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Using a Vision Board to Remain Focused

There will always be triggers that arise in life to deter you from your current path. These triggers are different for each person, however, they have the same effect. A trigger can be something that happens in the present day that triggers a memory to pop up. This trigger can cause nightmares to occur, negative self-talk to start again, and other negative actions or thoughts to sneak in.

I have had various triggers show up unexpectedly and so do my kids since my previous relationship. My oldest shared something with me that made me realize just how much my emotionally abusive relationship impacted not only me but my children. I’m not sure what triggered this circumstance with my oldest, but it reminded me that triggers can happen even years after a traumatic experience happens.   

So this situation reminded me of simple ways we can work to remain focused on our present day. Each day is a chance to be stronger, happier, content, better than yesterday, and so on. I like to live as if today is the only day I have because it’s true that we only have a life at this moment. After all, the next moment is truly unknown.

The future can be quite unpredictable, so when we focused too much on the various what-if scenarios or worry about our future, we’re depleting our energy for today. This, my friends, is why I wanted to share some tips to make a vision board. A vision board is a fabulous tool that helps you live each day with a focus on what you desire most and wish to achieve in all areas of life.

How do you use a Vision Board?

A vision board is a collage full of images and words that help you focus on wishes and goals. A vision board can be made with scrapbooking materials, poster board, and old magazines, or created using a photo editing program to combine multiple images to represent each of your wishes and goals.

You’ll use a vision board as a visual tool to help you aim forward and always focus on what you desire most. This concept goes along with something I strongly believe in, our thoughts manifest our future.

You’ll use a vision board placed strategically in your home or office to provide you with a visual representation of what you should be focused on achieving. The wishes and goals on a vision board tend to come true in some shape or form if you truly use this board as a way to keep your thoughts focused on each wish and goal pictured on your vision board.

Have you ever used a vision board?

Yes, I have used a vision board before. I had a vision board many years ago and all but one wish/goal on the vision board came true within just a few years. This, my friends, is why I highly recommend a vision board to help guide you in living for today in a way that helps you achieve those goals and wishes in the future.

How to Use a Vision Board to Remain Focused

Start Thinking

Sit down and write a list of things you hope and wish for. These can be wishes, dreams, and goals. There’s no law of what you can or cannot put on your vision board. Use inspiration from the internet or old magazines to ignite that dreamer mentality. Write down everything you desire most for your future both in the long term and short term.

Find Pictures and Words

Now that you have your vision board list of wishes and goals, it’s time to find pictures and words that represent these wishes and goals. I always used old magazines to make collages as I was once addicted to having far too many magazine subscriptions, but you can use images from the internet and print them. Get a good collection of images or words that fully represent your wishes and goals.

Glue Them On

Grab a piece of poster board or cardboard, even cardstock paper works to use as the backdrop for your vision board. Name the vision board, if you wish, using a sharpie marker at the top of the paper or cardboard. Next, you’ll start cutting out the images, words, and magazine clippings so that each is trimmed up and glue them on your vision board.

Less Cost, Better Performance

Why Put the year on Vision Board?

I like to include a year on my vision board, not necessarily on the front, but a small note on the back. This helps me track how long it took for each vision board’s wish/goal to come true. As I said, the first vision board I ever made and used correctly ensured that every single wish and goal came true except one within three years.

How do you use a vision board?

Now that you have your vision board all created and you documented the year this particular vision board was made, you can place it in your home or office. Find a spot that you’ll be able to see this vision board every day. You’ll want this vision board to be seen so that it helps you remain focused on your wishes and goals.

Each day you’ll wake up and look at your vision board. You’ll start and end every day reviewing those items you put on that vision board. You’ll daydream about how these things will be true for you. Please remember that you can’t put a date for each wish or goal on your vision board.

A vision board is not meant to work as a goal calendar, there’s no date assignment for when these wishes or goals will come true. This is merely a tool to get your mindset in the right place to practice more of the Law of Attraction in your everyday life. The vision board will be used to keep your thoughts focused on what you will have in your life, rather than when you’ll have these wishes and goals in your life.

That’s the best tip I have to share, do not focus on a “when” such as a date or timeframe when using your vision board to remain focused. Rather, you’ll want to use the vision board to keep your thoughts focused on what you desire and will have.

The key is to transition your thoughts towards the affirmation that you will have these wishes and goals, as opposed to a deadline or hopeful statement. The Law of Attraction only works if you firmly believe that all you have on that vision board IS to come true, rather than hoping that they may come true. 

Supplies for the Perfect Vision Board

Below is a list of supplies for the perfect vision board. These are supplies that I’ll be using to make my new 2020 vision board this year.

You must start your day by looking at your vision board and feeling as if each of these wishes and goals will come true. There’s no room for doubt when using a vision board, this is a visual representation of your truth, a truth that will happen in the future. 

Remember that a vision board is focused on wishes and goals. There’s no wrong thing to put on that board. This is a vision board based on your personal and/or professional wishes and goals. It’s not something anyone should dare judge you on and most certainly not something you should critique yourself on.

Remain confident and reach for the stars, anything’s possible when you use your vision board to layout your plans and remain focused on the fact that they will happen.

I hope that each of these tips shared today has inspired you to get creative with a vision board soon. This is an excellent way to help your mind stay focused on what you desire most so that you can achieve success with all those wonderful wishes and goals that matter to you.

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What is the Law of Attraction and Why It Works For Many People

What is the Law of Attraction Why It Works For Many People

Today I’m discussing the Law of Attraction, What is the Law of Attraction and why it works for many people. This is how I’ve lived my life for many years. While sometimes my mind gets consumed with negative, or worrisome thoughts; I always find my way back to the Law of Attraction because it works. 

What is the Law of Attraction Why It Works For Many People

Life is Continuously Moving

Life doesn’t slow down for anyone. People have said some mean things to me in the past about my optimistic attitude. I have heard that “it’s easy for you because everything seems to work out for you” I’ve heard people tell me I live in a fairy tale world. It’s like our world cannot handle anyone who tries to be positive and have a happy outlook on life no matter what’s tossed at them. Society has created a bunch of people who’d rather see others suffer than succeed. I refuse to be that person, it’s not healthy for me and it’s not healthy for the rest of society either.

Negativity Fueled Networking

I’ve noticed a trend in networking on Facebook these days. If you post negativity, you get more interactions. If you post positivity, you get fewer reactions. What has this world come to? No wonder society is on so many anti-depressant and anxiety meds from Big Pharma. While I get that life can suck and that depression is real and we all have our own mental health issues, physical health issues, difficult times with finances and emotional stability or whatever, I still stand firm in my belief that The Law of Attraction works. It’s worked for me and it can work for you. It’s going to take hard work, self-motivation, and dedication to rewire your pattern of thinking.

It took me approximately 3 years to master the rewiring of my thoughts and everyday I have to work to maintain my optimistic attitude about life in general. It’s hard work, but the payoff is amazing. Even I fall off the bandwagon so to speak from time to time, usually during “that time of the month”.

Time and Dedication is All You Need

Too many people give up before seeing that the Law of Attraction works, as it does take some time. For a society who lives in an instant gratification type of world, it’s not easy being patient. It’s not easy to have faith that you truly can make or break your life with thoughts, but you know what? Nothing that’s good in life comes easy. That’s the cold hearted truth. So today, I’m going to share more about the Law of Attraction, what it is and why it works for many people, in addition, I’ll cite some famous people who’ve used this concept long before I even knew it was a thing.

What is the Law of Attraction

In my simplest terms, the Law of Attraction is the concept that your thoughts manifest your future. The way I try to explain it to people is that your thoughts control your future. If you think about your problems, post on social media complaining about problems and only put your energy towards this then the universe will gladly bring you more problems. If you think about solutions, what you want in the future and where you’re going to be in a week, a month, or even five years and truly believe that it will happen, the universe makes it happen. It’s truly that simple.

Think of the Law of Attraction as gravity. This is an unchanging law in our world, that dropping a penny from a roof means it will fall. That jumping from a couch means you’ll land on the floor, etc. etc. Think of the Law of Attraction as a gravitational pull that brings things to your life based on what your thoughts and feelings truly represent. Like brings like. Good brings good. Believing and truly being in tune with what WILL happen in your life, good or bad, creates a gratitational pull of whatever that thought or feeling is towards you. This means bad brings bad. Dislike brings dislike. Anxious thoughts brings more anxious thoughts. The Law of Attraction pulls whatever you believe to be true towards you. Period.

No One is Perfect

This concept of a gravitational pull based on what you truly feel and believe is pretty straight forward. For those of you who complain online or in your personal life, more often than not, you’re only setting yourself up for more struggles. It’s so true. I’ve done this self-sabotaging thing to myself, many times when I’m struggling to truly believe in myself and my future. We all are guilty of feeling down from time to time, but the key is to never allow negativity to consume more than the positive feelings and thoughts.

I remind myself that everything always works out as it should. I wake up each day with a goal in mind and I tell myself that goal will happen. I don’t give the universe a second chance to put doubt in that goal. I feel the goal, I believe in the goal, I become the goal. That’s how the Law of Attraction works.

Why Does the Law of Attraction Work?

Well, this is a very confusing question to answer. It’s much like asking someone why gravity works. Sure there are many theories and scientific theories as to why gravity works, but no human being knows for sure. This is very similar to the Law of Attraction, anyone who practices this belief system and thought pattern knows it works but to explain why it works is extremely difficult.

The Law of Attraction is more about your deep solid beliefs in how the universe treats you. Think about how you interact with others in life. Think about what you truly believe you deserve in life. All of these deeply rooted belief systems are what brings joy, happiness, positivity or sadness, anger and negativity into your life. You literally get what you put out. Period.

So the Law of Attraction simply works because our thoughts have energy and whatever energy your thoughts have, the Law of Attraction returns that energy back to you. Period.

Did Someone Ask to be Hit by a Car?

I once had someone ask me if I truly believe in the Law of Attraction, that your thoughts manifest your future then do I believe that someone who got hit by a car brought that on themselves?

While I had to giggle about this question, for a person who didn’t have a clue what the Law of Attraction is, the question made sense. All I could say is that I don’t generally believe that people ask to be hit by a car, but perhaps their thought patterns were more negative in life which would generally bring them more negative. Of course, no human being envisions that they’ll be hit by a car at any time in their life, I mean I don’t think most people would wish this upon themselves. With that being said, even in the world of the Law of Attraction accidents happen.

Bad Things Can Still Happen

The Law of Attraction doesn’t mean you get everything you desire or deserve, it is merely a way to remind you that your thoughts and feelings will manifest your future. Think of the Law of Attraction as your dreams come true machine. The dreams won’t come true immediately but if you continuously believe that you will have this goal or dream achieved in the future, the Law of Attraction will make sure it delivers eventually.

Any belief system that has no solid “this is how it works” or “see this is the belief in action” is hard to comprehend. It’s hard for us to believe in something that we cannot see or have not experienced.

Famous Law of Attraction Believers

Oprah Winfrey, Will Smith, Jim Carrey, and Arnold Schwarzenegger are just a few who’ve been able to embrace this concept. I honestly love this video that Oprah Winfrey shares about the Law of Attraction. She mentions The Secret, and that’s both a book as well as a DVD that will help anyone hone in on this skill.

What do you think about the Law of Attraction? Is this something you believe in and practice?

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Success – Why Positive Thinking Matters

There are bountiful reasons why you should develop a positive thinking mindset. Overall those who learn to think more positive about life are happier and healthier. That’s two pretty awesome reasons why one should start working on their positive thinking skills. While most are shown to be happier and healthier simply by one slight adjustment in their attitude, there are other reasons why positive thinking matters and that’s just what we will discuss today …


Positive thinking not only inspires you to be happier, it motivates you in many areas of life. Be it that work at home business, the local job you hold or your family life, positive thinking will naturally motivate you.

Brandy Ellen Blogs Positive Thinking Can Change your Life

More Friendships

Positive thinking allows you to open doors to new friendships, before you know it many will want to be in your presence to simply feed off that positive energy. We are all starting to learn more about energy sucking vampires, and working to stay away. Positive thinking allows you to build everlasting friendships.


When you learn to start thinking positive on a regular basis, your self-esteem naturally boosts. You are now able to see that you are a valuable person who matters. Positive thinking helps inspire your to know your true self-worth and in turn walk with more self-pride in real life.

More Money

Those who have mastered positive thinking skills tend to make more money. The reason is basically that you are more motivated, healthier and have more confidence to get work done. In turn your attitude and energy put out there as a positive that your employer or prospects can see and feel so they want to hire you because you simply radiate positive energy.

Better Health

Anxiety, depression and all that goes along with mental health illness can take a toll on your health but as you work towards controlling thoughts towards a positive direction your health quickly gets better. Those who have developed positive thinking skills and continued mastering the skill have started to have healthier bodies, hearts and minds.

Open Minded

When you develop positive thinking skills you are more apt to be open minded to life and other ways of living. Positive thinkers tend to judge less and speak kinder. This is just a natural process of individual growth that occurs when you start thinking positive.

Are you convinced yet that positive thinking can change your life for the better? If you are not quite sold on this idea of walking around with perma-grin all day long, then I invite you to read The Secret or perhaps watch The Secret on DVD where you will see historical documentation that will change your mind on positive thinking forever. Once you have completed that, move on and create your own vision board, use this product as inspiration on how to create your best vision board ever!

I wish you much success, love and luck in positive thinking, if I could do it – then you can too!