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Important Developments In The History Of Humans

It’s hard to believe that we used to live in caves and rely on hunting for food when you look around you and see all the gadgets and gizmos we depend on today. Human beings have come a long way, as demonstrated by this fascinating infographic.

It is estimated that for 99% of our existence, we have relied on hunting and gathering, with the earliest hunting tool found in East Africa thought to date back 2.6 million years. Around a million years ago, we discovered fire, and throughout history, we have developed different languages to communicate with our peers. From the earliest dialects to more than 5,000 languages in the modern world, this is one of the areas that has seen the most significant development and diversification.

Leading lights have paved the way in mathematics, science, and astronomy over the years, and we are now familiar with theories, ideas, and formulae that were discovered and shared thousands of years ago. From Pythagoras’ theorem and Isaac Newton’s laws of gravity to Copernicus’ sun-centered universe, we continue to learn from the brightest brains in history.

After the Scientific Revolution came the Industrial Revolution and the development of steam power and machinery. Manufacturing and production took off in the 17th and 18th centuries, providing employment opportunities and a chance for countries to generate wealth.

As technology has advanced and evolved, we have become increasingly reliant on innovations, particularly digital developments. We are now in an era of digitalization where communication and computerization go hand in hand.

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5 Tricks Successful People Use to Stay Calm in Stressful Situations

With the holiday season here, I see so many people experiencing high levels of stress. While I have no idea if these stressful situations are strictly due to the holiday season, I know one thing is for sure, we all have our moments when life becomes overwhelmingly stressful.

Whether or not you’re someone who runs around saying your stressed or not, the reality is our body and minds do feel stressed from time to time. My trip to the ER in June proved that I do get stressed out, but I stay so positive that I neglect to realize just how much stress I’m truly experiencing.

Some therapy sessions later and a bit of a drastic lifestyle change to remove some of my stress actually helped! While I won’t tell you to seek therapy for every stressful situation, nor become homeless like I was. I can tell you that I’ve found some of the best tricks to stay calm during stressful times that helped me remain a successful entrepreneur, and today I’m sharing those tricks with you!

5 Tricks Successful People Use to Stay Calm in Stressful Situations

Stay Positive

If I had a dime for every time someone told me that a positive attitude doesn’t solve anything or “I tried thinking positive today and yesterday, but it simply doesn’t work”, I’d be rich. For one, positive thinking does not solve a thing, nor can you “think your problems away”. The thing is, you can choose to change your perspective about stressful situations so that you stay calm. Look at stressful situations as an opportunity to learn something new. With every new stressful situation is a chance to learn how to overcome a new obstacle, thus leaving you with more experience in life.

Go Outside

A short walk outside isn’t going to kill you. You don’t have to consume yourself with the stressful situation every moment of every day. This situation is going to be here until you’ve created a solution. So, pause and go outside. Take a walk, blow some bubbles, laugh with family, or run around with the family dog. I don’t care what you do, go outside! The fresh air can help you say calm during stressful situations.

Positive Affirmations

The most successful people have positive affirmations surrounding them regularly. This can be in the form of an inspirational post, coffee cup, or positive affirmations app. Whatever it is, having positive affirmations around you at all times helps keep you calm during stressful situations as it keeps your mind direct at your positive characteristics and strengths rather than the emotions of your current stressed-out state.

The Stress-Proof Brain: Master Your Emotional Response to Stress Using Mindfulness and NeuroplasticityThe Stress-Proof Brain: Master Your Emotional Response to Stress Using Mindfulness and NeuroplasticityThe Stress-Proof Brain: Master Your Emotional Response to Stress Using Mindfulness and Neuroplasticity


Identify the Stressor(s)

You’ll need to identify what your stressors are before you can work to resolve them. Take time to sit down and determine what part of this stressful situation is overwhelming you the most. Brainstorm a list of ideas to resolve the situation. While you may not use all of the ideas you jot down, it’s a great way to identify the problem and match a good solution up to it.

Get a Hobby

Lastly, why not get a hobby? If you already have a hobby, then make it a more important part of your life. Successful people know when to let loose and have fun because they know the more they relax their mind, the easier solutions come. That’s why I highly recommend you pick up a new hobby to help stay calm during stressful situations. If you’re an introvert, you can pick up a new hobby in the comfort of your home, so don’t feel like you can’t get a hobby because anyone can have a hobby!

In conclusion, I obviously am not a professional therapist, but I am a successful entrepreneur and mother who’s had her fair share of stressful situations in the last few years. This means I do speak from experience. These tips to stay calm during stressful situations may not help you right away, but I am confident that at least one of these ideas will help you find your inner peace during times of high stress.

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Why is Life so Unpredictable?

Why is Life is Unpredictable

We all live an unpredictable life to test our strengths, our values, and our vision. Having something “bad” happen helps us to grow and become stronger.

I know that life is unpredictable. I understand this whole concept. I just don’t like to embrace it as often as I should. I have been sitting here writing content for clients day in and day out. I think I was even awake until 2 am one time just writing for clients. This is the unpredictable life I live now. I have debt accumulated from past experience. I have to deal with certain things in my life and options that are limited for now. This means my life has become an unpredictable life, just like the rest of the world.

At one point my life was rather predictable. I had a routine and I had everything figured out, at least at that point in my life. I got distracted, and things happened which now have put me back on the plate of having an unpredictable life. I admit this makes me anxious sometimes, and with winter slowly leaving, I’m finally starting to feel my mental health getting better.

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Winter Sucked

Winter really seemed to drag on forever. I could feel self-doubt creeping in. I could feel the inability to fall asleep for my thoughts were starting to race again. I could simply feel like something was going to burst if not for some warmer days soon. Then the answer came, a sunshine day and the arrival of spring. I’m still not feeling like myself. The spark hasn’t been lit fully and unpredictable life stuff keeps occurring, but sunshine gives me hope and strength to continue to fight those negative thoughts and to continue on in my mission to stay positive through difficult times.  These difficult times can be labeled as an unpredictable life.


Why is Life is Unpredictable?

We all live an unpredictable life to test our strengths, our values, and our vision.

If something bad happened in your life or things didn’t go as planned at one point in life, don’t you understand that you grew from that experience?

Sure it felt like hell at the moment. I’m sure you had no idea how you would ever climb up or feel better again, but you did grow.

You did get up.

Who cares how long it took you to do this, you did it!

That’s the beauty of an unpredictable life.

Unpredictable moments help define our character and test our inner strength.

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My only answer to “why is life so unpredictable” is that a life without challenges would be rather boring. Human beings need a challenge. We need to have a purpose and a sense of belonging. Without unpredictable situations, we’d never test our inner strength. Facing unpredictable circumstances and working to solve them is what helps give us strength, a better mindset, and the confidence needed to live a fulfilling life.

What Helps with Unpredictable Life?

There are a variety of things that can help with an unpredictable life. I’ve laid out some options to help you understand why we all spiral down when hardships arrive. It’s only natural to feel like giving up and just letting the world do what it wants with you, but this isn’t healthy. You must find some inner strength. You must find a way to rise up. Allow yourself to feel these negative emotions about your hardship, but don’t wally in those feelings.

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The Law of Attraction

Many who have struggles in life cannot handle the law of attraction theory. They simply feel that they were dealt a bad deck of cards, that they had it worse off than someone else, or whatever. These are all excuses, and we all fall victim to our own excuses from time to time.

You Are Not Alone

Today I want to tell you that you’re not alone. I want to remind you that your struggles in life are only temporary even though they feel like a permanent occurrence in your life.

Overcome the Struggles in Life

Today I want to tell you that you can overcome the unpredictable nature of life. I want to remind you that you can make changes starting today! There’s no age limit to starting over, and our experiences can truly teach us a great deal.

Pause and Reflect

Today I want to tell you that you can pause, reflect, and make adjustments based on what your inner self is telling you to do. Do not ask random social media people for help, you’ll find that most haven’t experienced exactly what you’re experiencing.

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It Will Be Okay

Today I want to tell you that it will be okay. While it may be difficult to think the law of attraction works, I’m currently dealing with a pretty difficult lifestyle and still believe in the theory. You see, good things happen to bad people just like bad things happen to good people. It’s all about how you take the struggles in life and run with them.

Health and Happiness

Today I want to remind you that your health and happiness matter most. Forget the naysayers, meaning those people that haven’t ever sunk this low or experienced such trying times who want to judge you or seem to have “all of the right answers”. Let go of what they say, or morph some of their good advice into something that helps you find a solution. The choice is yours.

Life is Unpredictable

Today I simply want to remind every single person out there that life is unpredictable, but we have a choice to adjust our emotions and set sail for a new path. Life is unpredictable and the struggles in life are real, but you, my friend, are amazing. You, my friend, can keep being strong.

Feel Those Emotions

Today I want to tell you to feel those big emotions. Let them consume every part of your soul. Give way to those emotions so that you can remove them. This process will help you find a clearer vision, higher level of strength, and newfound feeling as you work towards overcoming the struggles in life.

One Life to Live

Remember, my friends, you only have one life to live. Please don’t waste it by wallowing in self-pity or feeling envious of others who seem to have it all. Every single person out there has their own hidden struggles in life, things no one except their household members knows about.

Accept The Unpredictable Moments

When you learn to accept and in fact, expect, unpredictable moments in life, you’re setting yourself up to be one step above others who struggle with their unpredictable life. When you face changes head-on and use this as a stepping stone to grow, you’ll feel better and more confident than if you simply kept asking yourself why this happened.

Deny Self-Pity

Sure we all have those moments where we may feel some form of self-pity but deny it. Do not allow those negative thoughts to tell you that you’re better off somewhere else, that you’re not doing good enough, and never will. Deny. Deny. Deny. Do not allow self-pity to consume you when you’re facing unpredictable life challenges.

Allow Discovery to Happen

Do not feel bad if you have to uproot your entire life. I had to live without my kids for a few months and it SUCKED, but you know what? We all grew from it. I allowed self-discovery to happen. I learned that I am more than just a mom and that I am stronger than I ever realized. Allow self-discovery to happen when you’re facing those unpredictable life changes.

Be Content

You know, I honestly think that social media makes society feel like we have to be so ecstatic about our life at all times. The reality is that most of us are simply content with our life. Content seems to be a good balance to hold for your unpredictable life. This keeps expectations at a reasonable level and helps your emotions stay balanced. I say be happy being content with your life.

My Most Unpredictable Life Moment

Listen, I’ve been homeless twice in my lifetime, as of this moment. The first summer being homeless I was staying at my Dad and Step Mom’s house so technically I had a place to sleep and work. My kids stayed with their fathers during that time. I worked and saved, and eventually got into my own apartment after an unhealthy relationship landed me homeless.

Once I got into that new apartment, I was reunited with my three kids.

We started having a normal life, a few issues, and then the unpredictable life kicked in.

We had to put our beloved family dog to rest from old age, her heart was failing her. The expense and grief of this unexpected scenario placed financial hardship on me.

I fell behind on rent, and in turn, had to opt to be homeless again. This time I was actually homeless. My ex-husband, our two sons, and my oldest had no home. My oldest opted to stay at her Dad’s house, but my ex-husband and our sons along with me lived at campgrounds, in hotel rooms, and ultimately in our vehicles until we finally saved enough to get into a rental home. You see, my (then) ex-husband found himself homeless at the same time during this particular summer.

This, my friends, should have made me give up. I should have just said screw it! Life is too unpredictable and I’m tired of all these situations causing me to be without a home or without my kids in everyday life. It wasn’t easy, but I just put my mind in the right direction. I used my solution-focused thought patterns to focus on one step towards finding a home every single day.

Each day I woke up with a renewed sense of Faith and commitment to get us into a home, and after 5.5 months of being absolutely homeless, we did it! 

This is a situation that I will forever remember because once you live through hardship and realize that life is always going to be unpredictable, you finally realize you can survive and this too shall pass. You just need to get your head in the game. You need to work to readjust your thinking and wake up every day focused on a solution. Feel confident that you can get to a better place in life, and do the work to get there. You will rise above unpredictable life situations, I know you will. If only you use my tips shared here today!

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Let’s face it, life is unpredictable and sometimes it sucks. It is what is. Are you suffering from winter blues still? Are you wondering why life is so unpredictable? Do you wonder if you’ll ever get something done on time or correctly ever again? Well, have hope and Faith. Everything will work out, eventually.


How unpredictable life is?

Life is very unpredictable. You will continue to face challenges that you haven’t learned from before. Example: if you haven’t learned to set healthy boundaries, life will continue give you unpredictable situations to help you start learning how to be firm with what you deserve. No matter how well you live and how good you are, life will always find a way to throw you a curve ball.

What does uncertain life mean?

Uncertian life means that something isn’t decided yet. This could be due to an illness or just mean much like this article discusses, life is just unpredictable.

How do you live uncertainty in life?

Living with uncertainty in life will cause major anxiety! You must find ways to focus on things you can control and release those you cannot control. This will help you live with more certainty in life.