Let's chat about what is wrong with screen captures, why you can't always trust them and how others manipulate them for fun or deceit.

Why You Can’t Trust Screen Captures

As a blogger and virtual assistant who has worked from home since 2006 in various positions such as data entry, product uploads to an e-commerce site, blogging for myself and clients, social media management, chore threads and other tasks, I know all too well that screen captures aren’t a 100% form of reliability. I am […]

What To Do When You Don’t Feel Like Working

Ever have a day where you feel your motivation switch is turned all the way off? On those days I find it hard to even want to get around and start the day! How do you get motivated on those types of days? I have some tips on what to do when you don’t feel […]

Steps For Improving Business Communication Skills

Making sure you have strong communication skills in your business life is key. This is one life skill that can really help you to have success in your business or job. I am going to share steps for improving business communication skills if you feel you need help in this area. Having strong business language […]