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5 Health Benefits of Walking

When you’re trying to get healthy, walking can make a difference. Some people think you have to spend hours at the gym or do strenuous activities to lose weight and get in better shape, but that isn’t true. Walking offers many health benefits that you might not have realized. 

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Simple and Lovable Mother’s Day Gifts With EcoLips

EcoLips is a great brand that makes loads of different lip care products with fair trade and organic ingredients. If your mom goes through a lot of chapsticks or likes to try new beauty products, EcoLips’ products are the place to look. Here are some of EcoLips’ products that you can consider purchasing for Mother’s Day, to give a gift that helps with self-care and can add a new part to her routine.

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Crystal Deodorant for the Win

My oldest child is constantly educating me on the health benefits of removing what I’ve been using for years. Crystal deodorant is a new-to-us brand that she wanted to try out. Deodorant is one of those replacement items...

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