, and we think that we don’t need to help, but brushing your cat will help your pet remove any loose hair. It’s not straightforward to get them to cooperate, so you should connect it with happy events, for example before a meal.

Keep an Eye on the Signs of Dehydration

While cats do not have the same thirst as dogs and can get most of their water from food, you have to pay attention to the signs of dehydration. This is especially true when they are really old or young. Signs such as lethargy, panting, and sunken eyes are all things to keep an eye out for. If you give your cats access to freshwater all the time, this is a very simple way to make sure they are getting enough.

Accept Their Love

If a cat cares about you, they want to demonstrate it, which usually means bringing a dead bird into the kitchen! And while this isn’t what you expected, you should always accept the gifts with good grace! There are other ways that they will show their love for you, by kneading you with their paws and purring, so just make sure you enjoy it.

Spaying or Neutering Your Cat

This is one of the best things you can do for your cat in the long term. By neutering or spaying, you can keep them safe because male cats will always fight and if you get a female cat, they are putting themselves at risk of getting a disease through bites and scratches, not to mention the fact that they can become pregnant.

If you want to make your cat healthy and happy, these are all little things, but when you focus on them in a comprehensive manner, you can hopefully keep those vet bills down.