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How to Celebrate National Unplugging Day

National Day of Unplugging happens every year in March. This year we will celebrate this national holiday on March 4th by unplugging from the virtual world to be more present in our real world.

In today’s world, it is more important than ever to unplug and connect with the people and things around us. The National Day of Unplugging started in 2010 as an event that encouraged people to unplug from their technology, turn off the TV, spend time with friends and family, read a good book or simply relax.

This is an occasion to disconnect yourself from high-tech gadgets for 24 hours. As part of my preparation for this day of unplugging, I want to remind you of various ways you can unplug all year round:

1. Take a break away from the internet

We live in an online world where it’s easy to get wrapped up in our online life. To celebrate National Unplugging Day, take a day off of the internet so you can unplug yourself for 24 hours.

2. Unplug your TV

Do not watch any televisions or other electronic screens for 24 hours. Instead, try to spend more time talking with your family and friends.

3. Leave your phone behind

Leave your devices at home on National Unplugging Day so you have no choice but to be present wherever you are. Instead of taking photos of the world around you, open up a book, go for a walk, or strike up a conversation with the strangers around you.

4. Read more books

Instead of taking photos of the world around you or playing on your devices, try to read more instead. If you feel like reading is too much work, try listening to an audiobook while undertaking another activity such as cleaning your house, walking your dog, or commuting to work.

5. Spend less time on social media

Try spending less time on social media for National Unplugging Day to disconnect from the virtual world and instead focus on your real life. Don’t worry if you have no choice but to use social media so try avoiding it whenever possible.

Why Celebrate National Day of Unplugging?

While most of you will be on board with the idea of unplugging for 24 hours, let’s face it, some of you may be a little more reluctant.

I understand and I do hear you.

But, do you hear me?

Since I know some of you out there may need a little more convincing to think that 24 hours without electronics is worthy of a celebration, I’m sharing some of my favorite reasons why I believe everyone should celebrate National Day of Unplugging:

Being present in this moment.

Unplugging from the virtual world and living life by being present is truly a gift we can give ourselves.

Celebrate real life.

Instead of taking photos and posting them online, try celebrating your real life by spending time with family and friends and really enjoying their company instead of looking at your phone screen.

Gain space to dream.

No distractions will give you the time and space to dream big. It also gives your mind a chance to wander which makes solving problems easier.

Reconnect with yourself.

This day can help you reconnect with yourself so you don’t regret missing out on life.

Take care of yourself.

When you unplug, you will have more time to take care of yourself which includes your health. Try exercising, reading a book, or meditating.

So there you have it, plenty of positive reasons to celebrate National Day of Unplugging. I’ll be honest with you, I do my best to incorporate at least one day per week of total unplugging. This has truly helped me stay more balanced, optimistic, and present in my family life.

If you’re still reluctant about celebrating National Day of Unplugging, I invite you to start planning now for this unique holiday. Make some notes and get yourself ready to unplug for the entire day on March 4th. You can give this one day in March and see how you feel the next day. Who knows, it may be the start of something wonderful where you unplug once a week like I do.

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How to Bring the Beach Home (no matter where you live)

You see I am sitting here freezing in the cold New Hampshire winter dreaming of a day at the Atlantic Ocean again. Do you see that photo above? It’s a photo from our York, Maine vacation we had not that long ago in November. It may have been off-season, but boy was it so refreshing to get a little “salt water therapy” with my family.

Since I can’t really venture to the ocean again until warmer temperatures arrive, I wanted to bring some ocean home with me. That’s why I decided to share this article with a variety of ideas, such as the Riverside Designs steel decoration pieces that you can not only save some cash on (see promo at the end of this blog post), but give you a sense of calm that comes with a beach day — without leaving your house!

Whether you’re into the beach or not, I’m confident that these tips will help you make your home or special room feel cozy. I’m telling you, whatever I can do to make my home feel cozy during the winter months is so worth it to me!

Here are some suggestions on how to make any room feel like you’re at the beach with things that most people already have around their homes or can find easily enough.

Bring the ocean indoors with colorful accessories. 

Add some indoor/outdoor coastal pillows to your sofa or love seat for comfort and style.  Try to stick to colors that you already have in your room such as blues, greens, and light gray/beige.  This makes the room more cohesive and easier on the eyes.

You can also try pillow covers with coastal-themed prints such as anchors, seagulls, or sailboats.  And of course, there are always surfboards!

Other accessories you may consider adding to your room include:

  • Anchors for the nautical feel
  • Seagulls for a coastal-breeze effect
  • Seashells to fit with the beach vibe
  • Fishbowls instead of just fish
  • Word Wall Decor

Whether you opt to decorate your entire home or beach home with a nautical theme or you just want to redesign one room in your home, such as a bathroom, I’m confident these ideas will surely get you started on the right path.

Now, before you click off the page, remember I said I had a promo for you?! Well, it’s right there below this text – go ahead and use it to save some cash while you make plans to bring the beach home no matter where you live …

Save 20% off all metal art products with code METALART20. Minimum purchase of $20 required. (Wood products excluded)

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How To Transition From Military Life To A Civilian Job

Interior House Painting Tips for the Perfect Paint Job

Most people that join the military do so as a temporary thing. They are there for various reasons from feeling like it is their patriotic duty to wanting to learn new skills and everything in between. For most military members, there comes a time when their service is over and they need to come back to the civilian world and find a new career.

This can be a difficult process and is not as easy as it may seem. It is a challenge to find the right fit for you after you’ve learned how to live in a certain way. Not only that but there are injuries, both psychological and physical, that can pose some problems.

In this article, we will go over several things you can do to more easily fit into a civilian role after working in the military.

Make an assessment

Before you can find the perfect job, you have to do a personal assessment which is going to help you decide which route to take and what your options are.

For instance, you may have some PTSD or a physical injury that will require you to have special accommodations at work or could even limit the types of jobs that you can do. Of course, you can’t be discriminated against because of your military service and are considered a protected class of workers in many states. If you feel like you are finding it difficult to find work as a vet, then do a search for “discrimination lawyers near me” to do a consultation.

Aside from that, you should think about what skills you acquired during your service and see which type of job will be the best fit. For example, if you were doing military logistics then there will be lots of jobs working in supply chain management that would be ideal.

There are tools offered by the VA that will help you do this assessment and come up with some ideas on the ideal job for you.

Use the resources that are available

Luckily for members of the military, there are a lot of resources designed to help you transition from military to civilian life. You have access to many of them long after you’ve completed your military service.

Even aside from the Department of Defense and the Veterans Administration, there are many local and state resources out there to help veterans and ex-military members. Make sure to take advantage of these resources so you aren’t trying to make the transition by yourself.

Get educated

There are some jobs that will require a specialized degree or some certifications. You may have to dedicate some time to get the right education for your dream job. A benefit of being in the military is access to free education so research what is required for the career you are most interested in and then see what you are able to access for educational benefits.

You may have to delay the start of your new career but with the right educational foundation, you will have better access to the best options.

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What Are You Willing to Risk to Live Your Life Fully?

In this fast pace world, it’s easy to get sucked into the latest trends, happenings, and other things that the world of technology puts in your face. With the constant bombardment of information from your social networks, TV, and even those magazines that seem to be everywhere you turn; it’s important to take a step back and remind yourself what is really important.

We are all guilty of getting caught up in the latest trends, styles, or other things that are really only temporary. It’s easy to get caught up in these fads and lose sight of what is important in life. Today I’m asking you to take this time to reflect on your goals and how you can achieve them.

Along your journey, you will encounter other people and be presented with opportunities that may seem to be great at the time but aren’t in your best interest. I urge you to take a moment and assess each situation so you don’t live your life with any regrets.

It’s important to remember what is really important in life. This doesn’t mean that you should live a boring and mundane life, but instead one with purpose and direction. We all have dreams and goals that we want to achieve in life; however, most of us wait until tomorrow to accomplish them.

When you take your dreams and goals seriously, they become reality much faster than you think possible.

How can you take your dreams and goals more seriously?

First, you need to define what it is that you really want in life. Then you can go about chasing those dreams and fulfilling those goals so they become a reality.

Many people have two distinct categories of dreams: short-term and long haul. Short-term dreams are those that we want to accomplish over the course of our lives; these are usually small goals that can be checked off on your way to achieving your long-term dreams.

Long-haul dreams are the ones that you will chase for months or years before you get them; these dreams may not even come true during your lifetime, but it’s important to constantly work toward them. They act as a driving force in your life, pushing you to do better on a daily basis.

These short-term dreams are broken down even further into actionable tasks that need to be carried out in order for the dream to become a reality. Once these individual steps have been completed, then it’s simply just putting one foot in front of the other until the goal is achieved.

It’s important to remember that sometimes you need to step out of your comfort zone in order to succeed; this means that if something seems difficult or even impossible, these are the barriers you will need to break down in order to become successful.

These barriers exist for a reason and they are there to make sure you don’t take your dreams too lightly. If you’ve never attempted to break through them before, then it’s time to stop talking and start doing; you will be surprised by your results.

Life is about taking risks, but these risks shouldn’t be taken frivolously or without purpose. You should spend time thinking about the things that are important to you and make sure they align with what you are truly capable of doing.

You should challenge yourself every day, no matter how difficult the task may seem; this is how you test your limits and see how far you can go. If something seems too difficult or impossible, then it’s time to find a way around that barrier so you can continue moving forward. Remember, there are no limitations beyond those that you or others place on yourself.

In conclusion, the decisions you make today will affect the rest of your life; make sure these decisions are ones that align with your goals and dreams so they can better benefit you in the future. Remember, what seems like a small choice now could change the course of everything else down the road.

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