Telepathically Speaking to Birds

Hey friends, it’s Brandy Ellen back with a little story from my family’s fun day this week. We ventured out to Squam Lake Science Center in Holderness, NH on Saturday for a little NH Day event. Thank God we purchased the tickets earlier since we saw that they were ‘sold out’ upon arrival.

Anyhoo, Squam Lakes Natural Science Center is located in Holderness, New Hampshire, and is now open for the season. I will share more about this actual location over on our Hot New England travel blog. Today I just wanted to share a funny but very serious moment between my youngest son and me.

Now that we have that disclosure out of the way, let’s have some child-like fun!

One thing I enjoy doing and try telling others to do more often is to be curious like a child. My favorite hashtag is #nevergrowold and when I use this I am not referring to acting immature and not paying your bills or taking care of your children, no!

I am using the saying ‘never grow old’ as a means to remind you that no matter how old you get and how much those responsibilities weigh on you, that they can be handled easier when you look at life through the eyes of a child during your precious moments in this life.

So now that you realize I tend to act like a “toddler” (as my kids tell me) in a 40-something-year-old body, let’s share a fun little chat I had with my youngest kiddo on this particular family fun day.

It all started with this one bird…

The black-crowned night heron. They are adorable, and quite serious looking so I thought why not hit them with a little fun “chat”, telepathically that is. 😂

As I stood there recording this adorable heron, I was speaking to it (in my mind). No words came out of my mouth during this time, I looked as though I was in a trance with this bird and then my youngest son asked me what I was doing …

To which I replied, “I was telepathically talking to the heron”.

He said, “Wait, are you serious?”

I said, “Yes. I am”

He was concerned, “You look very serious saying that!”

I again assured him that I was serious.


And that above is the heron I was telepathically speaking to. I explained to my son that I truly believe animals can hear my thoughts inside of my head, and one day they will respond and then no one will believe me because we are speaking telepathically to each other.

Again, he was rather confused and starting to get concerned.

His Mom was legit talking crazy talk. I mean, but is it really?

Who knows, in the future this may actually be a thing and you find out that little Miss East Coast Brandy actually knew a thing or two ahead of her time. 🤷‍♀️

The funny part is that while I was “speaking” to this heron telepathically I asked him/her to put their other leg down.

It never did it.

However, after I turned off the video, um that other heron in the photo above? It actually put their second leg down and so I think that maybe, just maybe, I *was* getting through to at least one of the black-crowned night herons.

Life is short, go have some fun! 💕


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